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Slow Cooker Texas Cowboy Beans

Slow Cooker Texas Cowboy Beans is one of those recipes that can be the main dish at a family supper or a great recipe to take to a covered dish event. The mix of ingredients for this delicious dish is  very rich and full of flavor. Slow Cooker Texas Cowboy Beans is one of those recipes that can be the main dish at a family supper or a great recipe to take to a covered dish event. A delicious meal is ready to serve, and they will be back for seconds!

Scented Bath Soak-Valentine Gift

  I am planning a special little Valentine Gift for some friends. Sometimes it is fun to give my special friends a little something that they really are not expecting. It wouldn't be unusual for me to give my friends a jar of my home canned  Tomato Basil Jam , or even a  Chocolate Cherry Cobbler  hot from the oven. Today I am making special Scented Bath Soak that I know they will all enjoy, I am having so much fun with this simple project.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 1-29-23

  Hello everyone, I sure hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are, we are having some really cold weather right now. With cold weather I always think of warm comfort foods for the meal plan this week. We are expecting a gathering this weekend we will be watching a little football, and I know just the recipe I will be using for game day. It is fun to make meal plans and vision all the meals that our friends and family will enjoy. 

Full Plate Thursday, 625

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday and our Top Ten Features from last weeks party! On the last party of the month we have our viewers pick the top ten post from last weeks party and you all really picked a great group this week! It is so good to see you today, come on in the cottage, we saved you a place at the table near the fireplace where we will all be warm and cozy! Thanks so much for coming to the party today and I can't wait to see what you will be sharing with us this week!

Sour Cream Pie With Cherries & Whipped Cream

Our Sour Cream Pie With Cherries & Whipped Cream has been in my recipe box since the early 70's when one of my friends shared it with me. Through the years I have changed it here and there, but the base recipe remains the same. This pie is so easy to make with very few ingredients and yet it is so versatile. It is one of our go to pies here at the cottage and I sure hope you enjoy it!

Chicken Alfredo Penne Bake

We are expecting some special guest at the cottage, so I reached out to our guest and ask what favorite cottage recipe they would like for me to prepare for them.  Our guest requested the delicious Chicken Alfredo Penne Bake, and it is a great recipe to make. This is a very flavorful creamy pasta bake that will really stick to your ribs. We will serve it with a crisp green salad and some hot crusty bread.  

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 1-22-23

It is great to sit down with a cup of tea and visit with you about our meal plan for the week. We are having some guest here later in the week, so I reached out to them and ask what they would like on the meal plan. It is always interesting to get their feed back on what their favorite recipes are. We have been very busy getting the final tilling done on our onion patch that we hope to get planted this weekend. We will be having some ball-game watchers here this weekend, so we take all that in consideration for the meal plan we are making today.

Full Plate Thursday, 624

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, 624! Here we are at the half way point of January already. We are starting to get Valentine post and Big Game Day post, I just love that all of you love the different holidays and fun events as much as I do. We have some very special features that all of you helped me to choose from last weeks party, sure hope you enjoy them. I am excited to see what you will be sharing at today's party. Come on in the cottage, we have saved you a very special place at the table and thanks so much for coming today!

8 Party Slider Recipes

  There are many times throughout the year that we entertain a large crowd of folks for a game day or just a fun gathering. Sliders have become one of the popular menu items that I will make for the party. Sometimes I will make a couple of different kinds just to give folks a variety. Our slider recipes are very simple to put together and delicious to eat, our guest always want to know where the sliders are. These little sliders are a great finger food for any party and one that I love to serve to my guest.

Cowboy Stew

My husband grew up on a ranch and he said that the cowboy stew's were always some of the best. A good Cowboy Stew will have a different combination of protein and vegetables just  about every time, because the bunkhouse cook would use what was available. This is one of my husbands favorite Cowboy Stew's this one is made the  same every time because it is his favorite. It is a great stew for a crowd and it freezes up to 3 months. 

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 1-15-23

Hello everyone, I am laughing a little because we are all bundled up again. I think only in Texas do we experience such drastic changes in the weather. There will be no grilling on the meal plan this week, this gal will not be standing at the grill in this cold wind. I am thinking more in line with something that I can put in the oven and  warm up the kitchen and have the whole house smelling like what's cooing, I can hardly wait till dinner! I am off to the pantry to see what I have available and then to the freezer, I have a great inventory right now so I may be able to avoid a trip to the super market, that would be nice!

Full Plate Thursday, 623

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, 623 it is so good to see you here at the party today! We are having a really nice break in the weather right now and we are enjoying some sunshine. We have some great features from some awesome bloggers that I hope you will visit! Thanks so much for coming to the party today, I always look forward to this party and your visit. Come in, I have saved a place at the table just for you!

Southern Lima Beans

  Some folks would call a pot of Lima Beans, a main dish soup of ham and beans, while other's may call it a side dish. Here at the cottage it is both a main dish and a side dish. We love this recipe served with a great skillet of cornbread as a main dish or a leftover side dish for a meal the next day. The recipe that I have is a family recipe that has been passed down to me through the generations of amazing cooks in our family. This recipe is budget friendly with just a few ingredients and seasons. As my Grandmother would say, this is a good tasting pot of Lima's!

Italian Vegetable and Sausage Orzo Skillet

  When I start looking for a creamy Italian skillet meal that is so easy to put together this is a great go to recipe. This is a recipe that really delivers the Italian flavor. We just add some sausage, spinach, and even some oven-dried tomatoes with some Italian seasons. Next we will stir in some orzo, Parmesan Cheese and cream. All of this goodness goes into one skillet and is on the table in no time. Oh my goodness, creamy, fresh and it is so delicious! 

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 1-8-23

The temperatures here are still cold, so our meal plans are going to be what I hope will be warm and cozy. There is a lot of sickness in our area and we are trying real hard to stay well, by eating healthy, getting rest and just enjoying life. We are busy here at the cottage making garden plans for the spring and summer garden. It is always a lot of fun to make the garden plot and order the seeds,   Winter Garden and Spring Seeds , will update you on our garden. 

Full Plate Thursday, 622

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, 622 and our first party of 2023! I am so excited about the new year with all the new recipes that you will share here in the new year. I am a seasonal cook and tend to move from season to season through my meal planning. We are featuring some great blog post from last weeks party and hope will enjoy the post as much as I have.   Thanks so much for sharing with us at our party today, just come on in the cottage we have saved a very special place at the table for you!

Winter Garden and Spring Seeds

  We decided to have a winter garden this year and we sure picked a great year to do so. The temperature got down to 9 degrees for a couple of days and that was a real test for the in ground garden and the Veggie Pod. I always look forward to January when all the seed catalogs come in the mail. I love looking through the catalogs and marking all the seeds that I would love to have. There are several steps that I take before I can really order the seed. 

Old Fashion Goulash Soup

  There are times when an old fashion bowl of Goulash Soup really fills the stomach and the soul. This is one of those times and I could not resist making a pot of one of my families favorite comfort soups to share with you. This is a recipe that is so easy to put together and has a special blend of flavor that makes it delicious! This is one of those recipes that can come to the family dinner table or to a potluck soup supper, it is a winner every time!