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Full Plate Thursday 9-29-16 # 295

We are all gathering on the back porch today to enjoy our food on this beautiful fall day. It is already the last week in September and time for our Top Ten Features from last week. I always love this feature week to see how you are filling your plate. It is so hard for me to choose the features each week, because each of you bring the most outstanding recipes to our party, so I love it when it is your turn each month to make that choice. Lets get the party started so we can enjoy the recipes that you are sharing today!

Cinnamon Skillet Apples

I really enjoy going to the local orchards to pick fresh fruit or to stop by the farmers market to get the seasonal fruits. The other day when I was at the Farmers Market they had the most beautiful apples and I couldn't resist bringing some home. We love a real simple dessert sometimes that you can pair with some ice cream or just a simple cookie. Cinnamon Skillet Apples is a very simple recipe and very easy to make.We just love this dessert and hope you will to.

Sloppy Texan

We all love a Sloppy Joe, but here at the cottage our favorite is a Sloppy Texan. This is one of those awesome easy and quick recipes that feeds the family on a very busy day. I just about always double this recipe, so I can have some left for the freezer. It is great to have the filling just waiting in the freezer for one or two folks. This Sloppy Texan has all the flavors of Texas with just a little heat.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 9-25-16

Fall has arrived, the leaves are starting to turn and the evening's are cooler.  Our meal plans will turn to the warm and cozy foods of fall.  I have been busy going through some of my favorite fall recipes and there are so many of them I can't wait to make again.  I have a great One Pot Meal on the Sunday menu this week, our family just loves this recipe.  Lets get busy and finish this meal plan.

Full Plate Thursday 9-22-16 # 294

All over our little village soups are simmering on the stove, breads are in the oven and the leaves are beginning to fall, it's fall! The weather is beautiful here and the gardens and farmers markets are filling to the brim with pumpkins and other fall squash. This is a fun time of the year for cooks, with so many different products to choose from. I am looking forward to you filling the table with wonderful food today, after all you'al are the greatest cooks on the planet!

Slow Cooker Country Breakfast With White Pepper Gravy and Biscuits

I remember sitting at my Grandmothers long ranch table surrounded by family and enjoying a country breakfast. My Grandmother did not have a slow cooker, as a matter of fact she cooked on a wood stove, but the food she made was heavenly. Today I am making my Grandmothers Country Breakfast in the Slow Cooker and we are adding some southern Buttermilk Biscuits and White Pepper Gravy. This recipe is an easier way to make a Country Breakfast, but it sure is good and brings back lots of awesome memories.

One Pot Garden Pasta with Chicken

I remember my Mother and her friends called a recipe like this a One Dish Dinner and today we call it a One Pot Meal. It is really great to have a go to recipe for a very busy day when there is no extra time to be spent in the kitchen. This One Pot Meal, uses fresh vegetables right out of the garden or the farmers market. A harvest in the pot, add some chicken, and this is a fabulous One Pot Meal in less than one hour. This is one of our new recipes from Garden to Table, and sure hope you enjoy it as much as we have!   

Whats For Dinner Next Week 9-18-16

I am in the process of doing my fall pantry inventory, this tells me what staples I will have on hand for the fall season. I love to keep a pantry inventory, it really makes meal planning easier. This week I am using up some fall garden vegetables with the best Garden Chili and one of our family Slow Cooker Roast for Sunday. I sure am glad that you stopped by to help me with this meal plan today so lets get started!

Full Plate Thursday 9-15-16 # 293

We are so excited to see you here at Full Plate Thursday this week.  We are featuring recipes from the greatest cooks on the planet for this linky party, so be sure and check out our awesome features.  It is really starting to feel like and look like fall here at the cottage. We have put out a few fall decorations and our Menu's are starting to feature fall dishes.  I can't wait to see what you are bringing to share from your kitchen today so let's get our party started!

Harvest Muffins

These Harvest Muffins have just a hint of a garden harvest and a delicious flavor with a crumble top. It is a great muffin to serve for breakfast, with a morning coffee break, or afternoon tea. The other evening my husband had one with his ice cream, what a great muffin for anytime of the day. This will be a perfect muffin to serve as an after school snack with the hidden veggies, the kids will never know. A bonus for these muffins, they can be frozen for up to three months.

Pan Fried Crappie

We live on one of the best Crappie lakes in the state and lucky for me it is one of my very favorite fresh water fish. Crappie is a very mild white fish that just melts in your mouth. I have a very close friend who is involved in some of the Crappie Tournaments that take place here at our lake as well as surrounding lakes. She recently brought me some beautiful Crappie filet's, and I was so grateful for every bite!

Whats For Dinner Next Week 9-11-16

Our meal plan this week includes one of our favorite Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin recipes, I can't wait to make this recipe. I always try to put recipes on the meal plan that we as a family can be excited about. We just celebrated my precious husbands birthday, it was a great celebration with family and friends, it is always fun to celebrate someone so special. We are starting to see some changes in the weather that tells us the fall season is right around the corner. I am looking forward to making meal plans for fall, they are always so warm and cozy.

Full Plate Thursday #292

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, a weekly food and recipe linky party with fantastic recipes from all over the world. This linky party features some of the greatest cooks on the planet!  Hope you all had a great Labor Day holiday and are ready to kick off September. We will have some great recipes here today helping us to transition into fall.  I can't wait to see what you are sharing this week so lets get this party started!

Coconut Cake

When my Mother would ask my Dad what kind of cake he wanted, he would just about always say coconut, it really was one of his favorites. This coconut cake reminds me of the one that my Mother made, it is just a lot easier and very moist. This is a great cake to take to all those covered dish church and club dinners and I have not had a single slice come back home. If you like coconut you will love this cake!

Zoodles with Fresh Tomato Saute

We love Zucchini and grow it in our garden so this time of the year we are developing new recipes for our garden harvest. The Zucchini produces the last of the season here so we have more Zucchini than just about anything else. I got a Zoodle machine as a birthday gift and couldn't wait to use it, I am having so much fun with that machine. Today I am making you a great Garden to Table dish with fresh cherry tomatoes, onions, peppers and a blend of fresh herbs. I sure hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did, it will be one that we will make again and again.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 9-4-16

Welcome to September and the Labor Day Weekend.We have a traditional picnic on Labor Day, it is the last long weekend to enjoy great weather here at the lake. We will have lots of wonderful food for the picnic and great friends and family to visit with us. This is a great month to transition into warm and cozy fall food. Lets get started on this meal plan I think we have a lot of cooking to do.