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Cinnamon Roll Brunch Bake

  Our Cinnamon Roll Brunch Bake has been a big hit for some of our weekend brunch events. This is an easy recipe to put together and is full of flavor. It is like you got up real early to make this special bake for all your guest. The combination of the cinnamon rolls and seasons, with a creamy glaze makes this a winner every time! This is a great brunch bake recipe for a causal brunch or a holiday celebration.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 2-26-23

Whats For Dinner Next Week, some of my family will ask that question every Saturday. I am so glad you joined us to get the answer. We have had a fantastic week here at the cottage, we got to start planting our spring garden. It was so great to be out in the garden again. I am already looking forward to the March transition to spring with all the wonderful spring recipes and meal plans that we get to make when we begin that seasonal change. I have some  cabbage from our winter garden that I know we will use this week. I am going to the barn and inventory what I have left in the cold bins that we will be able to use this week. We will be getting some rain this week, when it rains I always think of soup, it sounds so good. 

Full Plate Thursday, 629

  Welcome to our Top Ten Features party, the last party of the month. We always feature the Top Ten Views that you have picked from the last weeks party. I am always excited to see the post that you have enjoyed the most from the last week. Come on in the cottage we are so excited to see you today and we have saved you a special place at the table. I can hardly wait to see what you will be sharing with us today, thanks so much for coming to the party so lets get started!

Garlic Cheese Quick Bread

  I am a bread lover and nothing is better than a great slice of warm bread right out of the oven. Our Garlic Cheese Quick Bread will allow you to have a nice warm slice of this bread in about an hour, from mixing to out of the oven. This bread has a great texture with a flakes of melted cheese throughout the bread. The bread is delicious right out of the oven and is special toasted. We have served it with many different cuisine's and is good as a special treat all by its self.

Crunchy Baked Chicken With Spicy Honey

  We love fried chicken, but this recipe for Crunchy Baked Chicken With Spicy Honey will sure give it a run for at least second place. This recipe is so easy and just full of crunchy flavor. The Spicy Honey gives it a special touch to drizzle over the finished chicken. I am serving it with our delicious  Tangy Lemon Cole Slaw ! This recipe will definitely be on our meal rotation list. 

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 2-19-23

  Good Morning friends, hope you are wrapped up today, its cold outside. One of the first things I do when making my meal plans is to check the weather. If it is going to be ice cold outside I sure won't be planning to grill out, but you will find me planning something warm and cozy. We have a real busy week coming up so I am also going to be looking for some time savers in the kitchen. All of this meal planning is going to help me stay organized during the week, so I can spend more time with family and friends. Are you a meal planner, be sure and leave me a comment and let me know some of your favorite meals during cold weather. 

Full Plate Thursday, 628

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday we are so happy to see you here today. Hope each of you had a great Valentine Day and now we get to move on to Madri Gras. They had a Madri Gras parade near us last weekend, wow it has started already! We have  some great features this week from some very talented bloggers, I hope you enjoy them as much as we have. I am excited to  see what you will be sharing with us today, so come on in the cottage we have saved you a place at the table! 

Tangy Lemon Cole Slaw

Tangy Lemon Cole Slaw has become a favorite here at the cottage. Its takes no time to make this slaw and it is ready for the table. The dressing for this slaw is full of great seasons and  tangy lemon, just shake it in a jar and  it is ready to drizzle over the slaw. There are no dairy products in the slaw so it will go to a summer picnic without a problem. It is quick, easy and delicious, perfect for a busy day!

Toffee Butter Pecan Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

  Toffee Butter Pecan Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting recipe is a delicious and rich special treat! The cake has a base of butter pecan and I added a special touch of toffee which we love. We topped the cake with a cream cheese frosting with toffee and pecan sprinkles. This is a special cake that will enhance any occasion or dress up a family dinner. I recently took this to a covered dish dinner and had many request for the recipe. Save a slice for yourself, to be sure you get one!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 2-12-23

It's going to be a big week here at the cottage, and we are kicking it off with the big Super Bowl game on Sunday. Then of course we will be having a very special Valentine dinner on Tuesday. It is a lot of fun to make meal plan's for special events and holiday dinners.  We have been getting lots of good rain which our ground needed and we are all cozy in the cottage making our meal plans. I have checked the pantry to see what I have on hand and the cold bins in the barn. I will make a trip to the village to secure some fresh fruit and vegetables for our meal plans then we will be all set for the week.

Full Plate Thursday, 627

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, what an exciting weekend here at the cottage. Yes there will be some football and lots of  great food. Some of the food we will be having are recipes from our features this week, you have got to check them out, just awesome! We have finally seen the sunshine again and it was so nice to have all the ice melt and feel the sun on our face again. I am so excited that you came to the party today, I can't wait to see what you will be sharing, thanks so much for coming and being a part of such a great blogging community!

Mini Cherry Pie Cups

  I love these little Mini Cherry Pie Cups for a really quick and easy dessert. These cups are filled with a delicious cherry pie mix that has just the perfect spice to make it special. This dessert is perfect to serve for any kind of gathering, that can be served as a finger food or with some delicious ice cream. Either way this is a crowd pleasing dessert. These are great to have for a family supper, they are just perfect for the little kids and big kids hands!

Slow Cooker Italian Beef Sandwich

  This Slow Cooker Italian Beef Sandwich has been a very popular recipe at some of our game day gatherings. It is a very easy recipe to put together and it is so tender and juicy that it just pulls apart. We like to serve it on a sub-roll with a nice layer of cheese on the bottom, the hot beef and juice melt the cheese. We top it off with some pepperoncini and roasted red peppers. It is a delicious sandwich!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 2-5-23

  Here we are with one of the first days in a week that we can get outdoors without slipping and sliding, mercy what a week we had. Temperatures in the 20's with sleet and ice on the roads, the bridges we have to go over to get to the villages were closed. I am so happy that my meals were planned and I am blessed to keep a well stocked pantry. We were on an indoor vacation but we sure did eat well, we will prepared. I will be happy to go to the supermarket this weekend just to go out of the house for a bit. I will be sure and replace the items that I used out of my pantry, this is my list that I use,  Stock Your Pantry, Stay Calm, Be Ready: Emergences .

Full Plate Thursday, 626

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, February Edition! I am so glad that you are here today, February has come to our part of the world with a big artic blast, bringing ice and snow. We are in the cottage safe, warm and cozy with a great supply of food. All the bridges are closed to get in or our of our community and I sure am glad that I keep a well stocked pantry. You all brought so many amazing recipes to last weeks party that we have some outstanding features this week. I can hardly wait to see what you are sharing today and thanks so much for coming to the party!