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Pesto Chicken Pasta Casserole

  I am combining some of my favorite recipes to bring this delicious casserole to the table. I always have some frozen chicken bags in my freezer or some left over chicken from the weekend. I have made quiet a bit of fresh basil pesto lately, so I will be using some of that. Putting it all together to make this fantastic casserole, it is already one of our favorites. My friend happened to stop by the cottage and got to be my taster for the recipe, she gave it a big thumbs up and 5 stars!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 8-28-22

Hello everyone, it is so nice to sit on my screen porch once again and plan this weeks meal plan with you. We had over 8 inches of rain this past week and we are expecting more rain next week, it has been wonderful! The garden harvest for this summer is over, but we did decide to go ahead and plant a few products for a winter garden, we are so excited. We have a couple of weeks left in our summer so I am looking forward to having some yummy summer foods on the meal plan for this week.

Full Plate Thursday, 603

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, I am so happy you came to the party today! We are celebrating here at the cottage, it rained and not only did it rain we got almost 8 inches in just 2 days. Our drought has official ended, thank God! We have our Top Ten features with the most views this week from last weeks party, sure hope you enjoy them! I am excited to see what you will be sharing with us today at the party, come on in we have saved a seat at the table for you!

Pina Colada Zucchini Bread

It is that time of the year when we have an abundant harvest of Zucchini and I love using it in different recipes. Zucchini is such a moist vegetable and really adds a lot of moisture to breads. This is a delicious recipe with Zucchini, pineapple and a hint of coconut, a very flavorful blend. This recipe will make 2 loaves and can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 8-21-22

Hello everyone, big news today, it finally rained!!We are so grateful to get some rain, and looks like we will be getting more next week. Meal plans this week  are going to send me to the recipe box to pull out some of our old favorites for late summer rainy days. Now that we have some rain we will be on going with our winter garden and we are excited to continue on with the garden plans. I am off to the super market to get some of my meat for next week, a buy one and get another for a penny. I am always excited to find a great price for a food product to use in my meal plan for the week.

Full Plate Thursday, 602

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, I am delighted to see you here today. Our schools started here so things have really slowed down here at the lake. The weather is changing just a bit with the hope of rain next week. Our vegetable garden is finished for the summer, but we are planning on a small winter garden. We have some great features from last weeks party and I sure hope you enjoy them. Thanks so much for coming to the party today, we have saved YOU a place at the table!

Italian Zucchini Lasagna With Bread

  Our Zucchini Lasagna with Bread is a different lasagna as it has no pasta. This is a very rustic lasagna that the Italians use sometimes as a main dish or a side dish. The sauce and cheese really bring in the Italian flavors in the layers of the lasagna. This is a great family dish that we all enjoy here at the cottage. The use of bread makes a really different lasagna recipes and one that has become one of our favorites.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 8-14-22

Hello everyone, so glad to be sitting on my screen porch again, making this meal plan with you. The temperatures have finally started coming down enough that we can get back on our porch early in the morning and late in the evening. It even looks like we may get some rain today or tomorrow. So many of you have children that will be starting school this week or the next as we move a little closer to the fall, our meal planning for the family becomes more important.

Full Plate Thursday, 601

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday! August has brought us some cooler temperatures and the hope of rain.  Our local school teachers and administration have been back to work for a week now and the students will be joining them next week. Lots of folks are getting in a last minute get-away, school shopping and getting back into a routine for school. It truly is a transition time from the dog days of summer to the beginning of fall. I can't wait to see what you are bringing to share today. Thanks so much for coming to the party, we have saved you a place at the table!

Slow Cooker Spaghetti Casserole

  I like to make this Spaghetti Casserole in my slow cooker on really busy days when my family is hungry for a great plate of Spaghetti. This recipe has lots of short cuts and a great flavor. Just put it all together in the slow cooker and go on with your day, then it is ready to serve. I just add some salad and a crusty  Herb Garlic Bread for a delicious meal for my family or take it to my study group covered dish supper.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 8-7-22

Hello everyone and welcome to August! I am looking forward to the meal plan this week as we will be having one of my very favorite French summer soups. We sometimes even serve it chilled. One of the recipes on the meal plan this week was developed because it was actually to hot to grill, it was only 107 degrees, but we got a great new recipe to enjoy. I noticed that we will be using the slow cooker quiet a bit this week which will help in keeping the kitchen cool, and I can't wait for my very favorite pudding in the slow cooker. What kind of recipes do you have on your meal plan this week, I would love for you to leave us a comment and share your meal plan with us.

Full Plate Thursday, 600

Full Plate Thursday, number 600, what a mile stone! I want to thank each one of you who have helped us to get to this place with this linky party. The party would never have made it to this point without your loyal support. I am so excited that you are here today to celebrate with us!

Crock Pot Bar-B-Q Spatchcock Chicken

When the temperature is 107 degrees and our area has a red flag warning which means we can't even use an outside grill, often times new recipes are developed out of need. That is how this recipe came to be at the cottage. I had prepared my spatchcock chicken for the grill and then had no place to grill it. I came up with the idea of placing it in my buffet crock pot, which turned out to be a delicious recipe. It is full of flavor and so easy to prepare, I will be using this new recipe over and over.

Cherry Coke Float Ice Box Pie

One of my favorite treats from our drug store fountain when I was a young girl was a Cherry Coke Float. I loved watching the clerk load the ice cream into the glass and pour the syrup in the glass then add the bubbles, it was so good! I have created my own version of the childhood favorite in a delicious ice box pie. This is such an easy pie recipe to make and it is one that I can just keep in the freezer ready to share with an unexpected guest, your friends and family will love you for serving this cool and refreshing treat.