Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Full Plate Thursday 3-7-13

Full Plate Thursday Where The Greatest Cooks On The Planet Gather

Hello March!
We have had so much fun this week, it has actually been warm enough for us to work in the gardens and yard.  Isn't nice to be able to go out and enjoy nature after being all cozy in the house for awhile. We even had a little help from our little dog Max.

 Max Is Busy Digging A Garden For Himself

I sure am glad to see all of you today so come on out to the new garden area and we will see what Max has planted.  We are looking forward to some fantastic food today so lets get to it.

This Is How I Filled My Plate Last Week
Bacon and Asparagus Breakfast Pizza at Hot Eats and Cool Reads
Morning Snack
Mediterranean Frittata  at Chef Not Included
Caprese Salad On A Stick  at Modern Christian Homemaker
Peanut Butter Eclair Dessert  at Melissa's Cuisine
Afternoon Snack
Salted Caramel Cashew Bars  at I Heart Eating
Rosemary and Olive Lamb  at With A Blast
Mushroom Rice  at Everyday Mom's Meals
Sauteed Kale with Caramelized Onions  at Tessa The Domestic Diva
Garlic Knots  at Green Eggs and Spam

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Full Plate Thursday Background Story
When we were young and just starting out in life sometimes we did not have a lot of money. Most of our friends were having to stretch the dollars at the end of the month just like us. My girlfriends and I decided that we would pool our food for some of the evening meals right before payday... the last week of the month. I have some of the fondest memories from those days. We would all bring our food together and we had some great food and great fellowship. We would get the food on the table and everything ready, someone would bless the food and then the hostess would say "come fill your plate".

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Please visit with all the others, after all that is part of the fellowship that makes it so much fun, in addition to all the good food of course.
Please leave me a comment and let me know you are here, I really do want to be a good hostess.
Now God Bless You and Your Food and Everyone Fill Your Plate! 
Thank You So Much For Coming Today and Come Back Soon!


  1. Aww look how cute Your buddy Max is!!! Thanks for hosting, Miz Helen, and I hope you're having a wonderful week. Rich and I went to the Dallas Arboretum on Monday to see Dallas Blooms and it was gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for hosting, Miz. Helen. Have a great night!

  3. Hi, Miz Helen, I'm as happy as Max to see some sunny weather! Thank you for hosting the party!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting Miz Helen. And lovely to see sunny gardening. We were snowy and rainy all day. I'm sure my dog would have preferred Max's plan for the day. :-)

  5. Max is a good gardener! Do you think he would help me dig up my beds?
    Thank you for hosting, Miz Helen.

  6. Thank you so much for hosting your party, Miz Helen!

  7. Thanks for hosting, Miz Helen. Your pup is adorable!
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. So glad you are having beautiful weather! It's snowing here right now. I can't wait till Spring! :-) Thanks so much for hosting. Hope you have a great rest of your week.

  9. Thanks so much for hosting and for the feature! Your puppy is so cute!

  10. Thanks very much for bringing us all together again Miz Helen. Hope you are having a good week!

  11. Thank you so much for featuring my salted caramel cashew bars!! Thanks for hosting, and have a great week!! - Kate i heart eating

  12. Thank you for the feature and the party! Miz Helen, HOW do you keep Max so clean, we do not even waste money at the doggy parlor anymore,,,, as soon as our 3 Maltese boys have a bath, they go and first rub their faces in whatever mud they can find and then rub their backs under the cars. I should show them a pic of Max ;-)

  13. Hello! This week I'm sharing my recipes for Gluten Free Country Seed Bread and Grab & Go! Oatmeal Breakfast Bars. Thank you for hosting!

  14. Thank you for the party Miz Helen
    Say hello to Max for me :)

  15. Cannot wait for spring! Cabbage rolls on our menu this week. Happy Thursday.

  16. good morning lovelies!

    Man! I need to employ a dog to dig my next garden! haha.. he's adorable!!

    …i’m sharing my recipe for caramelized apple cinnamon pot de creme – and my crazy decision to quit my job. ack! fingers crossed!!

    don’t forget my linky party – the wednesday fresh foods link up – is live now. i’d love it if you all stopped by.

    thank you for hosting us!

  17. Look at your precious helper Max digging in your garden. Hmm, I wonder what he plans on planting.

    Thanks so much for hosting each week. I've brought another French classic this week - Coq au Vin.

  18. Glad you are having nice weather. It is snowing outside as I type, but we are enjoying our maple syrup. Your dog Max looks like he's a real help in the gardening. Thanks for another wonderful party.

  19. Thank you so much for the party, Miz Helen :)

  20. Thanks for hosting another week Miz Helen! I can't wait to start my garden...if it would just stop raining long enough!

  21. Thank you so much for hosting each week and for your faithfulness in sending comments to all who link up. I know this has to be so time consuming. Blessings to you. Jo-Ann

  22. Hi Miz Helen, thanks for hosting :)

  23. I am jealous that you and your dog get to dig. We got snow this week. I so need a break from this!! Thanks for hosting!

  24. I love that Max is helping you in the garden! :) Thank you for hosting Full Plate Thursday!

    Joy @ Yesterfood

  25. Thanks a lot for hosting Miz Helen!

  26. Hi Miz Helen~ Hope your having a great week~ Thanks for hosting~ Lynn

  27. Thanks for hosting Miz Helen. I'm jealous...we just shoveled 6 inches of snow. Enjoy your time in the garden with Max :)

  28. Looks like Max is having fun :) It's lovely that spring is on it's way and we can get back out in our gardens again. Thank you for hosting. This week I've shared my easy and delicious Curried Mango Chicken. Have a lovely weekend!

  29. It's good to be back. I've been missing out the last few weeks. Glad you're enjoying the weather. Thanks for hosting :)

  30. Hi Miz Helen--So great to share on Full Plate Thursdays again. I always look forward to the great assortment of recipes. I'm experimenting with mushrooms lately and since the mushroom grower said to "keep it simple with lion's main because they have a mild flavor," I shared Lion's Mane Mushrooms and Spinach.

  31. PS--I forgot to say what an adorable picture of little Max. Could he be digging to China?

  32. Great recipes here! Max looks like the best helper anyone could have. He's adorable! We just had another 10' snow a couple of days ago and I can't remember the last time I saw dirt.

  33. Max is SO cute!!! Thanks for hosting and have a great week, Miz Helen!

  34. Thanks for hosting, Miz Helen! Have a great weekend!

  35. I stopped by to say THANK YOU for stopping by and commenting on my and wow there are a bunch of wonderful recipes here. So I became your newest follower so I can get some more new ideas! Thanks so much.
    Kerry from country living on a hill

  36. Thanks for taking the time to host again this week Miz Helen!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  37. Hi Miz Helen looks like the little doggie wants spring just like you. He's having fun always fun to come to your party have a great week andi

  38. Hi Miz Helen!
    It's been a long time since I've had anything to share on your Blog Hop! I just added my Make Ahead Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaves. They're yummy and quite a time-saver! Thanks for hosting! Have a great weekend!

  39. Hi Miz Helen,
    I'm sharing an egg dish today, simple but yummy!
    Thank you for hosting, have a great weekend!

  40. Your dog Max sure looks like a great helper. He can come by my garden anytime. Have a great week-end!

  41. Sorry, I missed linking. I can't get here any earlier but you can see, I am thinking of you.


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