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Full Plate Thursday,456

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday and our Top Ten Views from last week. We feature the Top Ten Page Views on the last week of the month. It is always my pleasure to feature all of your wonderful post and the great talent that we have in this community. We are having lots of fun here at the cottage this week and are ready for all the little spooks that will come to the door to enjoy some of the treats! Thanks so much for being a part of our special gathering and hope you will find that special treat that you will just love!

Sheet Pan Roasted Squash

We love roasted vegetables here at the cottage. As we harvested the last of the garden for this year we are enjoying these wonderful squash in a delicious recipe. I have combined a very flavorful marinate for the vegetables that is packed with herbs that enhance the squash. We don't usually have any left overs from this sheet pan recipe, but if you should it is great the next day in a salad or a delicious pot of soup. 

Honey Apple Skillet Chops

We had a recent visit to the apple orchard and couldn't resist using some of the wonderful apples in this great fall recipe. I love the flavors of fall and the combination of spices that bring warm and cozy flavors and our Honey Apple Skillet Chops is defiantly one of those recipes. This skillet of goodness takes very little time to put together and your family will love the combination.

Whats For Dinner Next Week,10-27-19

What a week we had here at the cottage, it was just one storm after another. According to the national weather bureau we had 10 tornadoes in our area on Sunday night ranging from and EF1 to a EF3. Thank God we are all fine here and the cottage property was spared. I am happy to sit down with a cup of tea and look forward with a new meal plan for next week. We will  be getting ready for the trick or treaters this week so we will be including some special treats just for them. The pumpkins are carved and the decorations are ready, when I finish the meal plan we will just sit back and enjoy the week!

Full Plate Thursday,455

Welcome To Full Plate Thursday I am so happy that you are here at the party today! We are featuring some very special fall decor, recipes and food related post today and hope you will visit these talented bloggers. I am sure looking forward to the wonderful post that you are sharing today, you are a very special part of our community and thanks so much for coming today! Our North and East Texas area was hit with 10 tornadoes on Sunday night. They ranch from a EF1 to EF3, according to the National Weather Bureau. I want to thank all of you who inquired as to our safety. We are just fine and our property was spared, as most of the damage was several miles from us and we are so grateful for being spared. I hope you will join me in our thoughts and prayers for those who were affected and the rebuilding journey ahead.

Retro Chili Pie

Our Retro Chili Pie recipe has evolved from a sack of Frito's with Chili to this baked casserole that our family loves. When I was in High School mercy me, (that was a very long time ago), we would go to the concession stand at half time and get a Tiger Special, then when my kids were in High School it was called a Bulldog Special. That special was a small bag of Frito's with a couple dips of chili poured over it a sprinkling of onions and cheese with a plastic spoon. We would walk around eating our special, which some people began to call a walking taco. We had to be in formation (I was a twirler with the band) at the half way mark of the 3rd quarter,) so we would eat fast! In our family the recipe has evolved to a casserole that we call Chili Pie.

Instant Pot Pinto Bean Soup

Pinto Beans are a staple here at the cottage and I love this recipe for the Instant Pot. I don't always remember to soak the beans overnight and this recipe allows me to cook the dry beans and have them on the table in a very short time. The blend of flavors for these beans are a combination of the region that we came from and are a part of our family. My Grandmother had a pot of pinto beans on the back burner of her wood burning stove most of the time and we have come a long way since that time, but the flavor has not changed.  Our Pinto Bean Soup is very versitle as a soup, side dish and addition to several other recipes. 

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 10-20-19

I am so glad you have stopped by today to help me plan this weeks meal plan. It is always so much fun to research and brainstorm recipes with a friend. When my daughter was visiting recently we were researching some recipes to pass along to another family member. It is beautiful weather here so we are able to really enjoy sitting on the screen porch, working in the garden a bit and getting our home ready for the winter months. I am headed out to the barn to check some of my inventory before completeing this meal plan.

Full Plate Thursday,454

Hello everyone, we are so happy to see you today and hope you enjoyed your drive to the country. We are enjoying beautiful fall colors right now and at last some cooler fall temperatures. The recipes are full of fall flavors and the tables are beautifully decorated with pumpkins and fall leaves. We have some lovely features from some very talented bloggers this week that I hope you will enjoy. I am looking forward to the party today and what you will be bringing to share with us. Thanks so much for coming to the party and being a part of our very special Full Plate Community!

Baked Candied Sweet Potatoes

We love Sweet Potatoes and our Baked Candied Sweet Potatoes are simply delicious, making this recipe a favorite. These fresh sweet potatoes are baked in a maple syrup and gives this a very special flavor. This is a side dish that will go to a covered dish event or be the star of a family dinner. This is a recipe that can be made ahead of time and heated up right before serving.

Slow Cooker Chicken and Cornbread Dressing

Our Slow Cooker Chicken and Cornbread Dressing recipe is one of our favorites this time of the year. We love Chicken and Dressing here at the cottage and this is a great recipe that give's you a lot of freedom while it cooks. My Grandmother used to make a dish very similar to this and I have rolled in all together for the slow cooker.  I like to have this for Sunday Dinner, when we come home from church and open the front door, that amazing smell of warm cozy dressing is slowly following you back to the kitchen.

Whats For Dinner Next Week,10-13-19

I am sitting on the screen porch just reflecting on the awesome visit we have had with our daughter in the last 2 weeks, so glad she got to come see us and sad that she had to get back to her life.  Meal planning this time of the year may cover a game day, coverdish events and slow cooking comfort food. I have gathered all my recipes and checked my inventory to make a great meal plan for the week and so happy that I can share it with you!

Full Plate Thursday,453

I am so glad to see you today, fall is such a beautiful time to take a drive to the country. In the fall we have so many fun events in our area, Friday Night Football, Game Days, Fall Festivals and lots of wonderful food. I can't wait to see what foods you have for special events in the fall and the wonderful recipes, table decor and food related post that you will be sharing for the party today. Many thanks for coming to the party today and sharing your amazing talent with us!

Sheet Pan Sausage and Vegetable Hash

All in one pan a flavor filled pan of Kielbasa with a mix of vegetable hash for this Sheet Pan Sausage and Vegetable Hash recipe. This recipe has a very special dressing that makes it a little different. We love this recipe and very rarely have any left overs that's how good it is. The preparation time is short and it takes a very short time in the oven then serve up this pan of goodness!

Instant Pot Tex-Mex Chili

When my family wants a great pot of chili and my day is to busy to let it simmer all day, I head for the Instant Pot. I converted this recipe for the Instant Pot and it is every bit as good as the one that simmers all day. This is a Tex-Mex Chili that has all the wonderful Tex-Mex seasons made the Texas way. No we don't put beans in authentic Texas chili, however this is Tex-Mex so yes we did use the beans. We will be serving this for a family dinner, game day gatherings, and it is great for a friendly chili cook off!

Whats For Dinner Next Week,10-6-19

We are having so much fun at the cottage, our daughter is visiting us. We love to look through recipes, make meal plans, cook, brunch on the screen porch and of course we have to do a little shopping. We had a lot of fun putting this meal plan together and taking inventory of whats on hand to make the recipes that we choose, then of course we will have to go into the village and do a little shopping. We have a trip planned for the Apple Orchard and can't wait to use some fresh apples in a recipe.

Full Plate Thursday,452

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday we are so happy to see you today! We having been having so much fun here at the cottage, our daughter has been visiting us and we have enjoyed every minute. We are going to really enjoy looking at all the awesome post that you will be sharing today. Fall is a beautiful time of color, festivals and wonderful food so we are looking forward to your recipes, table decor and food related post. Many thanks for coming to our party today and hope you will come back real soon!

Oktoberfest Pie

October brings so many delicious recipes, fairs and festivals. Oktoberfest is one of my favorite festival's and our Oktoberfest Pie is perfect for that celebration. This recipe has all the flavors of a great German dish with an American twist. It takes no time to put this recipe together and have it on the table for your family. Have your own Oktoberfest with your family and make it a very special time!