Saturday, February 18, 2017

Whats For Dinner Next Week 2-19-17

I actually had a request for the meal plan this week, my husband said can you please make that Italian Roast again, well of course I will. It is always so much fun to get a food request or to make someones favorite. We will be going to the city for a market run, so my meal plan will sure help me to make that list for the market. I won't have to buy meat this week I have it all in the freezer. Sure glad to see you this morning, so help yourself to a cup of coffee and lets get this meal plan finished.

Whats For Dinner Next Week  at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Full Plate Thursday 2-16-17 #315

Hope you had a great Valentine Day, I am such a romatic and just love the sweetheart days. We had a covered dish supper for a group of friends and family recently and I served some of the wonderful dishes from Full Plate Thursday. You bring some of the greatest recipes every week to share. You are a very special group of friends and I sure appreciate you sharing your talent with us every week! I can't wait to see what you are sharing today so lets get this party started!

Full Plate Thursday at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Baked Chocolate Mini Donuts

One of my Christmas Gifts this year was some new donut tins.I gave mine to one of my Granddaughters sometime ago, but have really missed enjoying baked donuts.My husband must have missed them because the new tins were from him.We love these little mini donuts, they are just the perfect little treat, just a couple of bites, well of course you can have more than one donut, (I sure did)!

Baked Chocolate Mini Donuts at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Monday, February 13, 2017

Slow Cooker Italian Pot Roast

This Italian flavored pot roast has the best flavor of any pot roast that we have had in a very long time. I have a little secret ingredient that you would never guess would be in an Italian blend. A slow cooker pot roast is always so tender it will just fall apart when serving not to mention the smell begins to make the whole kitchen so inviting.

Slow Cooker Italian Pot Roast at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Whats For Dinner Next Week 2-12-17

I love the special time of Valentine's and Sweethearts, I am such a romantic. I am planning a very special dinner for my sweetheart this valentine day. I also have some busy days coming up so I will sure take all that into consideration when making my meal plan for the week.Are you planning a special dinner for your sweetheart this week? Let me know what your plans are, it is always fun to see what others are planning.

Whats For Dinner Next Week at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Full Plate Thursday 2-9-17 # 314

The Super Bowl is over and now it is on to Valentine Day. How many of you are making very special dinners for the sweetheart day? I had so much fun looking at all the food you shared last week. Each week I actually cook some of your recipes and it is always on my Whats For Dinner Next Week that post out every Saturday, you can check it out to see what I made from this party. Hope each of you are having a great week and we can't wait to enjoy the wonderful recipes that you will be sharing today.

Full Plate Thursday at Miz Helens Country Cottage

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Spicy Marshmallow Fudge

This is a very different Fudge with a spicy kick.  I love to serve this fudge it is so creamy and really has fabulous flavor.  When my husband ask for Fudge this is his favorite recipe.  This recipe is so easy to put together and it is ready to serve in a short time.  This fudge is great for dessert or a special treat!

Spicy Marshmallow Fudge at Miz Helen's Country Cottage