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What's For Dinner Next Week 9-1-13

The last weekend of the summer season is usually a really big weekend here at the lake, but this year our lake is so low we can't even get our boats on the water.  Although we won't be playing on the lake the pool is still a great option and very inviting.  We will be entertaining a few friends for a Bar B Que and a lot of back porch visiting time, lets take a look at The Menu this is what we will be serving. Sunday Labor Day Bar B Que Smoked Texas Brisket Mustard Potato Salad Gazpacho Salad Slow Cooker Baked Pintos Corn On The Cob Cherry Pie Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Monday Brisket Sandwiches Left Over Baked Pinto's Sweet Potato Chips Summer Pickles Old Fashioned Snickerdoodles Tuesday Lemon Onion Chicken Wild Rice Steamed Broccoli Cottage Buns Left Over Snickerdoodles Wednesday From Left Over Chicken Chicken Noodle Casserole Tossed Green Salad Garlic Toast Penut Butter Snickers Che

Full Plate Thursday 8-29-13

Full Plate Thursday Where The Greatest Cooks On The Planet Gather I am so glad to see you today, it is a really busy time getting the children back in school, wrapping up the summer and getting into the fall flow of life.  Nature begins to change the plants and the animals begin to take on a different pattern, and seems like we are the last to change as I always want to just hang on to a little bit more of the summer. But here we are going into the last week of August, so lets lift our Iced Tea glasses to a great summer!  I can't wait to see what wonderful recipe you have brought to share with us today, so lets get it on the table it's time to eat! This Is How I Filled My Plate Last Week Breakfast BLT Cornmeal Pancakes   at My Carolina Kitchen Morning Snack Mini Pumpkin Whoopie Pies   at Red Cottage Chronicles Lunch La Scala's Famous Chopped Salad Made Skinny   at Skinny Kitchen Fresh Corn Chowder   at Cooking On The Front Burner Peanut Butter Sni

Italian Chicken and Pasta Salad

I recently hosted a luncheon for a committee that I serve on and I wanted to serve a new salad, so I developed this Italian Chicken and Pasta Salad, it turned out really good so I wanted to share it with you today.  We have lots of fresh vegetables from the garden so I made a trip to the garden and gathered up some freshness to make a great salad.  I always keep some chopped frozen chicken in the freezer to use in recipes, I bag 3 cups to a bag, because that is what most recipes call for. We live in the country so a Rotisserie Chicken is not an option for me.  Sometimes I cook several chickens at a time, chop them up and freeze them, then I have  chicken ready to go for my recipes. Italian Chicken and Pasta Salad Italian Chicken and Pasta Salad Miz Helen's Kitchen Serves 10 to 12 Ingredients 3 cups cooked chicken breast, chopped 4 cups cooked pasta shells, drained 1 cup cucumbers, chopped 1 cup Red Onion, chopped 1 cup Mixed Color Mini Peppers, Sliced 1 cup Gree

Mustard Potato Salad

Potato salad is a classic salad that so many of us have on our menus in the summer and year round for picnics, bar-b-ques, and covered dish events.  There are some meals that just call for that bowl of Grandma's Potato Salad.  We grow potatoes in our garden and when we have the fresh potatoes from the garden to use in this salad it is heavenly, with a very special earthy flavor that the fresh potatoes have, this is a great Garden to Table recipe. Garden to Table Mustard Potato Salad Mustard Potato Salad Miz Helen's Kitchen Serves 6 to 8 Ingredients 5 pounds Irish (White or Idaho) potatoes, peeled, chopped 1/2  medium onion, chopped 1 bunch of Green Onions with tops, chopped 1/4 cup sweet pickle cubes ( you can use sweet pickle relish) 1/4 cup dill pickle cubes ( you can use dill pickle relish) 4 hard boiled eggs, 3 chopped, 1 sliced 1 3/4 cup mayonnaise or (My Mother and Aunts used Miracle whip) 2 heaping tablespoons prepared yellow mustard 1

Whats For Dinner Next Week 8-25-13

It is so hard to believe that we are going into the last week of August, life just fly's by when you are having fun.  We are having lots of fun here at the cottage getting our fall vegetable garden ready to plant.  We will still be canning a few more weeks, our   End Of Season Soup will be one of the products we will be canning, it is always a favorite.  Lets get started on this menu for next week, I need to make my grocery list and get going. Sunday The Best Grilled Chicken Fresh Black Eyed Peas Gazpacho Salad Texas Garlic Toast Mixed Berry Galette Monday   From Left Over Chicken  Honey Apple Chicken Salad Fire Roasted Tomato Soup Corn Muffins de Provence Surprise Bundt Cake Tuesday Stacked Enchilada Casserole Mexican Rice Casserole Miz Helen's Salsa Tossed Mexican Salad Tortilla Chips Left Over Bundt Cake Wednesday Two Way Pasta Tos

Full Plate Thursday 8-22-13

Full Plate Thursday Where The Greatest Cooks On The Planet Gather Over this past weekend my "Honey Bunny" and I were having a candle light dinner on our back porch, in August that is almost unheard of in Texas, we thought we were in heaven! What a gift of wonderful weather we have had and I am so happy that you are here to enjoy it with us.  I have some nice Iced Tea and these great  Key Lime Cookies for you today, so come on in and make yourself comfortable.  I can't wait to see what you are sharing today and lets get it on the table so we can eat. This Is How I Filled My Plate Last Week Breakfast Eggs In A Muffin Tin   at One Little Project Back To School Back To School Breakfast    at Crystal and Company Morning Snack Cinnamon Sugar Greek Yogurt Muffins   at Who Needs A Cape Lunch Cold Yogurt Cucumber Soup   at Gluten Free A-Z Blog Imam Bayildi   at Culinary Flavors Baked Peaches and Cream   at Living The gourmet Afternoon Snack Almo

Key Lime Cookies

We just love the flavor of Key Lime. I have been making these cookies for a number of years but they never last long enough for me to get a photo. I had to hide these until the photo was finished and now there are no more cookies, hope you enjoy them. Key Lime Cookies

What's For Dinner Next Week 8-18-13

It rained, we are so excited, we danced in the rain all day, we didn't get a lot of rain but enough so we don't have to water the garden and yard for a couple of days.  Come on to the back porch, it is cool enough today for us to sit on the porch and visit, I will get us some Iced Tea and a slice of this lovely  Mixed Berry Galette then we will  get busy on The Menu for next week. Sunday Reunion Time Covered Dish I Am Bringing Old Fashioned Fried Chicken and Slow Cooker Baked Pinto's Monday Zucchini and Carmalized Onion Galette Sliced Tomatoes and Cheese Tray Sliced Cold Melon Tuesday Slow Cooker Mexican Pot Roast Tacos Miz Helen's Salsa Gucamole Key Lime Ice Cream Wednesday Mac N Chicken Tossed Green Salad Garlic Bread Apricot Pie Thursday Stuffed Peppers Mashed Potatoes Green Peas Tossed Green Salad Left Over Apricot Pie Friday From Full Plate Thursday Crab Cakes with Oran