Full Plate Thursday 11-15-12

It's Full Plate Thursday Where All The Greatest Cooks On The Planet Gather

It is officially cold here, we have the fires going and are snuggled up with our new  rescue dog Max.  We are so excited to welcome Max to The Cottage, he is a real sweetheart, he is a three year old Bichon Poddle mix, he loves us and we sure love him!
 Come on in and warm up by the fire we have some hot coco and nice pumpkin cookies waiting for you.  I can't wait to see what you have brought to share today so lets get in your basket and taste that food. Thank you so much for coming today, your visits are always very special and we sure hope you will come back 

Several people have asked me about the Full Plate Thursday Party for next week which will be on Thanksgiving Day.  It will be posted as always on Wednesday Night at 8:30 p.m. central time.
I am looking forward to all of your Thanksgiving Post  

This Is How I Filled My Plate Last Week
Pumpkin Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie  at Food Connections 
Morning Snack
Pumpkin Cupcakes with Caramel Frosting  at Sweet Southern Blue 
Southwest White Bean Soup  at Kittys Kozy Kitchen
Cheesy Bacon Ranch Bloomin Onion Bread  at Hun...Whats For Dinner?
Chocolate Orange Snickers Cake  at A Little Claire-ification
Afternoon Snack
Fall Favorites  at Simple Girl
Apricot Almond Chicken  at The 21st Century Housewife
Cabbage Salad  at Dancing Carrots
Dutch Apple Dumplings  at Simplee Sue
 Thanksgiving Collection
A Hostess Gift
Pumpkin Pie Cheese Cake  at Around The Table With Tami  

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Full Plate Thursday Background Story
When we were young and just starting out in life sometimes we did not have a lot of money. Most of our friends were having to stretch the dollars at the end of the month just like us. My girlfriends and I decided that we would pool our food for some of the evening meals right before payday... the last week of the month. I have some of the fondest memories from those days. We would all bring our food together and we had some great food and great fellowship. We would get the food on the table and everything ready, someone would bless the food and then the hostess would say "come fill your plate".
I have just a few suggestions before you leave your dish and fill your plate.
  • Link directly to YOUR RECIPE  and not to your web page.  
  • Scroll down to the button that says "click here to enter"
  • You will be asked to give your URL ( which will be your direct link to your post), the name of your recipe, and your email which we will not be able to see.
  • Then you will be asked to select a thumbnail from your post that will be uploaded to your entry.
  • Please include a link back to Full Plate Thursday, somewhere on your post. We will give you a gentle reminder if you forget...
  • Please leave me a comment before you leave the page and let me know that you are here, I want to be a good hostess.
  • Don't forget to visit with all the others, after all that is part of the fellowship that makes it so much fun, in addition to all the good food of course...
  • Grab The Full Plate Button if you like and take it home with you.
  • Now God Bless you and your food and everyone fill your plate!
Thank You So Much For Coming Today and Come Back Soon!
Miz Helen
Miz Helen

Cookbook Author, Recipe Developer, Organic Gardner.


  1. Thanks for hosting, Miz Helen! Max is adorable! I just want to give him a little squeeze ;-) Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Awww! max is such a cutie! Thanks for hosting, Miz Helen!

  3. Thanks for the party, Miz Helen. Max looks so snugly.

  4. Thanks for hosting. Happy to link up again

  5. Good morning Miz Helen, I've just linked a lovely orange bread. Thank you for hosting.
    Max is a real cutie, he is lucky to have found a home in yours!
    Have a nice day!

  6. Thanks for hosting...lots of good things from your menu that I need to check out!!

  7. Thanks for hosting! Today I shared "toasting pumpkin seeds".
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. Thank you for hosting, Miz Helen! The new puppy is so adorable!!

  9. Hi Miz Helen, I brought you some Asiago Quiche Cups, and I put an extra one on the plate for Max! Thanks for hosting!
    Sherry K-Jazzy Gourmet

  10. Hi Miz Helen, what a cutie your little Max is!! I know he must love living at the cottage with you. Thanks for featuring my (actually your!!!) soup. We sure enjoyed it and look forward to making it again. I'm enjoying the cooler temps. How about you?? Thanks for hosting.

  11. You have a new sweet-heart named Max :):)
    Lucky dog!
    Thanks for another party Miz Helen

  12. First of all - what a sweet little man Mister Max is! Two of my dear friends are SO involved in the FLDR here in FL. Love seeing these rescue stories.
    Next… thank you SO much for picking my Chocolate Orange Snickers cake. I am so honored (and maybe blushing).
    This time I brought a holiday breakfast idea and I am running (AKA scrambling fingers) back over to my post to link your party up again! :)

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  13. Max is so adorable! Congragulations on your new guy.

    Thanks so much for the party!

    Melissa @ The Alchemist

  14. Kitty's SW Bean Soup sure sounded good to me too! Best of luck with Max, he sure is a cutie:@)

  15. Happy Thanksgiving!!! We linked up a wonderful cranberry relish today. Helen be sure to pop over and register to win our wonderful $75 swank bag from Pick Your Plum. Today is the last day!

  16. Our rescue dog Lila gives Max 2 paws up. Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. Oh my goodness, your new little pup is SO cute! Thanks for hosting!
    annie @ montanasolarcreations

  18. I've linked the Oatmeal Scotchie Bars–thanks for hosting! :)

  19. Hi Max. Aren't you a cutie. Thanks for hosting Miz Helen. I'm celebrating 4 years with a cookbook giveaways.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  20. Hi Miz Helen! It's so good to be back after 2 months of recovery from my eye surgery. Max is adorable! Thanks so much for hosting and have a great weekend!

  21. Your little Max is adorable - something else to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

  22. Thank you so much for featuring my Blooming Onion Bread and for hosting every week. Have a great weekend!!!

  23. Hi Miz Helen! Thank you so much for hosting. Your site is always inspiring. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Laura @ The Salty Kitchen

  24. What a cute dog! (I always feel sorry for people who think they don't like dogs. They don't know what they are missing.)

    Today I shared a Quinoa Cabbage Rolls and Sweet Potato Pancakes. Thanks for hosting!

  25. Thank you for hosting Miz Helen! Hope you're having a great week!

    I'm sharing a video on a 10 Minute Scrumptious Holiday Snack that's perfect for feeding last minute holiday guests.


    Have a great day!

  26. Cant wait to check out all these recipes shared here! Im getting excited for Thanksgiving. Thanks for hosting!

  27. Hi Helen,
    Thank you for hosting this great blog hop.

    This week, I'm sharing a recipe for Low Carb Pumpkin Cheesecake. It's so creamy, sweet and delicious, it's hard to believe it's sugar free. It's made with pure Stevia, so no need to worry about artificial fake ingredients.
    Hope you have a great week!! Enjoy!!

  28. Thank You for hosting this link party. Your blog looks delicious, I started following you.
    I am new to blogging and would love for you to visit me at memoriesbythemile.com
    Wanda Ann

  29. Thanks for hosting Miz Helen. I see a definite theme in this week's menu. It must be fall! ;)

    I've linked Individual Apple and Eggnog Trifles this week. Enjoy!

  30. Good evening Miz Helen! Hope you've had a wonderful week!

    Today I've shared my Almond Milk recipe, a wonderful alternative to dairy.

    Thank you for hosting.


  31. Thanks, as always, for hosting Miz Helen. Lots of goodies to check into as we all prep for Thanksgiving. Here, we've been trying out various sandwich bread recipes and I'm sharing a Whole Wheat Oatmeal Sandwich Bread recipe that we've enjoyed and are still tweaking a bit.

  32. Oh my goodness, Helen. Max looks like a toy, he's so cute!

  33. Blessed to be included on your 'Plate' this week! Some wonderful ideas being passed around the table here...I need more time to cook ;-)

    Brought you a sweet dip mix and cinnamon rolls this week!
    Tami @AroundTheTableWithTami.com

  34. Congrats on your new addition! He is absolutely precious! :-) Thanks so much for hosting. We canned some cinnamon apples last weekend and I was happy to share the recipe. :-) Many blessings, Lisa

  35. Thanks for hosting, Miz Helen! Have a great weekend!

  36. Hi Miz Helen, Congratulations on your new member of the Cottage. Max is so cute, so adorable, I just love his sweet little 'heart shaped' nose. He will be a wonderful companion for you and your family!

    Thank you for hosting another successful Full Plate Thursday...such a great list of amazing foods. I'm bringing my Apple Brown Betty. I've been MIA for a few weeks, but back in 'action' again!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear! xo

  37. Thanks so much for hosting again this week Miz Helen, I hope you get lots of great ideas to try out for Thanksgiving, one of Finn's favorite days. Have a great holiday Miz Helen!

  38. Thank you for hosting! :) I shared my DIY herbal tincture for liver support!


  39. Hi Miz Helen, cute puppy! Thanks for hosting.

  40. Thank you for hosting. Hope you have a great weekend!

  41. Hi Miz Helen, I've got one more bread to share! Thank you for hosting, have a lovely weekend!

  42. Miz Helen,
    Thanks for hosting! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  43. Hi Miz Helen, I just shared the pumpkin biscuits I made yesterday. I see you also made pumpkin biscuits this week, however the spicy biscuits you shared last week were my inspiration for making holiday biscuits.

    Thank you so much for hosting and for all the wonderful recipes and inspiration.

    Happy weekend and a blessed Thanksgiving to you and all the wonderful foodie bloggers who lovingly share.


  44. Hi Miz Helen, Max is so cute! About 3 weeks ago, I got a Bichon/Shih Tzu mix puppy. He's running around playing as I'm typing this! Thanks for hosting!

  45. Your little Max is just so gorgeous! Thank you so much for featuring my Apricot Almond Chicken this week, Miz Helen. That is so kind of you! There are so many wonderful recipes here this week :)

  46. Thank you so much for featuring our Butternut Squash and Swiss Chard Gratin. We are so glad you liked it as much as we did! Have a happy Thanksgiving :)


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