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Whats For Dinner Next Week, 9-30-18

We are excited here at the cottage to be going into the first week of October. Our Farmers Market are beginning to look like fall  has arrived. I have enjoyed going through my fall recipes looking for our family favorites and adding new recipes that our family will enjoy. I will finalize my fall pantry inventory this week and restock the items that I use more in the fall months. I like  to keep a fully stocked pantry so that I have the ability to prepare meals and meal planning in a more efficient way. I am about to take a very flavorful apple pie out of the oven so lets get started!

Full Plate Thursday,399

It Is Officially Fall Welcome To Full Plate Thursday We are featuring our Top Ten Post from last weeks party as is our custom on the last week of the month, and these are great post. I sure hope you will take the time to stop by and say hello to these great bloggers. I love all the fall recipes that you are sharing and I can't wait to see what you are sharing for the party today!

Nana's Mac N Cheese

I was helping one of my Granddaughters with some recipes the other day and she wanted my Mac N Cheese recipe. After she asked me for it I realized that I did not have it on my blog yet, so I got busy and am posting it today. I can't remember how many years ago I started making this recipe, but through the years I have changed it from time to time as new ingredients come on the market, but the basics of the recipe have remained the same. We still love our Mac N Cheese and this is definitely one of our family favorites.

Spicy Pumpkin Cake

It's officially fall and when the pumpkins start showing up in the Farmers Markets along side the country roads, it is time to get out the pumpkin recipes. The Pumpkin Cake recipe that I am using today was my Aunts recipe that I have made a little easier, and gave it a fantastic frosting.  Aunt Ann you will never recognize your recipe, but I will never forget where the inspiration came from and the wonderful role model that you were for me, thank you!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 9-23-18

Hello everyone, hope that you are having a great week and are ready to make your meal plan for the week. I have been recently mentoring a working Mom on meal plans for her family, when she found meals were unplanned, and the dinner hour being moved later and later. Meal planning will enable her to know exactly what will be served every night and what time it can be on the table. I am grateful that I can pass this information on to someone else to help them enjoy a better quality of life.

Full Plate Thursday, 398

Welcome To Full Plate Thursday! I know it is supposed to be fall but our temperatures lately are more like summer. I had a garden helper with me in the garden this week to help clean out some none producing plants and it felt like August had never left. All of those temperatures don't keep us from starting to really enjoy our fall foods. I see more and more pumpkin and apple recipes appearing and mercy I love them all! We have some great features today and I sure hope you will stop by their awesome blogs and say hello! I hope to see you at the party later today and thanks so much for stopping by! To All Our Precious East Coast Friends I know that some of you have lost your homes and others are in temporary housing waiting to return home. I wish that we could just pull up a food truck  where ever you are and give you a wonderful meal and a big hug. Since we can't do that please know that you'al are in our thoughts and prayers and we love you!

Southern Potato & Sausage Gravy With Buttermilk Biscuits

I have watched my Mother, Grandmother and other family members make this dish for breakfast, lunch or supper, and for me, I will eat it anytime, it is just that good. It is served on a fluffy hot biscuit or a crisp slice of toasted bread and no matter when you have it, this recipe is pure comfort, southern style!

Sloppy Joe Sliders

Sliders are the greatest little sandwiches, that are just enough and not to much. They are great to serve for a big game day crowd, a book club evening, or maybe a friends and family game night. We recently had a gathering with some friends and these little Sloppy Joe Sliders were a great hit. Lots of folks have their very own family recipe for Sloppy Joe's and they are all very similar, but this is our recipe that through the years we have come to love. To All My Precious East Coast Readers I know that some of you have lost your homes and others are in temporary housing waiting to return home. I wish that we could just pull up a food truck  where ever you are and give you a wonderful meal and a big hug. Since we can't do that please know that you'al are in our thoughts and prayers and we love you!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 9-16-18

We had the greatest visit with our family last week while we had a week long celebration for my husbands birthday. So right now the cottage is pretty quiet and gives us a chance to reflect on how special our family visits are and how we treasure the memories. Some of those memories for us are always the food, old and new recipes to form those lifetime memories, just one more reason I am a meal planner, enabling us to have some of the old time favorites and the explore the new recipes.

Full Plate Thursday ,397

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday! We have had the best week here at the cottage, celebrating a very special birthday for my husband and enjoying a visit from some family members that we haven't seen in a very long time. We had a great party last week which gave us some great features this week that I sure hope you will visit and give those great bloggers a hello! I am so happy that you are stopping by to share some time with  us today and can hardly wait to see what you will be sharing with us today!

Slow Cooker Cream of Squash Soup

This is a very special garden to table recipe with the fullness of the harvest. We are taking a couple of varieties of squash, colored peppers, and some other flavors added to make this a delicious garden soup. When I come in from the garden with a basket full of vegetables it is always so much fun to see what we can create and today it was cream of squash soup and to save time, it went in the slow cooker. We have loved this recipe and will be making it over and over!

Salisbury Steak and Gravy

Some number of years ago my husband and I went to a little Mom and Pop restaurant that had the best food. One of our favorites was their Salisbury Steak, which we frequently ordered. Long after they had closed their restaurant we still talked about the delicious Salisbury Steak that we would get there. I began a quest to try and make a Salisbury Steak that would be very close to the one we enjoyed so much and I finally got there. This is a great recipe that is so full of flavor and a gravy that sends it over the top. Now we can enjoy the steak along with all the wonderful memories we have from those days in our life.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 9-9-18

We have had some rain this week and it is so nice, we really needed some rain. We are going to have some very special house guest this week, our daughter and granddaughter are coming for a visit, we are very excited! It is going to be fun planning a meal plan that will include some of their favorites.  I better get started on this it will be a busy week.

Full Plate Thursday, 396

Welcome back everyone and sure hope you enjoyed the last holiday of the summer. I am excited to move on to fall and all of the  awesome activities, colors, and recipes of this season. I know that you will fill the tables with all the amazing fall post that you will be sharing  with us today. Now in the tradition of this party bless the food and  lets eat!

Slow Cooker Green Chili Taco Filling

I love my Slow Cooker and the freedom it gives me to fill it full of goodness and walk away while it works its magic. This Taco Filling is a great recipe to make for a Taco Buffet, for the big game day, for a family supper or for the freezer. I have a bag of this filling in my freezer all the time for those times when we need a little extra help for a busy day. This recipe is filled with a great Tex Mex flavor and is a hearty filling for any Taco, topping for a Burrito, Tostada or added to a Queso, it is a winner every time!

Salsa Verde Breakfast Casserole

My granddaughter is coming for a visit very soon and she love's Tex- Mex, but she lives up North so doesn't get real Tex Mex very often. I wanted to make a real special Tex Mex breakfast casserole for her and this recipe turned out to be a delicious casserole that we all just loved. This casserole has layers of sausage, eggs, vegetables and great Tex Mex flavor. One thing that I have loved about this recipe is that it freezes so well. If we have left over's I just freeze it in individual freezer bags and breakfast is ready for a grab n go. This is a great recipe that I hope you enjoy!

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 9-2-18

Happy September! Meal planning is important this week, because of the Labor Day weekend and celebrations. It will be the last big weekend at the lake so it will  be very busy here at the cottage. Fresh fruits and vegetables are still available in our gardens and local farmers market, so we have a few more weeks of enjoyment. We will be planning some old favorites for the week as well as some new ones. It will be a fun week! If You Are Celebrating This Weekend Have a Great Celebration  and Be Safe You Are Important To Us!