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Hello, it is so good to see you today, we have been so busy with community festivities. There are so many craft sales, holiday open houses and parties, it is a great time of the year. Everywhere you go there is the smell of pine and spices that remind us of the wonderful memories of the holiday. At times like this I am so glad that I am organized and make a meal plan every week, it allows me to have more time and money to enjoy the events.  Lets take a look at the menu for next week.

Green Chili & Cranberry Turkey Chalupas

Green Chili & Cranberry Turkey Chalupa
Miz Helen's Kitchen
1 1/2 pounds fresh ground turkey
1 medium yellow onion medium chop
3/4 cup fresh whole cranberries
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 14 oz.  can whole cranberry sauce
1 14 oz. can Green Chili Enchilada Sauce
2 cups shredded lettuce
2 cups shredded cilantro
1/2 cup shredded longhorn or sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 cup shredded pepper jack cheese
12 corn tortilla's
  • In a medium saucepan add the Green Chili Enchilada Sauce and the Cranberry Sauce mix well and heat to simmer and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • In a hot skillet pour 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and saute the onion and fresh cranberries.
  • The onion needs to begin to caramelize and the cranberries will become soft and begin to pop open.
  • At that point add the turkey and cook the turkey until it is done.Add 2 cups of the simmering Enchilada and Cranberry Sauce mix to the turkey mix and bring back to simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Mix the shredded lettuce and the shredded cilantro together. Mix the two cheeses together.
  •  Now you are ready to start building the Chalupa. In a long sheet pan lightly spray the pan with a cooking oil. First the corn tortilla, second the turkey and sauce mix, next the lettuce and cilantro mix, then the mixed cheeses and last drizzle some of the sauce over the tops of the chalupa.
  • Bake in the oven at 425 degrees until the cheese is melted. Serve hot.
Tortilla Chips
Homemade Salsa

Winter Vegetable Soup
Hot Bread
Rocky Road Fudge
Rocky Road Fudge
Adapted From
Steak N Potatoes Kinda Curl
Prepared In Miz Helens Kitchen
3 cups milk chocolate chips
1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk
1/4 teaspoon slat
1 cup unsalted peanuts
1 and 1/2 cups mini marshmallows
Line a 8X8 inch baking dish with parchment paper or spray lightly with nonstick cooking spray.  In a saucepan, combine chocolate chips, condensed milk, and salt.  Heat on low, stirring constantly. Once smooth and completely melted, add peanuts and marshmallows.  Stir again until smooth and peanuts and marshmallows are completely coated.  Pour and spread into the baking dish.  Refrigerate until firm, and slice when ready to serve.
Miz Helen Option:
1 teaspoon instant coffee granules
1 dash of cayenne
mix the coffee and the cayenne with the milk before adding it to the chocolate chips.
This recipe sure meets all of my requirements of smooth, flavorful and easy, it is a sure winner at our Cottage.

Chicken Pot Pie
Tossed Green Salad

Slow Cooker
Swiss Strips
 Swiss Strips (Links)
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Tossed Winter Greens with Orange Vinaigrette

Spaghetti and Meat Balls
Tossed Green Salad
Garlic Bread
Cranberry Nut Bites
 Cranberry Nut Bites (Link)

Full Plate Thursday
Roasted Beet Salad at  Real Food Forager
Carne Asada and Charro Bean Soup at  Mexico In My Kitchen
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake at  Butter  Yum

Going To The City!
Annual Ornament Exchange
Friends Christmas Party

I am so happy that you took the time from your busy schedule to visit with me today. Your visits are very special to me and I always look forward to seeing you so come back real soon!
Peace and Joy
Miz Helen
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  1. fantastic.. i want to have all of them.

  2. Hello Miz Helen,

    Thanks for choosing my dish for your weekly menu.

    I want to try your Swiss beef strips.

    HAve a happy day!


  3. Oh my, Miz Helen, the menu sounds festive & fun! I'm checking out the chalupas for sure. I just made creme brulee yesterday for my son's fiancee, but I'll be checking out your version. Have a wonderful week!


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