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Full Plate Thursday 3-30-17 #321

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday come to the garden with me and we will look at the wonderful spring vegetables that are just about ready to harvest. I just love spring and can't wait to see what you are sharing at the table with us today. We have had some awesome spring recipes at the party and this is the week for our Top Ten Post from last week. I always love these features to see just what you like the most and they are always fantastic!

Grilled Spring Potatoes

We grow potatoes in our garden every year and one of the things we like to do is dig the small potatoes in early spring. The potatoes are very small and tender with a very strong earthy flavor. The recipe that we are making today takes these young potatoes from the garden to the grill with a great mix of herbs along with the smoke from the grill give these potatoes a very special flavor.

Grilled Rosemary Balsamic Chicken

We have had a really mild spring that has put us in the mood to grill. Our family loves to gather up around the grill and enjoy a time of fellowship while the grill master is putting the magic touch on the recipe of the day. Our Grilled Rosemary Balsamic Chicken has a great marinate and a fabulous crowd pleasing taste.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 3-26-17

Spring is here and I am so excited! Our meal plans will start to center more around our spring foods that are available in the markets and in our garden. We have some beautiful Swiss Chard that is ready in the garden, I am using some of it in one of the recipes this week. We have already been having some awesome fresh salads from our Lettuce Tub that sits outside our kitchen door. Lets get this plan made so we can enjoy this awesome spring day!

Full Plate Thursday 3-23-17 #320

We are so excited to see you today for Full Plate Thursday, we have been saving you a place at the table. We have a new screen porch so come on back and enjoy the new porch with us, we will be enjoying all of your fantastic food on our community table that we have set up on the porch. I always look forward to Thursday and Full Plate Thursday, it is a highlight of my week and thanks so much for coming to the party today!

Reuben Sandwich With Nana Sauce

One of the best things to enjoy about Corned Beef is the left overs. I love to make a Corned Beef Sandwich, or some would call it a Reuben Sandwich.I love the nice thick slices of beef laying on a delicious sauce and smothered with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. We just love this sandwich and always look forward to the Corned Beef left overs.

Sheet Pan Herbed Tilapia

We live so far inland that we very rarely get fresh seafood, most of it has been frozen. We can sometimes get fresh Tilapia, but it sure doesn't last long in the market. This recipe is quick, easy and has a delicious blend of herbs. This is a perfect weeknight meal or a special company meal, it would be good anytime.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 3-19-17

The first day of spring this week and March Madness is in full swing. We are looking forward to the weekend and watching some of the games with friends. I am very excited about our spring garden, we will be having a special spring dish very soon. I think there is enough asparagus to make my chowder this week to welcome spring. I hope that our meal plan will inspire you to make meal plans for your family which will save you time and money.

Full Plate Thursday 3-16-17 # 319

Only a few more days and it will be officially spring! We are busy here at the cottage celebrating our Irish heritage this week. We have been making our old family favorites and remembering many good times with family members gathered around the table. It is a joy to gather each thursday with all of you around our table and you always bless my life with your amazing recipes. Thanks so much for being here today!

Pistachio Parfait

My husband loves a Pistachio dessert and this Pistachio Parfait is one of his favorites. I enjoy taking the dessert to pot luck dinners or serving it for friends and family. I recently made the dessert and had to take my photo's in a hurry, folks were standing and waiting for the dessert to be served. This is a great dessert that is so easy to make. If you make it a day in advance of the event it is even better. This Pistachio Parfait never last long here at the cottage.

Slow Cooker Corned Beef With Vegetables

Corned Beef With Vegetables is a wonderful Irish recipe that our family enjoys from our Irish heritage. I remember my Grandmother and my Mother making a similar recipe but they did not have the luxury of a slow cooker that we have today. I love the flavors of the beef and the vegetables in this recipe and the unusual blend of seasons that go into making this a winning dish.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 3-12-17

I like to call this the week of the Irish when we celebrate our Irish hertiage. We love having special family recipes on our meal plan and remembering some of the wonderful family celebrations that we have had to celebrate our Irish hertiage. Our weather has been so nice, the work on our new screen porch is almost finished and I can hardly wait to enjoy the new porch. I am hoping that we will get to have our meal on St. Patricks day on the new screen porch.

Full Plate Thursday 3-9-17 #318

Spring is everywhere, come on in and join in the fun!  We are having our Full Plate Thursday out by the herb garden today, it is so beautiful in the spring and the smell of the herbs is delightful. We will be celebrating St. Patricks Day next week so we are beginning to see some wonderful recipes for that celebration. One of the questions I often get from readers is what is a good recipe for the season that we are in. I am sharing "March Food and Recipe Basket", this will be a monthly post on the blog and we will be talking about seasonal foods and recipes. I hope it will help you to be creative with the seasonal foods of your area. I am so excited that you are here today so lets get the party started!

March Food and Recipe Basket

I have always been a seasonal cook and enjoy the transitions of the seasons. We grow our own vegetables here at the cottage, which allows us to have either fresh,home canned or frozen vegetables available the year round. What we don't have available here, we usually find at one of our local farmers market. Some of the quesitons that I get from readers are "what is in season right now, and how can I use it?" As a way to address these questions, I will be presenting a new post every month, that will give you some of our favorite seasonal recipes for that month. Please leave us a commit and let us know if you like this idea and also if you have any other question that we can help you with.

Stuffed Cabbage Stew

We grow our own cabbage here at the cottage, so we have special recipes that we make at certain times of the year. One of our favorite cabbage recipes for this time of the year is our Stuffed Cabbage Stew.There are many recipes for cabbage soups but this recipe is much thicker and it also has a very special flavor. Our family always looks forward to this special stew and we serve it with my Grandmothers Irish Soda Bread.

Whats For Dinner Next Week 3-5-17

I am excited that March is here and the signs of spring are all around us. I am a seasonal cook and really enjoy moving into a new season with my meal plans. When I think of March, of course it brings to mind cabbage dishes and the celebration of my families Irish heritage.I am kicking off our first March meal plan with a wonderful cabbage dish, that our family loves.

Full Plate Thursday 3-2-17 #317

Welcome March and I am  so happy to see you here at Full Plate Thursday sharing your amazing recipes with us.  Spring is in the air here and there are little signs that it will soon be in full bloom.   Nothing is better than a fresh salad from the garden or maybe a special Lettuce Tub.  We had salad last week from our special Lettuce Tub that sits outside the kitchen door.  We repurposed a antique French Bath Tub that serves as our Lettuce Tub.   I am very excited to see all the wonderful Spring Recipes that you are sharing today!