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Full Plate Thursday, 582

Welcome to our Top Ten Week at Full Plate Thursday. On the last party of the month we feature the Top Ten Views from last weeks party. Top Ten is always a lot of fun for me to see who had the most views at in the last weeks party. I sure hope you enjoy this special feature, we have so many talented bloggers that are a part of this community. It is really good to see you here today!

Creamy Parmesan Baked Chicken

  Our Creamy Parmesan Baked Chicken is a wonderful recipe in so many ways. It is so easy to prepare, the flavor is fantastic, it's on the table in no time. We are serving it with our  Orzo Spinach Salad With Honey Lemon Dressing . This recipe can be served for a family weeknight meal or dress it up for a friends dinner party. 

Orzo Spinach Salad With Honey Lemon Dressing

  I really enjoy the combination of the Orzo pasta with the fresh vegetables in this salad. The Honey Lemon Dressing is a favorite of mine and helps to make this salad very special. I love having a great salad recipe like this as it will be a delicious side dish for just about any family style meal or if you want to add a little chicken it will make a great meal. It takes very little time to prepare this salad and can be prepared the day before. I recently carried this salad to a friends luncheon that she hosted, everyone just loved the salad and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 3-27-22

Meal Planning will be so much fun this week, spring has really arrived, we are having some beautiful weather this weekend. We are getting the grill ready, cleaning the patio's and decks, can't wait to get that grill going. We have been super busy here in the gardens, and now will be outdoors more and more which we are so excited about. Meal planning becomes more and more important for families as each week the cost of daily living rises. Every time we go to the super market, and the gas pump the price has gone up, from week to week it is more expensive, making meal planning even more important to make every penny count.

Full Plate Thursday, 581

It sure is good to see you here today, it is warm enough to sit out by the garden today. Come  on back to the garden and we will enjoy sitting out in the garden for our party. We have some great features today from last weeks party and I hope you enjoy their post. I really appreciate all of the messages giving us prayers and support during the recent storms. We are so blessed and did not have any damage on our property. We spent most of the evening in our safe room and God was certainly with us. Thanks so much for coming to the party today, I can't wait to see what you are sharing with us!

Retro Pineapple Juice Cake

  Retro Pineapple Juice Cake is a very moist and delicious cake. It is really a very easy cake to make and it is good enough to serve for any occasion. My Mother used to make this cake for her bridge club ladies, it was one of their favorites. I remember after she passed away, one of her bridge club ladies called for the recipe so they could continue to enjoy it. I have made this cake for birthday's, ladies luncheons, bridal and baby showers. But most of all our family loves this cake and it always reminds of us of my Mother. 

Southwest Chicken Pot Pie

Southwest Chicken Pot Pie is a favorite at the cottage. The pie is so easy to put together and full of southwest flavors. We love the flavors of Tex-Mex and Southwest flavors and it is a very budget friendly pot pie. I am pulling out one of the frozen bags for chicken casseroles or salads to use in this recipe. I just love keeping those frozen bags of chicken on hand for a quick recipe. This is a great family recipe and it is also great when your friends drop by and get to share a meal with you.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 3-20-22

  Hello everyone and Happy Spring! We had a great St. Patrick's Day at the cottage with some great Irish food. We have had some nice spring weather and even getting a little rain. The rain is wonderful for our garden, where the onions and potatoes are coming up and looking good. For the next week some of our folks will watching the basketball tournaments and we will be planning some game food for that group. I am really a seasonal cook and always look forward to the new season that nature presents us with. Of course I love all the spring vegetables and the  spring meals that we get to plan. 

Full Plate Thursday, 580

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday and  Happy St. Patrick's Day! I am so excited that you have come to celebrate with us today, we are going to have a fantastic party! We have some great features to share from some very talented bloggers that I hope you enjoy. It is a beautiful day here today and I am in hopes that we can all spend some time out on the rock patio, with a little fire in the fire pit. Come on out with us we have saved a place at the table for you, and I can't wait to see what you will be sharing with us today! Thanks so much for coming to the party today and lets get this party started!

Retro Frog Eye Dessert-Salad

The first time I ate this recipe I really thought it was dessert, but it was identified as a salad. When I began to make the salad for our family, I just called it dessert-salad. This recipe is a combination of tiny little pasta called Acini De Pepe Pasta, some fruit, a delicious custard, marshmallows and whipped topping, oh my goodness! Through the years I have shared this dish with so many covered dish luncheons and dinners, along with family events. You may have your own Frog Eye recipe and I hope you love your recipe as much as we love ours!

Tuna Salad Bake

T he day that I made this recipe I was looking for a budget friendly fish recipe. I thought about going to my old stand by,  The Tuna Noodle Casserole or Nana's Tuna Salad . I gave it some thought and made a decision to develop a different recipe and I am so glad I did. The Tuna Salad Bake has a great flavor with a crunchy buttery topping. This is a very easy recipe and will be on the table in no time, it is great hot or cold. It is a great budget friendly recipe that we will enjoy for a long time.

Whats For Dinner Next Week. 3-13-22

Welcome to another week of great family meal plans with kitchen tested recipes. It is cold outside and is sleeting as I write this post, my goodness where is the spring weather? Re-grouping my recipes for the week, as I don't think we will be having a backyard grill out in this weather. I will just kick back and enjoy another week of cozy-comfort food, plus we will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day this week, sounds like a great week after all!

Full Plate Thursday, 579

  Welcome to Full Plate Thursday, it is good to see you here today. Come on in the cottage and find a warm place at the table, it is actually sleeting here today. My goodness who would have thought we would still be having winter in March. We had some awesome post from our party last week and I sure hope you will enjoy these very talented bloggers that are featured here today. I look forward to seeing what you will share at the party this week, we have some of the best cooks on this planet in our blogging community! Thanks so much for coming to the party today and sure hope you enjoy it!

Irish Mashed Potatoes -Colcannon

This Irish Mashed Potato dish or the Irish call it Colcannon, is my most favorite of mashed potatoes. This is a very classic recipe and is rich, creamy, and buttery. We have added some bacon and fresh green onions, to put it over the top! The flavor of this recipe is fabulous and I could really make a meal from this one dish. Our family will line up for a serving or two of these special potatoes.

Baked Irish Chicken

This is a great meal in a pot, I know that my Irish Grandma would have loved this recipe, and most likely made a Baked Irish Chicken very much like this recipe. The chicken has a special rub and would melt in your mouth all by itself, however we are adding some wonderful Irish vegetables that will complete this dish. Our family loves this recipe and keep coming back for seconds.

Whats For Dinner Next Week, 3-6-22

  Welcome to our weekly meal plan and a big welcome to March! We are so excited to turn that meal planning calendar to a transition to spring. It is a beautiful day here and I have spent a lot of time outdoors, took a walk to the garden and the onions are up. There are just little green shouts everywhere. No sign of the potatoes coming up yet but it won't be long. We are replacing some boards on our screen porch getting it ready for porch time. I have been looking through my spring recipes and am very excited about getting some of my favorites on the plan this week.

Full Plate Thursday, 578

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday and welcome to March! Here we are looking forward to St. Patrick's Day and all of the yummy Irish food. We have some great features today from some very talented bloggers, be sure and stop by to say hi to them. We are excited to see you today and as always are saving you a place at the table, we sure look forward to see what you will be sharing with us today. Thanks so much for coming today and be sure to come back soon!

Grandma's Irish Potato Soup

My Irish Grandma made a very simple potato soup and this recipe is just like the one she made. It is a very simple recipe to follow and the combination of fresh garden vegetables, butter and farm fresh milk, gives us a very comforting soup. Our family loves this simple soup and I often think of my Grandmother in her Irish cottage kitchen as she prepared her potato soup for the family. This is truly one of the soups that will stick to your ribs and keep you warm and cozy.