Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day Trips

It was a beautiful fall day when we recently drove down through the back roads of East Texas to visit our friends Don and Jane.They live in a beautiful gated community near Hawkins, in the deep woods of East Texas. The drive through the woods was very serene and peaceful. We saw many deer along the road side and near the river banks.

 The deer are just there along the little paths as if to say, hello there welcome...come on into my world.
There is always a certain stillness around a lake this time of the year. All the boat houses and slips are quiet, the picnic area's are empty. Only the little creatures here to watch the majestic brush of nature as she begins to show her autumn colors.

Just a pause in the day with special friends to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us and to be grateful for all that God has given us. As we begin to make our way back to our cottage we leave with happy hearts, and a new memory for our book. Our special thanks to long time friends Don and Jane for a wonderful day in the deep woods of East Texas!
As if to wave good-bye and say come back soon!

I hope that you enjoyed our Day Trip as much as we did. Maybe you will be having a Day Trip in the woods over Thanksgiving. I would love to hear about your adventure. Hope to see you soon back here at The Country Cottage.
Peace and Joy
Miz Helen


  1. What a beautiful day! The scenery is gorgeous! I love the pictures of the lake against the beautiful autumn colour of the forest. It has always been my dream to visit places like this. Perhaps, one day I would! The deer is very cute! Glad that you enjoyed your day trip!

  2. sounds like a wonderful trip! I see you have some great recipes here and a fine looking garden too. If you haven't already linked up to North Dakota Kitchen's holiday treat page I hope you will consider!

  3. I love the pallet of fall it evokes so many wondrous things amongst us all.

  4. I'm from East Texas. The tall pines are so pretty there. The colors in your photos are beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much Angela, there is something very peaceful about this part of the country. Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate you kind comments.
      Miz Helen


Your visit has been very special. I look forward to your comments, they are like opening little gifts. Thank you for stopping by and hurry back!
Miz Helen