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Roasted Butternut, Pears and Kale Salad With Honey Wine Dressing

  Our Roasted Butternut, Pears, and Kale Salad With Honey Wine Dressing is a delicious blend of flavors. We are using fresh kale right out of our Veggie Pod in the garden as a base for the salad then adding roasted seasoned butternut squash. Next we will add a layer of fresh pears with a Honey Wine Dressing that is a perfect dressing for this salad. We top it off with some pecans and Feta Cheese, we just love this salad!

5th Annual Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange

I am so excited to welcome you to the 5th Annual Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange Linky Party for 2022! I have enjoyed so many of your cookie recipes from the first 4 parties and I really treasure them. As I am making your recipes it reminds me of you and the special friendship that we enjoy in this very special blogging community. At the end of the party, we will have all shared with each other a memory and a part of ourselves that truly is a lasting gift. Thanks so much for sharing your cookie recipes with us, we cherish your cookie recipes and YOU!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 11-26-22

  We are looking forward to an easy cooking week for our meal plans this week after the big Thanksgiving feast. We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family this year, it was so good to see and spend time with them, not to mention the delicious food we had all week. We will be using some of those leftover this week in our meal plans. I may have to make a trip to the garden to get some greens for a salad or a soup. It is very cold here, so I will be waiting til it warms up a bit, for now I am sitting right here by the fire, making this meal plan for the week.

Full Plate Thursday, 616 Thanksgiving Edition

  Welcome to our special Thanksgiving Edition of Full Plate Thursday, 616! We are starting early this week to give all of you more time to spend with your families. This is the last Thursday of the month so it is time for our Top Ten Features from last weeks party, you are choosing the Top Ten with your views. It is always so much fun for me to see which recipes you choose and the new trends that are starting. I can't wait to see what you will be sharing with us today, we are sure saving you a place at the table.  Many Thanks ! When I sit down with my family on Thanksgiving Day, I will be counting all of you among my many blessings. Thanks to each of you who are a part of this awesome blogging community. Hope you have a fantastic week and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Leftover Turkey Recipes

The guest have gone home and now it is time to make something wonderful from the left overs. Some of the best recipes that we enjoy around the holidays are the leftover recipes. I have gathered together some of our favorites to share with all of you today. There are a couple of appetizers, some great turnovers, and an amazing pasta dish. Some of these we will even freeze and bring them out later on that busy day when we need some help in the kitchen. Left overs are the greatest!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 11-20-22, Thanksgiving Edition

  The cottage is a buzz we have family arriving today and we are so excited to see them. When planning the meal plans for this special week, my goal is to have some old favorites, some new recipes and keep it as simple as possible. Planning ahead, cooking ahead will allow me to spend more time with my family. I am so thankful that we are able to share our meal plans with you each week. We made our first post for Whats For Dinner Next Week in August of 2010, that is 12 years of meal plans every single week and I know that some of you have been here every week with us. I count you among my many blessings on this Thanksgiving!

Full Plate Thursday, 615

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, 615 and just one more week until Thanksgiving!  Here at the cottage we are excited preparing for family that will be coming for Thanksgiving this year. I just know that all of you are making your meal plans and cooking up some great recipes for the big day. We have some great features from last weeks party that I sure hope you enjoy! I can hardly wait to see what you will be sharing at the party today and want to thank you for coming and being a part of this very special blogging community!

Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake With Maple Glaze

  Our Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake With Maple Glaze has already become a star this season, this cake is delicious. It is so moist with a perfect balance of fall spice to blend with the pumpkin. We are topping it with a very delicate maple glaze, that is so rich. Nuts are always optional of course, but this cake really stands on its own without the garnish of nuts. It is headed for the dessert table at several holiday events!

Turkey Tetrazzini Casserole

Turkey Tetrazzini Casserole is a delicious way to use up some of the left overs from the turkey or chicken. This is a real easy casserole to put together and can be on your table in no time. A nice pasta, a wonderful cheesy sauce, plus some healthy greens and of course some flavorful Italian seasons. Just add a salad and crusty bread and it is a great meal. I have taken this to some covered dish dinners where it was a big hit!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 11-13-22

  Hello everyone, we are all wrapped up by the fire today, certainly no sitting on the screen porch to make our meal plan. I can already tell you we have some major comfort, warm and cozy meal plans coming our way this week. I have definitely changed the season. We will be waking up to 30 degrees, and maybe that is not cold where you live, but here it is cold! This is going to be a great test for my new Veggie Pod to see how the vegetables in the pod fair in the cold weather, I will keep you posted!

Full Plate Thursday, 614

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, 614 it is so good to see you today. I am always so excited to see what all of you are sharing with us at the party. We are starting to see some amazing holiday foods showing up at the table. We have some great features from last week that I hope you enjoy. We transitioned from Halloween decorations to Thanksgiving, doesn't take long, just change out a few special items to sit in with the fall decorations. I love decorating the cottage with the change of the season, just like I am a seasonal cook. How about you are you a seasonal cook, do you decorate your home with little things for the season. Come on in the cottage we have saved you a place at the table, the party is starting!

Brussels Sprouts With Cranberry Glaze & Orzo

  I love going to the garden and collecting the young Brussels Sprouts when they are so tender. I wanted to make a dish that could be a great side and this one is. The combination of the Brussels Sprouts in the cranberry glaze, some fresh herbs and spices add the orzo with a garnish of crisp bacon, it is just delicious. I have served this one to guest who ask for a go box, its a winner!

Fried Pork Cutlets With Thyme Gravy

  When I was developing this recipe, it brought me back a bit to the days when my Mother would make a similar recipe for my Dad. This is a very simple recipe that is loaded with flavor. I got my cutlets on sale which gave me even greater incentive to develop this recipe, and I am so glad I did. The Thyme Gravy is just a bonus, but how could we have fried cutlets without some gravy. We so enjoyed this dish and will be making the recipe over and over in the future.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 11-6-22

Hello everyone, I am doing my meal plan a little early this week, as we are expecting some bad storms and I want to be sure you get the meal plan on time. It is a little chilly here this morning so I am all cozy by the fire, looking through some of my  recipes that will be good next week. Sometimes it is hard to make a decision because they all look good, but the pantry check is next and that will make the final decision. Maybe I will need to go to the Farmers Market and check out some fresh fruits and vegetables. It is sounding so good and I have not made a plan yet, so lets get started!

Full Plate Thursday, 613

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, 613 and our first party of November 2022! Here we are at the beginning of great holiday seasons, first we have Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Years. The foods of these seasons are some of our favorites and we will all have so much fun with our food post that we can share with our friends. I am so grateful that you choose Full Plate Thursday as a place you like to share your amazing food post. We have some great features from last week that you will want to be sure and check out, they are fantastic! Thanks so much for coming today and enjoy the party!

Pumpkin Spice Butter Board

  I love the idea of the butter board for an informal gathering. I had some friends dropping by for coffee and presented this butter board, it was a big hit and so easy to put together. Some soften butter, special spice mix, and garnish with some fruit and fresh herbs. I am serving it with my  Spice Cake Poppers , and it is a great combination!