Family Meal Plan Scavenger Hunt

Family Meal Plan Scavenger Hunt at Miz Helen's Country Cottage
When the family is all home and its meal time, sometimes it can be very hectic to get a meal on the table. Often times the kids are hungry and will walk around the kitchen just waiting for the meal to be ready, just turn around to head to the stove and just about step on one. Meal Plan Scavenger Hunt is a really fun and very productive family game that we used to play with our kids and still use the concept when they all come home still today. 

How To Play Meal Plan Scavenger Hunt

The Meal Plan

First the leader (that would be the parents) will decide on the meal plan for the first day. Then later when everyone is more familar with the game the leaders can be changed to some others in the group. For an example of the game we are going to use this dinner meal plan, with all the recipes.
Number Two
The ingredients for the recipes become the list for the Scavenget Hunt. 
There are different ways of using the ingredients list. 
For instance, the ingredients list can be divided between a group, 
or the ingredients list can remain in tack and allow the group to search together. Set a time for the gathering of the ingredients of the recipe. 
The list of each recipes ingredients, acts as the list for the Scavenger Hunt. 
The ingredients can be left in the usual place, the pantry, refrigerator or they can be hidden all over the house and hints given out to the participants as to where to find them, which works great for the older kids.
Set a time for the gathering of the ingredients of the recipe. 
The person who gathers the most ingredients for the list will be the winner of that round. 
As the winner of the round they get to choose which part of the recipe they would like to make, as the duties of the rest of the recipe will be divided by the leaders(parents). 
Number Three
The flow of the game will depend on the meal plan.
The Apple Fluff would need to be made first.
Then the cookies to be made second.
The Slidders would be made last.
This is a very simple meal plan that kids will like and have fun cooking.
Number Four
The names of all of the participants will be placed in a basket at the end of the meal and the youngest of the group will draw 3 (or more) names to clean the kitchen.
Of course the leaders can prepare special prizes, certificates, and or trophys for the Scavenger Hunt. We once had a coveted traveling trophy. These are only limited to your imagination. 
Rewards To All
Family Meal Plan Scavenger Hunt is a really fun game to play as a family. It is a great life skill teaching opportunity for the kids to learn vauluble life skills that will serve them well when out of the nest and on their own.

The Clean Up Crew
We Still Play The Game
There are so many simple things that we can share in life with our family that are teaching moments and times when the memories that are made can't be weighed because they are priceless. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and spending some time at the cottage with us today, I always look forward to your visits. I sincerely hope that you will make an opportunity to play the Family Meal Plan Scavenger Hunt with your family, have some fun and make some memories!
Peace and Joy
Miz Helen
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