Full Plate Thursday,415

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, we are so glad that you could come to the party today. Come on in a find a nice warm chair, have some hot cocoa and enjoy the wonderful food that will be shared today. It is good to get back into a regular routine after all the holidays, and we are sure into a busy one here. We are in a DIY bathroom project, so much fun! I sure hope that you enjoy all the fantastic features from last week, these are great blogs that you will enjoy visiting. I can't wait to see what you will be bringing to share with us today!

Ham and Sweet Pepper Crustless Quiche

I love a great quiche and sometimes can do without the crust. This is a great crustless quiche that is easy to prepare with a delicious flavor. I had a luncheon for a committee meeting the other day and made this quiche. I served it with a simple bowl of homemade tomato soup, lunch was a hit and the ladies loved the quiche. I actually used some of my leftover ham bags from the freezer, with some great sweet peppers, onions and some great seasons, then topped it with some rosemary oranges, it was delicious!

Crock Pot Buttermilk Chicken

I remember eating a smothered buttermilk chicken at my Grandmothers when I was a young girl,it was so tender you could cut it with a fork, and the flavor was amazing. I was to young to think to write the recipe down, but I do recall her mixing some vegetables together with fresh buttermilk and pouring it over the chicken. It would be in the oven of a wood burning stove for hours, then finally she would take it from the oven and bring it to the table, it was delicious! This is an attempt to make my Grandmothers recipe that none of the family recorded, and to all my daughters and Granddaughters now we have one right here.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 1-13-19

I am busy getting this meal plan under way this week, looking forward to using some of the pantry and freezer products that I have on hand. We are busy here at the cottage with a little face lift for our bathroom, just a little paint, tile and new flooring to brighten it up a bit. Like any DIY project in a small space, we have "stuff" everywhere, but it will be worth it once it is finished and I am loving it already. We are having a very easy menu plan this week to give me more time to work on the project. My husband just ask What's For Dinner Next Week, after I told him he said, let's eat!

Full Plate Thursday,414

Come on in the cottage, get you a place at the table we are sitting near the fire today, it is really cold outside. We are looking forward to seeing all of you today and enjoy some of the wonderful recipes that you will be sharing. It is really good to get back to a routine after the holidays. We have some great features from last week that I have sure enjoyed and hope you will to. I am looking forward to all of the delicious dishes we will share together in 2019!

Slow Cooker Ham and Wild Rice Soup

There is really nothing better on a rainy day than a hot bowl of soup, and our Ham and Wild Rice Soup will sure make the day better. No matter if it is a cold winters rainy day or a lovely spring rain, this soup will sure give you a warm cozy feeling and fill the tummy with a healthy soup. This soup has layers of flavor that will produce a delicious soup filled with wild rice, vegetables and country ham, it is a complete meal! Slow Cooker Ham and Rice Soup just simmering all day to develop fantastic flavor and ready for the family at the end of the day!

Sweet And Sour Cabbage With Smoked Sausage

When we spent some time in Germany one of the dishes that I loved was their sweet and sour cabbage, it was just delicious. My recipe for sweet and sour cabbage with sausage has a southern twist to this classic recipe. We love this dish and I don't have to talk about left overs because there are rarely any left overs. This is one of those southern comfort dishes here at the cottage, that I usually serve with or over mashed potatoes and it is really good with no sides at all.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 1-5-19

Welcome to our meal plans for 2019, a whole new year of planning together every week. Meal planning will allow us to give our families a better quality meal while saving on the family budget and giving us more time to enjoy that family. This week I am taking an inventory of the pantry, it seems to be somewhat depleted after the holiday cooking. We have had so much rain in our area that some of our neighbors have had to temporarily leave their flooded homes. We are very close to the lake here and the water table is very high, the lake is full and there is no where for all that water to go. We are still dry here in the cottage, thank God! Grab a cup of cider and lets get this plan started so we can make a shopping list for the market!

Full Plate Thursday,413

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday 2019! I am so excited to kick off this year with all of you. I am looking forward to all the wonderful parties we will be having with all of you in the coming year. It is always a lot of fun to see where the blogger food trends for the year will go and more and more bloggers are setting the tends in the food world. We will be having a very special party today with some great features from last weeks party so lets get this party going!

New Years Traditions

As we begin a new year, I begin to reflect on family and social traditions that we enjoy here at the cottage. We have several recipes that we have come to enjoy every New Years Eve and New Years Day, those recipes that have been passed on through the generations. We gather up on New Years Day and watch the parades and big games, just a fun casual day. We will take a look at goals we may want to set for the New Year and reflect back on the year just passed.

Top Ten Recipes 2018

I am very excited to present The 8th annual Top Ten  readers choice for the past year. We truly have some of the best cooks on the planet that are a part of the blogging community for Miz Helen's Kitchen and your recipe list for this year is awesome. Some of my very favorites are on the list and many thanks for your participation with this blog throughout the year. I know that some of you have been here for 8 years right along with me and some of you are new, so to all of you who have helped make this year so successful, many thanks and God Bless You!

Whats For Dinner Next Week 12/30/18

I sure hope that all of you had a fantastic Christmas and Hanukkah season, our holidays were wonderful! We spent time with family and friends plus enjoyed lots of delicious food. Now we get to bring in the new year with all of you as we make meal plan's for the last few days of 2018 and kick off 2019 with some traditional Good Luck Foods!

Full Plate Thursday,412

I am so excited to see you today for our last party of 2018! This is also the week that we feature our Top Ten Post from last weeks party. We have some great features in the Top Ten so be sure and stop by to say hello to these great bloggers. I sure hope that all of you had a great Christmas and Hanukkah, we sure did it was a wonderful season to enjoy great friends and family with delicious dishes! As we close out 2018 I want to say many thanks to each and every one of you that make up this blogging community, you are a very special part of the success of this party every single week. We always look forward to your great post with the latest trends and flavors. When folks look for great recipes they come to Full Plate Thursday, thanks to folks like you!

Quiet Time: Christmas

When the Christmas decorations are in place,  each ornament hung with remembrance and love, its then time to sit quietly and reflect on the great love that has made this celebration possible, the birth of the Christ Child. I reflect on the joy on the faces of the friends and family laughing and enjoying the fellowship of the season and those who have passed on through the years and are no longer with us. All those wonderful people in our life passed this tradition on to us, and now it is time to pass it on to the friends and family that are with us today.

Whats For Dinner Next Week,12-22-18

We are so excited for this Christmas season, all the delicious food and fellowship to be shared with friends and family. I love making the meal plan for this week with the special foods for the celebrations of Christmas. We have several traditional recipes that will be included in the meal plan this week, all those family favorites that we all love.