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Whats For Dinner Next Week,9-22-19

We got some nice rain, certainly not the 43 inches that Winnie Texas has had. We have friends that have gone to the coast to help evacuate folks. The rain has brought cooler temperatures giving us a true feel for fall. According to the calendar tomorrow is officially fall. I have been looking at Slow Cooker recipes, Instant Pot recipes and some delicious fall recipes to go on or meal plan for the week. I am starting my fall pantry inventory, making sure that I am stocked up with the staples that I use the most in the fall. We live in the country so we can't always just run up to the store on the corner, the store on the corner is several miles away, next I will inventory the freezer to make sure that we will have plenty of the frozen foods that we use the most of in the fall. 3 major items that I check out before starting a weekly meal plan is the weather, pantry and freezer inventory.

Full Plate Thursday,450

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, I am so happy you came to the party today! We are so excited that we got some rain and it has cooled down a bit, so you can join me on the screen porch today for the party. We are going to have so many great fall recipes, table decor and food related post today and I can't wait to see what you will sharing with us. Thanks so much to the talented bloggers who are featured today and I sure hope you will stop by and visit their blog. It is always good to see you here at the party and thanks so much for coming today!

Kyleighs Cinnamon Cookie Bites

My Great Granddaughter Kyleigh recently came for a end of summer visit with my Granddaughter Tiffany. We thought it might be fun to create a new recipe and do a little baking. Kyleigh is 15 years old and although she is a native daughter of Texas she has lived most of her life in New York. She lives about 1-1/2 hour from New York City. She will be a sophomore in High School and a star soccer player. When she gets home from soccer practice and school she usually has very healthy snacks, however you know what happens at Grandma's (Gigis, that's me) house, sure thing you get cookies if you want them!

Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

I can't think of to many recipes that bring as much comfort as Chicken and Dumplings. This recipe for Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings gives the same flavor as old fashioned Chicken and Dumplings without the labor intensive preparation of that recipe. Just put this in the slow cooker and later in the day the magic happens, just add the dumplings and before to long you have a bowl of delicious goodness! This is a perfect family meal and goes great to a covered dish event.

Whats For Dinner Next Week,9-15-19

I get to sit on the screen porch today in a nice cool breeze to make this meal plan. Not only is it cooler we got RAIN and I am so excited about that! It sure helps to get in the mood for fall when it starts to cool off a bit and more of a taste for some awesome fall meal plans. Even Max got excited about the rain and found the nearest mud whole to inspect, keeping in mind that Max is all white, yes it was fun. I need to get busy on this meal plan or I won't have it ready for you!

Full Plate Thursday,449

I am so excited to see you today at Full Plate Thursday! We are beginning some of our fall canning and end of summer preserving. We are having to irragate the grounds and gardens as we need rain and cooler tempartures. We are thrilled every week to present these wonderful talented bloggers post as features at our party. I sure hope that you will take the time to stop by and tell them hello! Thanks so much for coming to the party, I can't wait to see what you will be sharing with us today, I look forward to our party every week, we have such a special Thursday community, each one of you are very special to me!

Apple Zucchini Bread

Apple Zucchini Bread gives me a chance to use some of the beautiful Zucchini from our garden and mix with some apples, makes this wonderful recipe. This bread is very moist and we added some pecans to bring in that nutty flavor to make this a very rich bread. This is a delicious garden to table recipe that will be a hit in any season, but is a great transition into fall and winter. Make an extra recipe for the freezer, it will keep for about 3 months.

Slow Cooker Asian Broccoli and Beef

This recipe for Slow Cooker Asian Broccoli and Beef is a perfect Asian dish for a very busy day. I have been a meal planner since my early days of homemaking and publish our cottage meal plan every week on this blog. I can look at my calendar and know that on a certain day I will need a great recipe like this one to lighten the load in the kitchen and have dinner on the table for my family before midnight. We serve our flavor filled recipe in one bowl which makes it even better.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 9-8-19

Welcome September and it is coming in with a hurricane and a very busy time. All the kids are back in school now and Friday Night Football will be underway this week, a really big event in our part of the country. Just like the calendar change, our menu's begin to change as well with a little more of a taste for those warmer spices and cozy food. The calendar say's fall is here but our temparture says it is still summer. I can't wait to have some of the old favorites this week as we move into a new season.

Full Plate Thursday,448

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday and Welcome September! Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend and enjoyed lots of delicious food. We have some fantastic features from last weeks party and I sure hope you will have the time to visit these talented bloggers. I am ready for fall and all the great fall flavors and colors and we always look forward to all of the recipes, table decor, and food related post that you share with us each week. Thanks so much for coming to the party and lets get it started!
If You Are In The Path Of Hurricane Dorian We Are Thinking Of You and Sending You Our Prayers Stay Safe!

Cheesy Potato Bake

My Cheesy Potato Bake recipe is made from the boiled potatoes that I keep on hand in the refrigerator. I love to keep products like boiled eggs, chopped fresh vegetables, boiled potatoes and other ingredients prepared and ready to go in the refrigerator. It sure helps speed the recipes and meal preparation time along. This recipe is so easy to prepare and is just delicious with a cheesy and crispy outside and a nice soft inside. This is a dish that will make a great side for any meal, just be sure and make enough because they will all want seconds.

Retro Pork Chop Dinner

This was one of my Mothers favorite Sunday recipes. She would put her recipe together in the heavy dutch oven. bake it then it would be ready to set on the table when we came home from church. I can still remember the smell when we would open the door, it was wonderful! It is the ultimate one pot meal with all the flavor of a delicious blend of ingredients. As time went along I made this dish for my family and I still make the recipe, it is just one of those Retro meals that we grew up with and passed on to our family. We recently had dinner with our daughter and guess what we had, it was the Pork Chop Dinner, I guess you could say it is a favorite at our house!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 9-1-19

September has arrived and we are celebrating the last big weekend here at the lake of the summer of 2019! Of course we are having the big Labor Day Picnic with lots of great food on the meal plan. The week has been busy here as we had our family from New York here for a summer visit, of course we loved every second of it and made sure they enjoyed lots of southern food! 
Wishing Each Of You A Great Labor Day Weekend Stay Safe!
To Our Friends In Florida Who Are Gearing Up For  Hurricane Dorian  You Are In Our Thoughts and Prayers!

Full Plate Thursday,447

Welcome to each and everyone of you today. Oh my goodness we have had family visiting this week, getting our last minute visits in before all the kids go back to college and some of our New York family goes back to school after labor day. We are so grateful that we all got to see each for summer visits. I have tried to stop by your blogs in the past two weeks, but I may not have always been able to leave a comment, please forgive me, sometimes there is just not enough time in the day! Thanks so much for sharing with us today, I can't wait to see what you are bringing. This is the week for our TOP TEN FEATURES from last weeks party that you have picked from your pageviews and you did a great job! There are some wonderful features that I sure hope you will stop by to see and say hello to these talented bloggers!

Wishing You A Safe and Entertaining Labor Day Weekend!

Ella's Cookies and Summer Fun

Our Great Granddaughter Ella June Bug had so much fun making our families favorite cookie recipe. One of the fun things we do in the summer is cook together and really enjoy some very simple fun summer activities. We are very blessed to be able to visit with family off and on all summer and are so grateful that they come to visit with us. The memories that are made through these simple activities are a lifetime treasure. I still remember the simple activities that I did with my Grandparents as a child, priceless summertime memories!

Chicken Parmesan Patty With Spaghetti

Chicken Parmesan Patty With Spaghetti is a great family recipe that is so full of great Italian flavors. We really enjoy these Chicken Parmesan Patties, with a salad and vegetable, or even on a sandwich, but our favorite way to serve them is with spaghetti. This is a very easy recipe to prepare and in no time it is on the table ready to serve the family.

Whats For Dinner Next Week,8-25-18

We are going to be having so much fun here at the cottage this week. Our New York Granddaughter and Great Granddaughter are here for a visit. The meal plans for this week will sure allow me spend more time with our special guest plus we were able to plan some of their favorites recipes. We will having a large group on Sunday so we will be making some double recipes. I love a large gathering with lots of wonderful food and fellowship.

Full Plate Thursday,446

I am so excited to see you today, the cottage is all a buzz with excitement. One of our Granddaughter's and Great Granddaughters is coming next week and we can't wait for their visit. We sure had some amazing post from last weeks party that we are featuring today, we have some of the most talented folks that visit and are a part of our community here at Full Plate Thursday. Someone ask me recently how I picked the features and believe me it is a hard job to choose sometime. I will have to do a post on that subject one day soon. I am so happy you are here today and lets get the party started!

Mini Garden Frittatas

Mini Garden Frittatas are perfect for those mornings when we are trying to get to work on time, get the kids to school on time or just a grab and go for a fun day trip. I have even served these for a ladies morning brunch, it is just a versatile recipe that I love to have on hand. The Frittatas freeze well for up to 3 months, just place the frozen Frittata in the micro wave for 30 seconds and they are ready to go. This recipe is packed with a combination of garden vegetables that make a very flavorful bite of goodness. This is one of those recipes that will serve one or twenty and is good every time!

Old Fashioned One Pot Goulash

Old Fashioned One Pot Goulash is one of our families ultimate comfort foods. I am sure that many of you have a family recipe for Goulash and this is ours. I am not sure of the family origin, I just know that both sides of our family made a similar Goulash. My husband and a couple of our kids will tell you their favorite comfort food is this Goulash. When our kids were in school this was our go to meal for real busy days or just pure comfort food. This recipe is very easy to put together in one pot and takes no time to have it on the table.

Whats For Dinner Next Week,8-18-19

Planning a menu this time of the year is transitional here at the cottage. We are not yet ready to let summer go and yet we see nature starting to transition into the next season. The kids are all in school and the families are busy filling up those school calendars. We are looking forward to some more visitors before the summer of 2019 is over. It is very important to make some great meal plans to take advantage of the summer that we will still be able to enjoy!

Full Plate Thursday,445

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday where food lovers have been gathering for this party for the last 9 years! We are so glad to have you join us today and we can't wait to see what you will be sharing with us for this weeks party. We have some great features and hope you will take the time to visit these talented bloggers and say hello! Please stay hydrated in this August heat and stay cool! We have herb water, lemonade, and southern sweet tea for you today, so grab a beverage and a spot under the fan, relax and enjoy the party!

Tropical Lime Freeze Pie

My Tropical Lime Freeze Pie is "that" pie sitting in the freezer just waiting for that unexpected guest or for a dessert on a busy day. This is a perfect dessert on a very hot day, it will really cool you down in a very sweet way!  This pie is very easy to put together and the recipe makes two pies for you to have in your freezer. Our family loves tropical flavors so this is a big hit with our group.

Slow Cooker Southern Black Eyed Peas and Rice

When I was shelling the black eyed peas for this recipe the other day, I remember learning how to shell peas with my Grandmother, Mother and Aunts. We would all sit in a circle on the porch with a "mess of peas" on a clean tea-towel with a bowl for the peas and the hulls went into another bag. The peas would be washed and used in a canning process for use during the winter months and the hulls would be composted to be turned into fertilizer, not a thing was wasted. The extra peas for the day would be prepared for "dinner" (mid-day meal) or"supper" evening meal. One of the benefits of the pea shelling circle was the fellowship that everyone enjoyed while shelling the peas. I remember the stories that would be told and the laughter and sometimes even tears. I treasure those memories and reflect sometimes that families might just be better in some ways if we could all just sit for a bit and shell peas together.

Whats For Dinner Next Week,8-11-19

The fans and the air conditioning are running and we are sipping ice cold herb water to stay hydrated in these hot temperatures. We are planning the meal plan this week with the idea that we are beginning to see the last of our summer vegetables. Along about this time some of our garden vegetables just burn up in the heat, but we can still get some things at our Farmers Market where most of the vegetables are brought in from the valley. Right now we are getting some Pecos Canteloupe which are the sweetest and best of any. Our schools are in full schedule now so we will be keeping that school schedule in mind for our meal plan.

Full Plate Thursday, 444

Hello everyone, August has certainly arrived with triple digit temperatures, which leaves us looking for cool drinks and a slower pace just to stay cool. We have some great features that will help keep you and your kitchen cool for this time of the year, along with some great post for canning, back to school lunch options and a very special salute to a great military family. Be sure and stop by these very talented blogger's to say hello. Thanks so much for stopping by to enjoy the party with us today, I always look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Pickled Peppers

We love to preserve the bounty of our summer garden. These pickled peppers are a very special treat that will be used to accent a sandwich, and top many a grilled steak, chop or chicken. These little Pickled Peppers are a great addition to any plate. This recipe is so easy to make and before to much time you will have a beautiful jar of pickled peppers that you can enjoy. These beautiful jars of peppers will be a great gift to give to friends and family.

Garden Pasta Skillet

When I come in from the garden with a basket full of vegetables, I can't resist putting together a delicious meal for my family. This is a natural blend of flavors  and it takes no time to have it on the table for the family. A very healthy skillet full of goodness that we just love and enjoy this recipe over and over. We use this as a entree`, but could be used as a side dish as well, it is a very versatile recipe that you can easily make your own. This recipe is a perfect garden to table!

Whats For Dinner Next Week,8-4-19

Happy August, it is here already! Some of the schools have already started their sports programs and academic programs are starting next week here in our area. Meal Plans become even more important for our back to school families, because it gets to be a very busy time. I can remember when school started after Labor Day and by this time of the summer folks were planning their last minute get aways before school started. August gets really hot and very humid here in our area so I am looking for some cool cooking on the Meal Plan here at the cottage.

Full Plate Thursday, 443

Hello everyone, I sure hope that you'al are enjoying your summer. I know that some families are in the last little bit of summer as their schools will be starting in a week or two. It seems like the summer vacation from school gets less and less as we move along. We are excited that this is our Top Ten Features from our last party, a monthly feature that everyone always looks forward to. Be sure and stop by to say hello to these talented bloggers. We have a great Full Plate Thursday community and I am so honored to be a part of it!

Pork and Peach Kabobs

Pork and peaches are a great combination for this awesome recipe. These Kabobs are just delicious and will serve a crowd or just a few with ease. The recipe is very easy and the glaze could be used on several other dishes. We love to grill whenever we can and live in an area where we can grill most of the year. This is a great grilling recipe and gives just the right flavors to the pork and peaches.

Passing On The Summer Garden Harvest

Photo  Top Right: Miz Helen Age 7  Bottom Right: Great Granddaughter Ella June Age 7
When I was a young girl, I went to the garden to help my Grandmother with the planting and harvest of the wonderful vegetables. That set in me a desire to have my own garden someday and my love for fresh fruits and vegetables. Each year when my Great Granddaughter Ella visits for her summer visit we get to share the garden with her, passing on the hope that someday she to will have a desire to have her own garden and pass this art of gardening on to her Granddaughters. We are very blessed in our generation to be able not only to pass this along to our Grandchildren but also our Great Grandchildren. Gardening is truly an art that we are so honored to have received from my Grandparents and to pass on to the next generations.

Whats For Dinner Next Week,7-28-19

I am sitting on the screen porch today just looking out at the bird feeders and watching the birds busy with their day. I love being able to be outdoors and work on our meal plan while I visit with all of you. We are still very busy here at the cottage with the summer garden harvest and making sure that we are preserving as much of that harvest as we can. I love having the garden vegetables that we can use in our meal plans every week of the summer season.

Full Plate Thursday,442

Come on back to the screen porch, we have ice cold lemonade, some herb ice water and some southern iced sweet tea, just help yourself and find a cool spot under the fans. It is hot here so we are looking for some ways and foods to help us stay cool. We had a great party last week and have fantastic features from that party. I sure hope you will take the time to visit these very talented bloggers and tell them hello. I can't wait to see what you are bringing to the party today, I always look forward to your visits and thanks so much for being a part of this special community!

Peach Galette

When fresh peach season comes we love to go to the near by peach orchards and get fresh peaches. The farmers market in our area always has great peaches, but there is something special about the peach right off the tree. This fresh Peach Galette is a very primitive pie and is so easy to make, but has an abundance of flavor. And of course we like to top our galette with a nice dip of ice cream!

Southern Burger Sliders

Our Southern Burger Sliders are great to serve a crowd and just the perfect size for an appetizer or a meal. The patties are filled with wonderful southern flavors and layered with fresh vegetables and toped with a great sauce. We have served these little sliders for different gatherings and some folks don't even wait until they get on the platter. You know those folks the guys who hang around the grill and the grill master and all of a sudden you realeize that you have ended up with less than you started with, do you have any folks like that at your grill?

Whats For Dinner Next Week,7-21-19

We were in the garden very early this morning gathering our vegetables for our meal plan before it gets to hot. Now I can sit here on the screen porch with you and sip some ice cold sweet tea while we make a great meal plan for next week. I like to include recipes that don't require heating up the kitchen this time of the year so we can enjoy some lighter and cooler meal times. My birthday is this week, so there could be some surprises coming, because it is a really big birthday. Although when you get to be my age, I guess they are all really big birthdays! Whats your favorite meal to have on your birthday?

Full Plate Thursday,441

Hello everyone,  we are out on  the screen porch today, sipping some cold tea, come on back and join us. It is starting to get hot here and we retreat to the coolest spots we can find in the heat of the day. We are having a great harvest from our garden right now so we are very busy canning, preserving and enjoying fresh vegetables from the garden. We have some awesome features this week from the party last week and I hope you will take the time to visit these talented bloggers and say hello! Thanks so much for coming to the party today, I always look forward to seeing you every week!

Greek Salad Boat

Our Greek Salad Boat is a fresh light combination of vegetables and served in a crusty bread boat. I love the Greek flavors in the combination of herbs and vegetables with a fantastic dressing, and then there is the bread. Oh yes that crusty bread to this bread lover is a perfect partner for this salad. This is a great way to serve a salad that becomes a meal and one of my favorites. The salad is great to serve as an appetizer, side dish or as the entree. This is a great garden to table dish that is great any time of the year!

Mediterranean Chicken Skillet

Mediterranean Chicken Skillet is a delicious light skillet of goodness. This is a recipe that goes together quick and is ready to go on the table with very little effort, and for busy days that is a plus! The combination of flavor in this recipe is just a perfect blend of spice for a big hit here at the cottage.  This is a great meal, served with a vegetable, or maybe a salad and some crusty bread, I am hungry just thinking about it!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 7-14-19

What a wonderful week we had visiting with our Granddaughter and Great Granddaughter, a very special time. They live a very long way away from us so when we get to see them it is so special! Now the cottage will be so quiet this week, but we will be enjoying some great meals and who knows who will  be dropping by. Our meal plan this week will have some special garden to table recipes that we really enjoy this time of the year! So come on out to the garden with me and we will gather a basket of vegetables and see what recipe it leads to.

Full Plate Thursday,440

Hope all of you had a fantastic holiday weekend, and are ready to enjoy this beautiful summer day. We are enjoying very special house guest this week at the cottage, that is the awesome thing about summer we get to see some of our family and friends that live so far away. We had some great post last week that are featured for our party today. I sure hope you will take the time to visit these talented bloggers and take a look at their post. Leave us a comment and let us know what you are doing this summer, I always love hearing from all of you!

Nana's Garden Casserole

I love going out to my garden early in the morning and coming back to the kitchen with a basket full of awesome vegetables. Our family really enjoys a great vegetable recipe and often times we enjoy meatless meals. This is one of those garden creations that came together out of a wonderful garden harvest basket of vegetables, and is so simple to prepare. I have added some herbs and a little cheese to give it a very special flavor. This Garden to Table Casserole is a great side dish a delicious surprise for a covered dish and will even be a stand alone dish for lunch.

Monday Cob Salad

Sometimes after a really busy weekend I will open the refrigerator on Monday Morning and see all the "Little Bit's" of the weekend past. Today I have some left over grilled rib eye steak, a great grilled chicken breast, some roasted corn and chilies, along with some other wonderful flavor, this makes a great cob salad. The "Little Bit's" are used up and I have a day off in the kitchen, who doesn't like that.

Whats For Dinner Next Week,7-7-19

The cottage is filled with wonderful energy this time of the year, with family, friends and lots of activities at the lake and our community. It sure makes planning meals even more important, it is not a good time to wonder up and down the supermarket isle and not have a clue what is going in the shopping cart for dinner. We are looking forward to some very special house guest that are coming to the cottage this week, and I am so excited to plan some of their favorite recipes on the meal plan.

Full Plate Thursday,439

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Welcome to Full Plate Thursday and the 4th of July Celebration! We are all ready for a 4th party here at the cottage and so glad you could stop by today to enjoy some of the awesome dishes that we are sharing at the party! We have some great features from last week and sure hope that you will enjoy the post from these talented bloggers.
Wishing each one of you a safe and fun 4th of July celebration.  I want to thank all the folks who make it possible for us to enjoy this freedom, especially our family members who are currently deployed.

Retro Macaroni Salad

The first time I remember making this salad was in my homemaking class, back in the day when we still had homemaking classes in our school system. I am still making the salad and still serving it in my Covered Pyrex Dish. It is a delicious salad and has gone to many a picnic, and covered dish dinner. When our family gets together it is always one of the favorites, truly a classic comfort salad!

Strawberry Jam Cake

This strawberry cake recipe is so moist and delicious with a secret that makes it very special. We can get strawberries most all year in our super market but the best berries are when they are in season. The berries are so sweet and juicy I just can't resist putting them into a great dessert. This Strawberry Jam Cake looks beautiful on the cake plate and each bite is full of flavor!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 6-30-19

We are busy at the cottage this week, getting ready for the 4th of July celebrations around our community. Our little community has an annual parade with all the kids on their bikes and all the Grandpas pulling little wagons behind their riding mowers with the grands waving the flags. It truly is an All-American day. Our ladies club sponsors a country store and I will be taking some of my jelly to donate and of course a cherry cobbler. When we are enjoying holidays and house guest it is a very important time to make sure that we have a meal plan in place. I am going to finish this plan and head to the garden to gather some of the produce that I will be needing.

Full Plate Thursday,438

It is our last party for the month of June and it is time for the Top Ten Post from last weeks party. Every month we feature the Top Ten Post with the most page views on the last week of the month and this month we have some great post that you have picked! I really look forward to this party every week to see all of you and enjoy all the wonderful post you share with us. We are out on the garden patio today to enjoy the beautiful vegetables that are in the garden right now, so grab a basket and help yourself! I can't wait to see you at the party!