Full Plate Thursday 8-4-16 # 287

Welcome to Full Plate Thursday where The Greatest Cooks On The Planet Gather on Thursdays. Some of the best recipes on the internet show up at this gathering and I am so glad to see all of you today! The August heat has arrived in Texas and we are real busy here at the cottage to get our garden vegetables harvested, canned and preserved. All these canned goods will sure be good when the snow is on the ground next winter. I can't wait to hear what you have been doing and what you are sharing today.

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Background Story For Full Plate Thursday 
When we were young and just starting out in life sometimes we did not have a lot of money. Most of our friends were having to stretch the dollars at the end of the month just like us. My girlfriends and I decided that we would pool our food for some of the evening meals right before payday... the last week of the month. I have some of the fondest memories from those days. We would all bring our food together and we had some great food and great fellowship. We would get the food on the table and everything ready, someone would bless the food and then the hostess would say "come fill your plate".

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Miz Helen
Miz Helen

Cookbook Author, Recipe Developer, Organic Gardner.


  1. Thanks so much for another great party Miz Helen! Have a wonderful week! :)

  2. Thanks so much for hosting, Miz Helen! The features look fabulous. I hope you and Leonard are staying cool!

  3. Love your flowers! thanks for hosting Miz Helen, always fun to stop by your party!
    - Nancy

  4. Zinias are one of my favorite flowers. Yours looks so pretty! Thanks for another great party

  5. Ha ha, who knew retro recipes would be so interesting! Thanks Miz Helen, you know I love your party!

  6. Thanks so much Sweet Dear for another lovely party. Always love stopping by here.

  7. Good morning Miz Helen and thanks for hosting :)
    Have a good day and a wonderful weekend

  8. Looks like you're eating very well! Happy August:@)

  9. I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for hosting!

  10. Thank you so much for hosting! It has been a while but I took a break from blogging and now, slowly coming back and sharing a beautiful recipe for lemon and basil ice cream. By the way, loved your garden tour and you adorable little helper. :)

    Maria @ Gather

  11. Thanks for hosting again! Your flowers are gorgeous!

  12. Oh Miz Helen, thank you so much for featuring our Smoked Pork Shoulder! :) I hope you have a fabulous day!

  13. Thanks for the party, Miz Helen! Have a great rest of the week!

  14. Miz Helen, can't wait to check out the retro recipes! And those gorgeous zinnias take me back to my childhood.

  15. You just made my day! Thank you for featuring us! Lou Lou Girls

  16. You just made my day! Thank you for featuring us! Lou Lou Girls

  17. I hope Maxie likes the slow cooked dog food Miz Helen. Thank you so much for featuring the recipe.

    Anne xx


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