The Garden Gate; The Seeds are Started

When my window sills start to look like a indoor greenhouse, everyone knows that the seeds are planted.
People come right over to the window's and ask what do you have planted... and then some will say...oh I need to get my "stuff" planted So a gentle reminder to all my friends out there who asked me to remind them...its time to get those window sills filled with your seeds.
They Will Soon Look Like This
 Heirloom Tomatoes
We have just tilled the garden for the final time before we will be planting in about another six to eight weeks..
Giving The Soil A Nice Deep Turn
One More Time and Then We Are Finished
Next we will be mixing our compost and fertilizer in with our soil. We are all organic and we have been working on our compost all year round. We have several bags all ready to be mixed into the soil right before we plant.You might enjoy reading this post about how we create our compost Fall Garden Plans (Compost)

Even though we had record cold temperatures  most of our winter garden products are still producing. We lost our Rainbow Chard but the regular Chard is great and the Collard's from last spring are still producing.

 Rosemary From The Winter Herb Garden
Thyme From The Winter Herb Garden
Two Prize Turnips From The Winter Garden
Watch For The Turnip Recipe

I am glad that you were able to come out and do a little gardening with me today. Don't forget to get your seed started. I sure hope you will come back soon and Happy Gardening!
Peace and Joy
Miz Helen
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Miz Helen
Miz Helen

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  1. Wow! Those turnips look amazing! You've got me in a gardening mood...I need to get on it!

  2. Very nice! My rosemary lasted through the winter, and my sage and chives are coming back now. We let Little Miss start some flowers - they've been moved to pots already!

    Frugally Green Mom

  3. Isn't this just the most wonderful time of year? I've had some hardy herbs in my beds for a few weeks and my perennial herbs have already returned. But I'm going to scatter some lettuce seeds tomorrow! Thank you for stopping by my blog last week and leaving a nice comment! Already following you and hope you can stop by my get-together going on right now on my blog. This post would be perfect to share!

  4. Miz Helen, I really like your garden! I couldn't wait to see your heirloom tomatoes! I just love tomatoes. I have a pot of rosemary and thymes too. Your turnip are fabulous! I really wish that I have the ground space to plant more veggies... sigh... I'll just come back here to enjoy your beautiful veggies!

  5. This was so exciting!!! It's almost spring!! Which means summer is just around the corner... my garden, long days, the smell of grass, fresh tomatoes from the vine. Ahhh....

  6. That's so great! I really want to do a garden this year. I planted too early last year and things got a little stunted by a hailstorm and freeze that happened. Hopefully this year I have better timing!! :-)

  7. Spring is just around the corner..... Terrific.

  8. I live in an apartment so I cant technically "garden". One day I will though!

  9. What a great post! In fact, I chose it as the Featured garden post that was shared last week on Fresh Clean and Pure Friday/Seasonal Saturday! Thanks for sharing and I hope you can link up again!


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