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We have always tried to Compost here at The Cottage  and are very green and organic. We started out with a small Compost Bin and found it was not big enough to meet our needs on such a large property.

First Compost Bin "Little Beaver" Link

We are very excited to start this garden season off with a larger Compost Bin that will serve the needs of our entire property and maybe even sell or give away Compost to our family and friends. 

Meet Shreck 

 Leonard Putting The Finishing Touches On Our 
Garden Compost Bin "Shreck"

This is a double compartment bin that sits on a stand and it is very easy to access. Using both sides of the bin will enable us to put in up to 18 bushels of raw material.   We just give it a couple of turns a day with the easy turning handle and we have compost ready to go in two weeks. It is awesome!

 This Is Where WE Feed "Shreck"

To start your Compost Bin you will need
  • One layer of dry grass, leaves or shredded newspaper
  • One layer of green grass, leaves, tree clippings, or vegetables scraps
  • Egg shells are great
  • Tea or Coffee grounds are great
  • Place your Bin in a sunny area because it won't make compost if it does not get hot enough
  • The interior of the material in the bin needs to get to 150 to 160 degrees for two days to kill the weed seeds
  • Turn it or stir it at least twice a day (don't worry it won't go bad if you take a day off)

This is one of the ways that we give back to the planet and  can control the compost that is going on our vegetables that we eat, it's a good thing!

Good Luck with your Compost and may you have the greenest green in your neighborhood! We always enjoy your visits so come back to see us real soon!
Peace and Joy
Miz Helen
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Miz Helen
Miz Helen

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  1. Nice! If I had a garden, I would so need one of these!

  2. That composter looks like a very roomy one. I have a smaller one on my wish list. For this year, however, it looks as if we'll have to get a rototiller first. For years, we borrowed one. This year we really think we should have our own.

  3. I am writing a green series right now. Today's topic is recycling and I am going to talk about compost. I would love to link to this article, so they can see your Shrek. I just love that name!

    Amy @ Pounds4Pennies

    1. Hi Amy,
      I would be happy for you to link "Shreck" to your Green Series. Your post for today is great, everyone should stop by and read it.
      Hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
      Miz Helen

  4. Great post on composting Miz Helen-one day I hope to have a large yard with a beautiful garden :)

  5. Helen, this looks like a great resource for green living. I've never had a composter, but if I had a real garden, I'd certainly look into having one. Thanks for sharing how you make your own compost and for linking to my party this week.

  6. Great composting advice! We have a monster huge compost pile that breaks down really fast because we mix our horse manure with it. I keep a small compost bin for when I am too lazy to walk out to the back pasture. :)


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