Full Plate Thursday 12-12-13

Full Plate Thursday Where The Greatest Cooks On The Planet Gather

Welcome to the Great State of "Ice" Texas! Ya'll it is and has been as bad as you have seen on TV and really really cold. We have been very blessed here at the cottage we have been warm and cozy not having to get out in this terrible weather. My deepest THANKS to all of you that have prayed for our safety and inquired about our well being, I am always so touched to find so many warm and caring friend's here in blog land. I am so glad to see you today and can hardly wait to see what you are bringing to share with us today.  We have some hot chocolate and wonderful cranberry bread just out of the oven so help yourself and come get warm and cozy with me and Max.

This Is How I Filled My Plate Last Week
Crockpot Breakfast Casserole  at Stockpiling Moms
Kids Breakfast
Santa Pancakes at The Joy's of Boy's
Morning Snack
St Lucia Bread at Marie Angelique
St. Charles Street Gumbo at Life Away From The Office Chair
Afternoon Snack
Glitterly White Hot Chocolate at Sweet Caroline's Corner
Grape Salad and Pork Roast at BJ's Sweet Nothings
Two Cheese Squash Casserole at 3 Boys and A Dog
Holiday Eggnog Cheesecake at kneaded Creations

If You Are Featured Today Please Take The Red Plate Home
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Background Story On Full Plate Thursday
When we were young and just starting out in life sometimes we did not have a lot of money. Most of our friends were having to stretch the dollars at the end of the month just like us. My girlfriends and I decided that we would pool our food for some of the evening meals right before payday... the last week of the month. I have some of the fondest memories from those days. We would all bring our food together and we had some great food and great fellowship. We would get the food on the table and everything ready, someone would bless the food and then the hostess would say "come fill your plate".

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Stay Safe and Warm
Thank You So Much For Coming Today!

Miz Helen
Miz Helen

Cookbook Author, Recipe Developer, Organic Gardner.


  1. Miz Helen, the picture of Max is adorable and cozy! Thank you for the party!

    Love, Joy

  2. Thank you for hosting. Now to check out your Mother's Divinity. :)

  3. Your picture is just adorable with your tree and Max, Miz Helen. What weather we've had. I had jury duty yesterday and had to allow myself an hour to get there and prayed all the way. Thank goodness, I wasn't chosen, but had to stay in the courtroom until past 12:30 to find out.
    Thank you for hosting and enjoy being cozy and warm inside. xo

  4. Hi Miz Helen~ We are under a Wind Chill Warning here, -24 below zero:) We'll both have to stay warm!! Have a great week~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  5. Thank you for hosting, Miz Helen :-) Our weather in SA is hot, rainy and lots of thunderstorms at the moment !

  6. O, thank you for featuring my roast....I am taking my RED PLATE home with me. :)
    xoxo bj

  7. Hi Miz Helen, I like to picture you with your hot chocolate and cute dog looking through the link ups :) Have a great week and stay warm!

  8. Thank you Miz Helen for another great party :)
    We are finally having our 1st winter-storm. It is even snowing in Jerusalem :)

  9. Thank you so much for hosting, Miz Helen! I've shared my late Mom's Mincemeat Oat Squares today. They are perfect for Christmas! I'm so glad to read you are safe and warm in all the bad weather. Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season :-)

  10. So glad to hear you are well… unbelieve weather for you folks. Well, I brought some Christmas cookies for you to nibble on by the fire. Take care and thank you.

  11. Good to hear you're safe and sound, Miz Helen. You've got Canadian weather down there! Take care and thank you for hosting during the busy season.

  12. Happy Thursday! Wonderful recipes today. We linked up a delicious treat!

  13. Thanks for the update on your weather. I was concerned for you, especially with what we saw on the news. I'm sorry it was a bad as reported, but so glad you were warm and cozy in the cottage. Thanks for hosting each week and I hope you have a nice, well deserved good weather weekend.

  14. Thanks SO much for hosting! Linked up my post "FRESH CRANBERRIES (A RECIPE ROUND-UP)" featuring so many wonderful recipes from bloggers all over. There is something for everyone in this post. <3


  15. Thank you for featuring my Gumbo!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  16. Hi Miz Helen. Thanks for hosting this week!

  17. Thank you so much for featuring my New York Cheesecake. So glad to hear that you are staying safe and warm. Your Christmas tree is beautiful! Thanks for another wonderful party. Have a great day and weekend!

  18. Glad to hear you're doing ok with the weather:@)

  19. I love your tree, Miz Helen! Thank you so much for hosting and have a great weekend :o)

  20. Hi Miz Helen,
    I'm sharing some bread today. Thank you for hosting!
    Have a nice day!

  21. Thanks for the party Miz Helen. It sure is cold. I am staying warm baking cookies. Best wishes for tasty dishes!

  22. Hi Miz Helen, I'm so grateful to hear you are warm and safe. Cooking good food always warms up the house. This week I shared a Brussels sprouts recipe. I love the sweetness of them when it's cold outside. Have a good weekend Miz Helen. Hugs to Little Max!

  23. Thanks for hosting, Miz Helen! Glad you are all safe and warm. We are expecting another snowstorm here in PA. My poor hubby has to work in it, but the kids and I will be warm and doing Christmas baking tomorrow.

  24. Hi Miz Helen,
    This week I made some delicious panettonne to eat as we get close to Christmas.
    Have a nice week-end!
    Mireya @myhealthyeatinghabits

  25. Beautiful round up of foods. Blessings, Catherine xo

  26. Thank you so much for the feature, Miz Helen. It is always an honor to be featured at your party. This week was busier than usual, but I hope to have something to link next week.


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