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Whats For Dinner Next Week 1-31-16

When I looked at the calendar I thought how can this be January is almost over. We had a busy week here at the cottage with a little break in the weather we were able to get the rest of our spring onions planted, with a little help from Max. I stewed a couple of chickens from the freezer yesterday so look what we are doing with them on the menu this week.

Full Plate Thursday 1-28-16 # 260

Where The Greatest Cooks On The Planet Gather I am so glad to see you today and hope that wherever you are it is warm and cozy. We have really had some bad weather here in the states, fortunately for us we didn't get near the winter storm that some did. I am going to be sharing my Corn Chili and Chicken Chowder with everyone today and sure hope you enjoy it. I am excited to see what you will be sharing with us for the last week of January, you all share the best food here and truly are The Greatest Cooks!

Cowgirl Casserole

When I host our Cowgirl Book Club girls night, a Salad Supper just won't do. These Cowgirls love my Cowgirl Casserole and this is what they want every time it is my turn to host. This casserole is filled with chicken, vegetables and a great flavor blend with a fantastic cheese sauce. So today you are invited to help me in the kitchen when I make this awesome casserole. Sure hope you enjoy your time here and the recipe.

Corn Chilies and Chicken Chowder

Corn and Green Chilies are one of the flavor combinations that our family just loves and with that just add a little chicken then we have a delicious chowder. I would like to say it is a great chowder for cold weather, but this one is great the year around. I am using the wonderful fresh corn that I put up for the freezer this summer, along with the roasted green chilies. Those fresh vegetables from the summer are priceless in the winter months. This is a thick stick to your ribs chowder or can be thinned down to make it more like a soup. Which ever way you prefer this is a fabulous blend of flavor. You will definitely want to try this recipe.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 1-24-16

Yes indeed it is cold outside, come on in this cottage and warm up for a bit. Did you see the snow on the road on the way to the cottage, the little country road is always so pretty in the winter. Meal planning in the winter months is very important especially in case you won't be able to make it to the market which happens here often in the winter. It is important to keep a stocked pantry of basic ingredients that would allow you to make some basic meals if you were snowed or iced in for a few days or even a week.The muffins in the oven are ready, lets have a hot muffin a cup of coffee and talk about a meal plan.

Full Plate Thursday #259

Where The Greatest Cooks On The Planet Gather I am so excited to see you today, we are in the kitchen today so come on in and join us.I have made a very special treat for you and I know that you will be bringing very special treats to share with all of us today. I am starting to see all sorts of Valentines "goodies", I just love Valentines day. I am definitely a romantic.  Lets get this party started, I can't wait to see all the wonderful post you will share today. Don't Forget We Have The Texas Star Chili Cook Off Under Way I Would Love It If You Would Come To The Chili Cook Off And Link Up Your Chili Here You Could Win A Great Prize!

Collards and Mustard Greens Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

We grow both Collards and Mustard Greens in our winter garden, and it sure is nice to bring a bunch of Collards and Greens into the kitchen to create a delicious dish for my family. I remember my Grandmother making what she called killed Greens and it was delicious. She would gather her greens, wash, dry and chop them, then came the hot bacon fat with vinegar and sugar, sometimes she would sprinkle a little green onion on top. I can still remember the bite of the Mustard Greens and the great sauce that she had poured on top. I have combined some of those great memories to create our recipe for today. I feel sure that my Grandmother would love this recipe and would be pleased with my winter garden.

Baked Steak and Potatoes

When I ask my guys to give me a bucket food list for the month, one of the favorites is always Baked Steak and Potatoes, and it is one of my favorites as well.This dish is so easy to put together and turns out so tender, delicious and makes its own thick gravy, no wonder we all love it. I am happy to put this dish on the menu for any day of the week it is a winner every time.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 1-17-16

It is good to see you today, I just came in from the garden and gathering some winter greens and herbs that I hope to use in a dish for dinner. It is so nice to be able to have a winter garden and enjoy fresh greens throughout the season.I am also using some of the wonderful vegetables that we put in the freezer and canned last summer. A friend had sent us a case of fruit for New Years so we need to use it up, it sure has been good! There is nothing like fresh from the freezer or home canned vegetables in the middle of winter. I am glad you are here to help me with this meal plan for the week. We will see about including some of the food on hand who knows we may not have to go to the market at all this week.

Full Plate Thursday #258

Where The Greatest Cooks On The Planet Gather Come in and stand by the fire, the cold weather has come to the cottage.  I have a nice pot of Chili with some Corn Bread for us to enjoy today. I have noticed some wonderful soups and chili's showing up since the weather got colder. I can't wait to see what you are bringing to share with us today so lets get our party started!

Texas Cocoa Bites

Sometimes dessert after a luncheon or a light meal, we like to have just a "bite" of something sweet and these little treats are a perfect "bite". We have mini's for the tiny little hands and a nice tall mini for the older ones. The basis for this recipe can be found in my cookbook Miz Helen's Kitchen Table and is known in our family as The Cocoa Cake. The Cream Cheese frosting is a great pairing for the rich chocolate of the little bite. These are great little treats to take to a covered dish, for the kids school or a sporting event. I sure hope you enjoy the recipe.

Texas Star Chili Cook Off 2016

I am so excited to Welcome You to the Texas Star Chili Cook Off 2016! There is nothing like a great bowl of Chili to warm the heart and soul. It is said that a "Bowl of Red" will make any day better. Be sure and visit your favorite Chili often because those winners are picked from your page views.  Good Luck to each and every one of you and Thank You so much for sharing your awesome Chili with us!

Whats For Dinner Next Week 1-10-16

Cold weather has definitely come to the cottage. Come on in and sit by the fire with me, have a cup of hot tea and we will have a little visit. We just picked up some grain fed beef from one of the local growers so I am looking forward to planning some recipes to enjoy it. We had a couple of power surges and it blew the entire mother board on my micro wave confection oven. I did not realize how much I used that appliance until I didn't have it, thankfully the replacement will be in next week. Lets get started on this meal plan!

Full Plate Thursday # 257

Where The Greatest Cooks On The Planet Gather Great to see you here in 2016! Hope you had fantastic holidays and are ready for a great start in 2016.This time of the year we begin to look at warm and cozy food by the fireplace, gatherings of friends and family for snack foods while watching the games. Another event is our 6th Annual Chili Cook Off starting on January 10th, be sure and check out the details. I can't wait to see what you are sharing today so lets get this party started!

Tex-Mex Corn Bread

Tex-Mex Corn Bread is filled with the wonderful flavors of peppers set in a deep corn base. It is a great side for any meal and will always compliment the main dish of the meal. I have been making this recipe for years and had never thought to put it on the blog until a friend asked me for the recipe recently.That is the way most of my recipes have been written, someone wants the recipe and it has to come out of my head on to the paper. I have learned that many of you are the same way. I sure hope that you enjoy the recipe.

Texas Style Chili

Texas Chili is a hearty dish that is very thick and full of spicy flavor.My husband says he knows the Chili Pot is on when he comes in the door, the smell is wonderful. True classic Texas Chili doesn't include beans or tomatoes, only beef and chili spices. We call it a "Bowl O' Red". We love our "Bowl O' Red" no matter the weather, but when its cold outside nothing beats a great Chili!

Whats For Dinner Next Week 1-3-16

Welcome To 2016! It is sure good to see you today and hope that all of you had a fantastic holiday season.Now it is time for us to put the old behind us and move into the excitement of the future. I don't really make resolutions anymore, but I do set personal goals for myself, always trying to keep them real, and something that actually can be achieved. I am happy to plan some meals without the holiday flair and enjoy some normal weeks, (whatever that is), you know what I mean right? Lets get this new year started!