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We love the little East Texas community of Edom. It is off of State Highway 175 winding back into the woods of East Texas about a 2 hour drive out of Dallas, perfect for a Day Trip. Now you would never believe that nestled back in these woods you would find the Official Chef of the Great State of Texas...but that is where he is and that is our mission for today.
Meet Chef Jackson York
Official Chef of Texas 2010
Chef York is the Chef at the well known Edom Bakery and Grill in Edom, Texas. We have been stopping by the Bakery and Grill for years to have their wonderful baked goods, lunches and dinners. Today we asked the friendly hostess if we could meet Chef York and she said she would see if he could come out to speak with us. We had a great visit with Chef York, he is very personable and has the greatest smile. When I asked him if I could take his picture for my blog, he asked if I wanted him to put on his Chef Jacket and Hat, he said "but really this is the way that people know me." He made us feel right at home and felt we had know him for a while. He is a member of The American Culinary Foundation Texas Chefs Association  and a Director in the East Texas Chapter. He was named the Official Chef of The State of Texas by that Association for 2010. If you would like to know more about that association go to

When you come into the Edom Bakery and Grill it is so warm and friendly with a great country atmosphere, tables adorned with blue and white check table clothes.
I head straight for the bakery cases to check out what I will have for dessert. There just are not enough stand alone bakeries in America anymore and I will gladly drive 2 hours just to find one.
As if one case is not enough there are two to make the decision even more difficult...
because I want it all!
Well a decision had to be made so Leonard and I decided on the Italian Cream Cake...
Oh my goodness!
That cake just melts in your mouth. It was past delicious, it was truly a little bit of heaven!

As if that wonderful food is not enough Chef York offers cooking classes here at the Edom Bakery and teaches classic dishes like Beef Wellington and more.

We had a wonderful Day Trip to Edom and really enjoyed our visit at the Edom Bakery and Grill with Chef York. Thank you for your Texas hospitality!  
I hope to see all of you back here at The Country Cottage soon!
Peace and Joy
Miz Helen

Miz Helen
Miz Helen

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  1. You are right, what a great day trip it would be to go and enjoy Chef York's food.

  2. Can we go there when I come back? Sounds sooooo good!

  3. What an exciting adventure. Ahhhh Goodies by
    La' Rae what could have been :)

  4. What fun! And you're right; that cake looks absolutely marvelous!

  5. I love bakeries! Great photo of Chef York! Maybe he'll let you watch him in the kitchen some day!!!

  6. I miss the small time bakery's as well. It's just not the same going to the bakery counter at the big stores where you just pick one off the pile. Ahhh, the good ol' days! :)

  7. Hi Helen! I enjoyed this post about Jackson and Edom Bakery. I was in his fall cooking class series and it was wonderful! I did a series of blog posts about it, if you're interested in reading about it and seeing all the pictures. Happy memories! :)
    Nice blog you have here!

    Here is the link:

  8. Oops, that link didn't become active when I posted, for some reason. Sorry about that! Well, if you want to see the posts about Jackson, just go to my blog: and then search for Chef Jackson York. :)
    Have a great evening!

  9. I am so happy to hear about this bakery! Maybe on my next trip to Canton, I'll see if I can find it. I've always had a dream of owning my own bakery, just an unpretentious little place like you describe.


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