Whats For Dinner Next Week 7-17-11

I went for a walk this morning and as I walked across the pasture grass it was crisp under my feet. It looks like it could be late November. We still have no rain and none in sight. Come and join me on the nice cool patio and we will have a cold glass of lemonade and talk about the menu for next week.

On The Grill
Slow Roasted Chicken 
Mixed Fire Roasted Vegetables
Green Tossed Salad
Hot Wheat Buns

From The Left Over Chicken
Honey Apple Chicken Salad
Mixed Melon
Left Over 
Chocolate Pie

Roasted Corn, Black Bean and Pineapple Salad
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Corn Bread
Strawberry Shortcake

Stuffed Peppers
Mashed Garlic Potatoes
Green Tossed Salad
Hot Biscuits
Lemonade Cupcakes

Lemon Rosemary and Balsamic Grilled Chicken  Julie at A Little Bit of Everything From The Good Life
Mexican Corn Salad  Jennifer at Imitation By Design
Chocolate and Hazelnut Toffee Tart  Joy at Kitchen Flavours

Grilled Salmon
Grilled Sweet Potatoes
Steamed Asparagus
Sliced Fresh Tomatoes with Basil Sauce
Hard Rolls
Fresh Blackberries with Spicy Vanilla Sauce

Brats On The Grill
German Cole Slaw
Oven Baked Spicy Sweet Potato Fries
Homemade Peach Ice Cream

I am so happy you stopped by to spend some time with me today, I always look forward to your visits. We will look forward to seeing you here for Full Plate Thursday, see you then.
Peace and Joy
Miz Helen
Miz Helen

Cookbook Author, Recipe Developer, Organic Gardner.


  1. Those skillet chops will be on my menu this week, too, I assure you! Yummy! Trying to keep my cool with this triple-digit heat...

  2. Can you tell me how what you put on your salmon when you grill it? I LOVE salmon and like to try different things! XO, Pinky

  3. Those skillet chops sound yummy! I'll be trying that & several others. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I get some wonderful ideas from you!That chocolate cream pie is incredible! Wow! Every day is just full of delicious food. I will make your skillet chops! YUMMY!
    Thank you for participating in ON THE MENU MONDAY. You have so many wonderful recipes and ideas for all of us!

    I made a pickle pot last week. Oh my goodness! I am stealing pickles right and left. This is one of the best culinary idea I have come across is a long time! I am posting about it later this week with a link back to your pickle pot post.
    Thank you so much for sharing this luscious way to use cukes!

  5. Ummm, what a wonderful menu. I wish I was so organized as to have a menu for a whole week. Most of the time I don't know what we are having for dinner until I open the fridge.:)
    Your menu sounds just fabulous...and I am making a cho. pie first thing tomorrow.
    xo bj

  6. Yum for the skillet chops and thanks for sharing them. Will be making those for sure.


  7. Hi Pinky,
    I wanted to answer your question about the Grilled Salmon. Just a little EVOO, Lemon Juice,Honey, Fresh Basil, salt and pepper. Just a little marinade in the zip lock with the salmon for about an hour and then on the grill. Simple but good. That is the one I use the most. Hope you are having a great day!
    Miz Helen

  8. Looks like a great week, Miz Helen! Thanks for sharing your menu.

  9. Mmmmmm! Every meal looks delicious. I haven't had chocolate cream pie in years! 'll have to make one-as soon as this heat wave goes away!

  10. Sounds terrific!!! I would love your roasted corn, black bean and pineapple salad recipe.


  11. Hi Cynthia,
    The recipe for the Roasted Corn, Black Bean and Pineapple salad is on the Skillet Chop link on this post. It is just above the photo.
    Miz Helen

  12. Honey Apply Chicken salad = delish.

    Have a great week.

  13. i wish i could make desserts weekly!!
    I'd love if you visited my blog and checked out my Menu Plan
    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    From Cristin To Mommy


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