Crisp Cole Slaw

We spend the majority of our time out doors in the spring and summer and often are on the lake or out on the patio or porch for meals. One of the things I am always cautious about is the dairy product in the heat, that's one reason I just love this Cole Slaw, no dairy, so we don't have to worry about the heat spoiling the Cole Slaw.  This is a recipe that we have used for years and is in my cookbook Miz Helen's Kitchen Table.

Crisp Cole Slaw

Crisp Cole Slaw
Miz Helen's Kitchen Table
Miz Helen's Kitchen
Cole Slaw
1 medium head cabbage, shredded
1 large onion, sliced in thin rings
1 cup agave or 1 cup sugar
1/4 cup agave or 2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon dry mustard
1 teaspoon celery seed
3/4 cup oil
1 cup white vinegar
Alternate layers of cabbage and top with onion rings in about 1 inch layers
Sprinkle salt over each layer
Alternate until all the cabbage and onion are in layers
Drizzle the Agave or sprinkle the sugar over the top layer  
In a small saucepan heat the agave or sugar, mustard, celery seed oil and vinegar bring to boil and remove from heat
Pour hot dressing over cabbage mix, cover and refrigerate over night.
This Cole Slaw will keep for a week or longer  in the refrigerator and is delicious.

Prepare The Cabbage

 Alternate Layers In A Very Large Bowl That Has A Great Seal
I Use My Big Yellow Tupperware Bowl

Great To Serve In A Bowl

A Great Topper For An All American Hot Dog

Jar It Up and Take It With You

I sure am glad that you stopped by today to enjoy this great Cole Slaw with us. This Jar is for you so don't forget to take it home with you. I always enjoy you visits they are very important to me, so come back soon!
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Miz Helen

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  1. This sounds wonderful, Miz Helen. I am going to make a batch for myself. Love that it uses agave and no mayo. xo

  2. This looks so delicious - you had me at crisp, our Summer has started early and we'll be making more salads soon. Pinned! {I do not know what agave is and I am so glad you mentioned sugar as a substitute}. Hope you have a great weekend,

  3. Oh boy, this looks like something I'm going to have to try soon! Love the addition of mustard:@)

  4. I had never thought of using hot dressing. thank you so much for this idea. Have a great week.

  5. Fantastic! When I think of cole slaw, I think summer, so we better enjoy it for while it lasts!

  6. Oh my! This looks so delicious. The flavors sound amazing. Great recipe.

  7. The looks extra yummy. I love that it has no dairy too.

  8. Coleslaw with a vinaigrette dressing are my favourite (no creamy salad dressings for me). Looks delish!

  9. This is definitely a salad that my family would LOVE

  10. Great timing! We are having hot dogs tonight. This recipe will work just fine with it. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Looks delicious and super easy! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to try it!

  12. I love the presentation at the end. Very cute! Thanks for sharing at Foodtastic Friday!

  13. Dairy is always tough to serve in the summer. Your dressing sounds really yummy! Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friday!


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