Top Ten Recipes 2011

As we come to the end of 2011 it is nice to reflect back over the year and spotlight your favorite recipes from Miz Helen's Kitchen. These are the Top Ten Recipes that you liked the most in 2011.

Tilapia Cakes (Link)

Sweet Potato Casserole (Link)

Baked Bean Chalupa (Link)

Red Beans and Rice (Link)

Summer Squash Quiche (Link)

Green Chili Chicken Bake (Link)

Busy Day Goulash (Link)

Ranch House Casserole (Link)

It has been my pleasure to present these tasty dishes to you though out 2011.  Your visits are so special to me and these are the recipes that you liked the most. There were some that were tied and others that were so close, but in the end these are your favorites for 2011.
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A Very Happy New Year
Abundant Blessings in 2012
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  1. It has certainly been my pleasure to follow your blog in 2011. I missed the Tiliapia Cakes for some reason and now can't wait to make them. I have no idea how I lived 50 plus years without your Pickle Pot recipe. Thank you so much for a wonderful year and am looking forward to 2012.

  2. Every one of these dishes sounds delicious. I love to visit your blog. I always leave with a recipe or tip that fits right into my kitchen. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. I always enjoy your recipes, it would be hard to pick my favorites! Happy New Year to you!

  4. Wow, from looking at the photos, I can see why these were favorites! The Red Beans and Rice are just calling my name!

  5. I can have a dinner right here! I love the pickle jar and the cheese cake. Can't have those unless I have the summer squash quiche first. :-)
    Happy Holidays Miz.
    new follower

  6. What a fantastic collection of recipes!

  7. It has been a pleasure reading your posts! Love all the dishes featured here!
    Wish you and your family a wonderful 2012!
    Happy New Year!!

  8. My favorite is definitely the Lemon CheeseCake!
    It looks sooooooooooooo good

  9. What an incredible round up of recipes! I will be adding the Ranch House Casserole to my menu next week. Thanks for sharing your top ten with the Gallery of Favorites.

  10. Miz Helen-these dishes and dessert are also my favorite top 10 of 2011. The Green Chili Chicken, and the Tilapia cakes are my top favorites, and for dessert...oh, my...salivating for the Lemon Cheesecake. Great, super great Top 10!

  11. these all look so yummy. Would love for you to come over and share at my Tasty Tuesday party. It will be open later tonight through Friday. Happy New Year.

  12. Mmmmm...lemon cheesecake! Thank you for sharing this at Must Try Monday!

  13. What a fantastic round up, Miz Helen! I remember some of these from my visits here, although one or two of them are new to me too. Thank you so much for sharing this excellent post with the Gallery of Favorites. A very Happy New Year to you and yours!

  14. Just dropping back in to tell you that the Ranch House Casserole was a hit with my family. I think I will try your red beans and rice next. Thanks for sharing this great round up with the Hearth and soul Hop.


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