Whats For Dinner Next Week, 12-10-23

  Hello everyone, get a nice hot cup of chocolate and sit with me, we will put a great meal plan together for the week. I have my recipes spread out all over the table. It is hard to choose this time of the year because all the recipes look so good, (do you think I am hungry)? We have completed all of our decorating and are now starting to prep out food for the parties that we will be having. I like to put as much in the freezer as I can so I am so rushed the day of the party. I sure hope that you are doing lots of planning for your events and your weekly meal plans to save you time and money.

Full Plate Thursday, 671

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, 671 our first party for December! Our holiday season is well underway here at the cottage. We are attending annual ornament exchanges, cookie exchanges and luncheons. We sure had a great party here last week and we are featuring some great bloggers this week, be sure and  check them out. I can't wait to see what you are sharing at the party this week. I always look forward to seeing you here on Thursday's and thanks so much for coming!

Gifts From Miz Helen's Kitchen

Welcome to my 10th publication of Gifts From Miz Helen's Kitchen. There is no more meaningful gift to me than one that is homemade. We are organic gardeners and we like to preserve most of our harvest every year and share it with others' along the way. We love sharing our homegrown goodness with others' at christmas along with some home baked goods. Homemade gifts are truly a labor of love. It is with great joy that I present our the gifts from our kitchen for this year!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 12-3-23

Happy December everyone, I am so excited to sit with you today to make our meal plan for the first week in December. It is very cold and rainy today, so I am depending on my freezer and cold bin inventory from the barn, so I don't have to go out in the weather. Just one of the many advantages of keeping a running inventory of the freezer, cold bins and pantry. I have several pot luck parties to attend this week, so I will be doing some extra baking. I love this season and glad you are here to share it with me.

Full Plate Thursday, 670

  Welcome to our last party of November and our Top Ten Features from last weeks party! I sure hope all of you had a great thanksgiving. We are all getting ready to move on into December with all the amazing festivities of the season. I get so excited about Christmas from the decorating to the traditional foods of the season. I am so excited to see you today at the party. Thanks so much for sharing with us, it is all of you amazing bloggers that make this party so special! Come on in and enjoy, we have saved a place at the table for you!

6th Annual Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange

  I am so excited to welcome you to the 6th Annual Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange Linky Party for 2023! I have enjoyed so many of your cookie recipes from the first 5 parties and I really treasure them. As I am making your recipes it reminds me of you and the special friendship that we enjoy in this very special blogging community. At the end of the party, we will have all shared with each other a memory and a part of ourselves that truly is a lasting gift. Thanks so much for sharing your cookie recipes with us, we cherish your cookie recipes and YOU!  I Can't Wait To Try Your Cookie Recipes, Lets Get Started!

Our Most Popular Holiday Brunch Recipes

  When the holidays come our family and friends will be gathering and sharing meals together. One of the favorite meal times we share is Brunch and I love to make a brunch casserole that can serve a lot of people and allow me to enjoy spending less time in the kitchen. This is a collection of  Brunch Casseroles that our family and friends really enjoy and I hope that you will enjoy them to.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 11-26-23

We had an amazing Thanksgiving with so much good food. Making a meal plan after a big feast is somewhat a challenge, but we will all get hungry again. We are really having some cold weather as we are outdoors trying to finish up the outdoor Christmas decorations here at the cottage. I will be working on all the inside decorations this week, so I will try and keep the meal plans simple and filled with comfort and some of that left over turkey!

Full Plate Thursday, 669 Thanksgiving Edition

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, 669 Thanksgiving Edition! I am so happy to see you today especially if you are hosting Thanksgiving in your home, I know that you are busy. We are having our special edition early so that all of you will have a chance to participate either before or after the big feast. I am so grateful to each and everyone of you who come here to our wonderful blogging community every week, you are very special to me. When I sit down at the Thanksgiving table I will be counting all of you among my many blessings. Wishing you and your family a bountiful Thanksgiving!

Slow Cooker Cranberry BBQ Pulled Chicken

Slow Cooker Cranberry BBQ Pulled Chicken is a perfect slow cooker recipe for holiday's, big game day's and family gatherings. This recipe is so easy and it is packed with flavor. We like to make sandwiches or if you want to pair it down, sliders are great. We like to serve it with our  Old Fashioned Coleslaw  and some extra cranberry sauce. A plus to the recipe it freezes well for up to 3 months.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 11-19-23

Thanksgiving week is so exciting here at the cottage. I love planning the wonderful food that we will have for the feast. I have been stocking up the pantry and freezer for a few weeks now, just to make sure that we will have everything we need for the big day. I will start cooking early in the week and get as much prepared before the big day, so that I have more time to spend with friends and family.

Full Plate Thursday, 668

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, 668 we are so happy to see you here today. Come on in and find your place at the table, we are so excited to see what you will be sharing at the party today. We had a great party last week with so many wonderful post and some of those are featured today, I sure hope you enjoy them! We have a couple of very important announcements today that you do not want to miss!

Our Most Popular Thanksgiving Sides and Salads

  Thanksgiving is a very special time to gather friends and family around the table and enjoy good food and fellowship. Through the years the readers of this blog have some favorite sides and salads that are the most popular for Thanksgiving. Most of these recipes are classic recipes that can be found on many a family table in this season. Some of the recipes may be new to you but have become favorites of our readers. It is my pleasure to present these to you today and I know that more than one of these recipes will sure be on my table this year.

Fall and Winter Garden

We planted our fall and winter garden in late September. We had a very dry summer, but we did start to get some rain in mid September and decided to go ahead and plant. We had plants growing so it was a matter of getting them in the ground. We had already worked and fertilized our ground so it was all ready to go. We  are looking at a great winter garden now so we are very happy we went ahead and planted.