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Apple Bread Pudding Pie

Our Apple Bread Pudding Pie is one of my favorites from the bread pudding recipes. This recipe is rich and creamy with little bites of apples that are covered with some great apple pie seasons. My family knows when they are getting this recipe for dessert, you can smell it baking all over the cottage. This is a great dessert to take to covered dish dinners or a dessert event. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Sheet Pan Brussels Sprouts and Grapes

Our Sheet Pan Brussels Sprouts and Grapes is a new favorite recipe at the cottage. The combination of the brussels sprouts and grapes are seasoned with a mixture of herbs in a delicious vinaigrette. Easy roasting in a sheet pan, its no time before it can be on your table. I already have request for this recipe to make the holiday meal plans. 

4th Annual Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange

I am so excited to welcome you to the 4th Annual Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange Linky Party for 2021! I have enjoyed so many of your cookie recipes from the first 3 parties and I really treasure them. As I am making your recipes it reminds me of you and the special friendship that we enjoy in this very special blogging community. At the end of the party, we will have all shared with each other a memory and a part of ourselves that truly is a lasting gift. Thanks so much for sharing your cookie recipes with us, we cherish your cookie recipes and YOU!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 11-28-21

  I sure hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving. We had a delicious thanksgiving and lots of fellowship with family and friends. We will be busy at the cottage this week decorating for Christmas, which I love doing. I am like a little kid getting so excited about Christmas! I will  be checking my inventories in the garden, pantry, and freezer to see what is left after Thanksgiving. I intend to use some of my left overs this week, which will give me more time to decorate.

Full Plate Thursday, 564

  Welcome to our Thanksgiving Edition of Full Plate Thursday! We are so excited that you are stopping by the party today and thank you so much for being a part of our weekly link party. When I sit down at our Thanksgiving table on Thursday, I will be counting each of you among my many blessing's. Come on in to the party today we are looking forward to some of your favorite recipes, tablescapes and food related post! I have 10 very special features from last week's party from some very talented bloggers, hope you enjoy them.

Pumpkin Spice Swirl French Toast Bake

  Pumpkin Spice Swirl French Toast Bake recipe was developed in the bread section at the super market. We love raisin bread and it was on my shopping list. I noticed a new display of Pumpkin Spice Swirl, it was thick cut and a limited edition, I was drooling already. As I moved along with my shopping I thought that the Pumpkin Coffee Creamer would be perfect to mix the eggs with for a great French Toast, and so it was. I put the recipe together with some fresh blueberries and it was a big hit at brunch the next day. I did manage to put some of the special bread in the freezer to have on hand for holiday brunches.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 11-21-21

I am so excited that Thanksgiving week is here, Making and preparing the meal plan for this week is so much fun. The hardest part about it will be making the decisions about which of the wonderful recipes I want to prepare for the big feast. I have been stocking up on staples for a few weeks and have even prepared some of the prep work and have it in the freezer. I like to prepare as much as I can ahead of time, so when the meal is served there will be more relaxed time for me to spend with my family.

Full Plate Thursday, 563

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday and our Top Ten Features Week! Next week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Next Week Full Plate Thursday, 564 Will Be Live On Tuesday November 23, 2021 at 6:00 am, CST This time change for the party will give you an opportunity to post your awesome post before or after Thanksgiving Day. I know that you will all be busy enjoying your Thanksgiving Day  with friends and family. Coming Soon-Mark Your Calendar Hope You Will All Plan On Bringing You Awesome Cookie Recipes To The 4th Annual Cookie Recipe Exchange!

Turkey Noodle Soup

  Our Turkey Noodle Soup is one of those recipes that makes me feel good just thinking about it. A great place to go with some of the turkey left overs that is so comforting for just relaxing after being in the kitchen for days. Just put these ingredients in a big soup pot to simmer, kick back and enjoy some rest time. Dip this up in a nice soup cup and the first bite is worth the wait! The soup has a great balance of turkey, broth, and seasons and can be enjoyed anytime of the year !

Turkey Apple Salad Sandwich

When the big turkey has been carved and all the guest have gone home, its time to get busy with the left overs. One of the recipes that I always look forward to with that left over turkey or even chicken is this Turkey Apple Salad Sandwich. This is a great recipe to make with some awesome apples and a few seasons to help make it a delicious salad. We enjoy the recipe served as a simple salad or layered on a buttery croissant, oh my that is a special treat! I just have to include that sweet little rose that is still blooming at Thanksgiving time, I am thankful for it's beauty!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 11-14-21

  I have started to plan my Thanksgiving meal plan, how about you? I like to plan early so I can make sure there are the right staples in my pantry. We have been encountering some empty store shelves in some of the super markets here, so every time I am in the store I have my list with me to pick up whatever I may see that we will be needing for the big feast. It is only about 12 days until the big day so I have to stay on my toes, because guess what we have to have meals before Thanksgiving. Thankfully my little farmers market down the road still has some awesome products to choose, so I am off to the market to see what will end up on this meal plan.

Full Plate Thursday,562

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday and wonderful features from last weeks party. I sure hope you can take the time to visit some of the awesome bloggers that are featured today. I am so excited to see all of you today and I can hardly wait to see what you will be sharing with us today.  I know that some of you will be on holiday today and this weekend to observe Veterans Day here in the USA. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the Veterans who have given so many years of their life to our country and the cause of freedom. There is nothing I would love better than to have each of you sitting at our table today, we honor YOU!

Retro Red Hot Cranberry Jello Salad

Our Retro Red Hot Cranberry Jello Salad goes back to the early  1950's. I remember when my Mother and her friends were making this recipe for just about every covered dish dinner. When I was a young homemaker it was still a very popular salad especially around the holiday times. Our family loves this Jello salad and it usually shows up at our holiday gatherings. This is a layered salad with a delicious cream cheese layer between two layers of a blend of cranberry sauce, Jello and yes red hots, which gives it such a special flavor.

Retro Pumpkin Marshmallow Pie

  Retro Pumpkin Marshmallow Pie was first made by my Aunt back in the late 40's and early 50's. She was a wonderful cook and always brought the most delicious dishes to family gatherings. When she passed away her son gave me many of her old recipes and that is where my daughter Robbin and I found this retro recipe. We have made a few changes but the base of the recipe remains the same. One thing for sure that didn't change is the amazing flavor with the most silky filling. I am so happy that we found the recipe, it sure brings back lots of great memories and we made new memories as we made it together.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 11-6-21

  Fall has truly arrived and it is sweater weather, warm cozy soups and comfort foods are screaming out to me. I walked out to the garden this morning and my winter kale is looking good, the collard's are almost ready to try. It is so much fun having a garden with fresh greens in the fall and winter. I have put away all the Halloween decorations and now the cottage looks like Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I can almost taste that Turkey and dressing already! 

Full Plate Thursday, 561

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday and welcome November! Are you ready for the big holiday season, food is such a big part of the next 3 months and we have so much fun planning for and making all of our favorite recipes. I am always excited to present our features to you each week. It is interesting how our whole blogging community here are for the most part seasonal cooks. I am enjoying the post with beautiful tablescapes that inspire us to make our tables special for our friends and family. We have a growing area for food related topics that have some nice features. I really appreciate each of you that help to make this a very special party each and every Thursday, you'al are the best of the best!

Old Fashioned Apple Crisp

  There is always something special about a family recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. Our Old Fashioned Apple Crisp is a family recipe that was handed down from my Grandmother to my Mother and then on to me. It is interesting about this time of the year I start getting calls for the apple crisp recipe. I decided to publish it on the blog and that way the whole family will always have it. This recipe is very simple with delicious spices and the great flavor of a blend of apple's making it very special.

Cajun Pumpkin Seeds

  Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! If you have leftover pumpkin seeds this is a yummy and easy way to snack on them. Just 1 secret ingredient and you've got some savory seeds with a little kick!