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Honey Baked Chicken

I just love a baked or roasted chicken, and it can be very versatile, tender and delicious. Sometimes a baked chicken can be just a bit more moist than a roasted chicken depending on the recipe. This Honey Baked Chicken is so moist and tender, it falls from the bone and sits in a most delicious gravy that forms while baking. The flavor of this chicken will have you returning to the recipe over and over again.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 10-30-16

We are expecting lots of precious little trick or treater's at the cottage this week and we will enjoy seeing them all. It is always a fun time of the fall with dressing up and watching all the little children and (Kid's at heart) have so much fun. We will be planning our traditional Dinner for Halloween evening. It is so much fun to make meal plans around such a fun time of the year.

Full Plate Thursday #299 10-27-16

I hope that all of your are ready for the little trick or treaters that will be coming to the door this coming weekend. We always love to treat the little ones that are in our neighbour with special little treats.  I am excited to present your Top Ten Feature Picks from last weeks party, a party custom here on the last Thursday of the month.  I can't wait to see all the treats that you will be sharing with us today, so lets get the party started!

Tex Mex Breakfast Burrito

Tex Mex Breakfast Burrito is one of our families go to fast breakfast. A Breakfast Burrito is great for a busy family morning, early start on a road trip, or just because it's a great breakfast item. When I make this recipe, we always freeze part of the recipe or all of it, that way we always have a Burrito ready to go. Just a few seconds in the micro wave and it's ready to eat. This is one of our favorite grab and go breakfast and is packed with Tex Mex flavor.

Apple Cookies With Maple Glaze

When I made the first batch of these Apple Cookies I thought I would have enough to fill the cookie jar, that did not happen. The cookie's went so fast I didn't even have enough to make photo's for this post, the cookies are a big hit here at the cottage. I have made a batch of these cookies every week for a few weeks. This recipe is crunchy on the outside with a nice maple glaze and soft on the inside with wonderful bits of apple. This recipe for Apple Cookies will be one that we make over and over.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 10-23-16

We are in the last full week of October and this month has flown by. I am so excited to go to an annual fall gathering this coming week, we will be seeing old friends and having one of those fabulous Pot Luck Suppers with yummy food. We have really been enjoying the beautiful butterflies in our yard, they are all over our Zinea's as they are on miagration right now and I sure am glad that we are a stop on their journey. Since I have a meal plan every week, it gives me more time to enjoy other things.

Full Plate Thursday 10-20-16 # 298

I am so excited to see all of you today, and really looking forward to our weekly recipe exchange. I have sure been enjoying the fall recipes that are coming to the party every week. I love this time of the year when all the little communities are having harvest carnivals, for young and old alike the carnivals are so much fun. Of course the State Fair of Texas is in full swing and who would even think of going there without have a Corny Dog and maybe a Funnel Cake, (that certainly would not be me!) Lets get this party started, I can't wait to see what you are sharing today!

Fall Decor Inside and Out

When my husband and I decided to downsize about 9 years ago to a tiny cottage, it was long before "Tiny Houses" were as popular as they are today. I love my tiny cottage and it has been so much fun to decorate. The acreage is much larger than the cottage with vegetable and herb gardens,outdoor kitchen and more. We repainted the outside of the house earlier this spring and then we redid all the front flower beds. The beds have had a chance to get started so I am happy to share the progress with you today, plus it is all ready for fall.

White Bean and Sausage Chili

There is nothing better than a comforting pot of chili just about any time of the year, and we do love our chili here at the cottage. This recipe is a hearty chili with a bold flavor and is a little different because I used sausage for the meat in the chili and it is fantastic! I knew it was going to be a great recipe when I could smell it cooking and folks coming in the door would say, what in the world smells so good? We really enjoyed this recipe and sure hope you do!

Whats For Dinner Next Week 10-16-16

It is actually beginning to cool off just a bit here and giving us an idea that a true fall is just around the corner.I sat down to make my meal plan for the week and my husband said I would sure love it if you made that "Apple Thing" that you made the other day for the ballgame on Sunday, of course I will do that for him. I love it when my family knows to ask for their favorites to go on the meal plan. It is a great time of the year to get out our Apple recipes and put them to work, the Apples are so delicious right now.

Full Plate Thursday # 297 10-13-16

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday now in our 5th year! We gather here on Thursday to enjoy a wonderful recipe linky exchange with the greatest cooks on the planet and we are so glad that you joined us today! I just returned from a fantastic fall retreat with some amazing women and the food was delicious. Our retreat was in the country at a wonderful retreat facility where we enjoyed relaxation and fellowship with close friends. I always love a time of renewal. Thanks so much for coming today and bringing your fabulous recipes!

Crunchy Top Brownies

One of the wonderful childhood memories that I have is coming home from a long day at school to a nice after school treat. In the years when I was a stay at home Mom I loved making special treats for my kids to have for their after school treats. This is my retro Crunchy Top Brownies that have severed as an after school treat for my kids plus many of their friends. This brownie is just like fudge on the inside with a little crunch on top. When I make these brownies they sure bring back so many great memories!

Apple,Ham,Turkey Bake with Cinnamon Dressing

This recipe started with a basket of beautiful apples from a friend. I was planning on making a baked sandwich of some kind for a luncheon and decided that the apples would be delicious in this baked sandwich. This combination is delicious and the apples just give it a very special flavor. The cheese melting with the apple, ham and turkey is a great combination and is topped off with a fabulous cinnamon dressing. This is a real hearty baked sandwich and could be served for a luncheon, dinner or would be great for a game day gathering.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 10-9-16

We are getting some of the best fall vegetables from the garden and some of our neighbors fruit trees. I just love being in the country in the fall with all the little farm stands showing off the wonderful displays of pumpkins and fall fruit. I am excited to have one of my favorites on Sunday and one of my husbands favorite breakfast dishes on the menu this week.  We love soup so I have decided to have Soup Monday on the meal plan for a while, it will be fun!

Full Plate Thursday 10-6-16 # 296

I get so excited on Thursday because I know that all of you will be coming over with fantastic recipes to share. Every week we have some of the greatest cooks on the planet bring food to our table and share their life with us. We are having some beautiful fall weather right now and it is a great time to take a drive in the country, stop at some farmers markets and just enjoy the season.  Thanks so much for taking the time to come and share with us today, you make this party so special!

Baked Huevos Rancheros

My husband grew up on a cattle ranch and one of his favorite breakfast from those days is Huevos Rancheros. I will often times surprise him with some of his favorites and this is one of those recipes. The orginal recipe that we used from the ranch bunk house, used fried tortillas and fried eggs. I changed the recipe a number of years ago in an effort to be able to make more Rancheros at the same time and be able to serve the guest at once instead of just one or two at a time and asking folks to wait for theirs to be cooked.  My husband and our guest love this recipe and I am so happy to share it with you today.

15 Soup and Stew Recipes

This is the time of the year that we begin to think of warm cozy soups and stews that can be simmering away in the slow cooker or in the soup pot on the stove. It is great to walk in the door after a very busy day to the wonderful smell of a great soup or stew. These are the kind of recipes that the family can all sit down together and enjoy or busy family members can grab that bowl of goodness whenever their busy schedule allows. It has been my experience that the sports coaches, and the executive board rooms don't always run on our kitchen schedule. These are some of our favorite's and sure hope you enjoy them!

Whats For Dinner Next Week10-2-16

For my meal plan this week, I just took a freezer inventory and I have several packages of poultry and beef that I need to use before I restock the freezer for winter.I keep a running inventory of the freezer foods and it really helps to keep the products fresh. There is nothing worse than pulling a freezer bag out of the freezer and it has freezer burn all over it because it was forgotten, a running inventory prevents that freezer burner moment. I hope that is a tip that will help you in your meal planning.