About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to the cottage!
I decorated my first home under an old apple tree in my parents back yard.  I must have been at least four or five years old.  My Dad was great, he gave me running water in the kitchen sink which was an old tin pan with a hole in the bottom for a drain.  I spent many hours in my play house preparing meals for my baby doll Patsy Sue and my dog Skipper.  Along the way I traded my doll for a beautiful family .  I am a cookbook author, former business owner, art and Bible teacher.  For the past 30 plus years I have devoted myself to a Women's Ministry helping other women find their spiritual path in life.  That early love of being in the out doors and hanging out in the kitchen has never changed.

About eleven years ago my husband Leonard and I retired and moved to a little Country Cottage that we had owned for a number of years.  We down sized from a 3600 square foot lake house and a 1500 square foot home in the City, to a 1300 square foot Cottage.  We have had a challenge, of  remodel, redecorating, landscaping, including putting several garden and patio areas on the property. It has been a lot of hard work, but now we just love what has evolved.

The Cottage
Project Began 2007
We Had Just Painted Painted The Trim and Trim & Added Some Scrubs

The Cottage
Added Car Port, New Colors, 
New Paint and Shutters

Welcome Max
October 2012

We are very exited to welcome MAX to the Cottage.  We rescued Max from Bichon Rescue and he is a little sweetheart. He is a 3 year old Bichon Frise Poodle mix.  It will be fun to follow along with Operation Rescue Max.

Today We Call Him
Garden Dog

When we began our garden and landscaping projects, many of our friends were asking so many questions about gardening and landscaping.One day several of my friends said you really need to start a blog, so that we will know when you are planting, canning and doing other fun things at the Cottage.

So here we are I am so glad that you came by to meet us. Please come back to see us
we will be talking about Miz Helen's Kitchen, The Garden Gate, Day Trips, and Quiet Time.

Hope to see you soon!
Peace and Joy,
Miz Helen