Top 10 Reader Favorite Recipes 2022

Top 10 Reader Favorite Recipes 2022 at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

This is the time of the year when I like to reflect back on the past year and look at the very best parts of it. We had a bit of a different approach to our food preparation this past year as we had to work around food storages and even sometimes empty shelves. This sent us to the garden more and more, then the drought hit our area and

that was not even an option. Sometime I sat and looked at the recipes I wanted to post and there was just no way because the product was not available in our area. All in all it turned out to be a great year and gave me more than a bushel of gratitude at the end of the day. I was so often times reminded of my Grandmother, Mother and Aunts during the depression and WWII days when there were many food storages. As I write this post today there is still a great uncertainty about our fuel cost which directly effects our food cost and availability. We are beginning to look at 2023 with a different set of eyes and food budget goals. Our many thanks go out to you our readers who have been so faithful through the years to support this blog and our publications, you are the greatest! These are the top 10 recipes that you the readers chose for 2022! 

Top 10 Reader Favorite Recipes 2022

Baked Irish Chicken

Top 10 Reader Favorite Recipes 2022 at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

This is a great meal in a pot, I know that my Irish Grandma would have loved this recipe, and most likely made a Baked Irish Chicken very much like this recipe. 
I started making this recipe in my early homemaking years and it has continued to be one of the favorites. My Baked Chicken SoufflĂ© still goes to many of the covered dish luncheons, sometimes by request. 
Our Canned Basil, Onion & Garlic Stewed Tomatoes are a great addition to our canning pantry. For several years I have noticed that the canned stewed tomatoes in the super market's have added pepper, both sweet and hot, onions, and garlic. I made a decision to make my own and it is delicious. 
I have made this cake for birthday's, ladies luncheons, bridal and baby showers. But most of all our family loves this cake and it always reminds of us of my Mother. 
This is a delicious crab and pasta casserole with fresh vegetables and a cheesy sauce. If you need a great fish casserole to take to a covered dish dinner, then this one will sure be a hit.
 It is a great salad to just have in the refrigerator, just waiting for that one person who will come and stand with the door open just looking for the right thing to eat, you know the kind, there is one in every house. Hope you enjoy the recipe!
Cajun Collards and Sausage Gumbo is a perfect recipe for our winter garden collards. We have a very good harvest of collards, they really love this cold weather. This recipe is a combination of fresh garden vegetable's, some sausage and Cajun seasonings to give it that kick.
My Red Velvet Cake With Raspberry Filling & Butter Cream Frosting, is a very special cake for a very special occasion. It can be for a romantic dinner for two or more, maybe it could be for a special anniversary, or maybe it is just because I love you and want to make you a very special cake.
In the past couple of years I have been seeing more and more need to use more budget friendly recipes for beef as the price of beef has climbed to the highest I have ever seen it. My Fried Onion Hamburger Steak is a budget friendly recipe that is full of flavor. It has become one of our new favorites.
Our Bow Tie Broccoli- Fruit and Walnut Salad recipe is a delicious all around salad that is good for any occasion any time of the year. I have taken this salad to many covered dish luncheons and dinners through the years, it is a great go to pasta salad.

I really appreciate you stopping by the cottage and being a part of 2022! I always look forward to your visits and enjoy sharing our recipes with you. Hope you have a great week and we hope to see you again in 2023!
Peace and Joy
Miz Helen
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