Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Full Plate Thursday 6-9-11

We are doing the rain dance here. We need rain so much, we are just pouring the water to our plants trying to save the garden and some of our new plantings. We are having our buffet outside today so if it starts raining just run for cover, or just dance in the rain with me. I can't wait to see what you have brought today so lets get started. Thank you so much for coming today and I sure hope that you will come back next week!

This Is How I Filled My Plate Last Week
Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes  Jaime at I'm A Mom Not A Professional
Morning Snack
Pear Coconut Mini Muffins  Anne at Domesblissity
Stir Fried Asparagus With Water Chestnuts Lisa at Cook Lisa Cook
Spicy Peanut Noodle Salad  Allison at Alli N Son
Strawberry Shortcake Roll  Jillian at Food Folks and Fun
Afternoon Snack
Cooling Frozen Watermelon Smoothies  Judee at Gluten Free A-Z Blog
Its An Ice Cream Social
Double Berry Bliss Cream  Miranda at Mangoes and Chutney
Peach Ice Cream  Joy at Kitchen Flavors
Pineapple Coconut Gelato  Patti at Comfy Cuisine
Dulce De Licious  Vicki V at The Blest Nest

If You Helped To Fill My Plate Today Please Take This Red Plate Home
The Code Is On The Side Bar

Full Plate Thursday Background Story
When we were young and just starting out in life sometimes we did not have a lot of money. Most of our friends were having to stretch the dollars at the end of the month just like us. My girlfriends and I decided that we would pool our food for some of the evening meals right before payday... the last week of the month. I have some of the fondest memories from those days. We would all bring our food together and we had some great food and great fellowship. We would get the food on the table and everything ready, someone would bless the food and then the hostess would say "come fill your plate".
I have just a few suggestions before you leave your dish and fill your plate.
  • Link directly to YOUR RECIPE  and not to your web page.  
  • Scroll down to the button that says "click here to enter"
  • You will be asked to give your URL ( which will be your direct link to your post), the name of your recipe, and your email which we will not be able to see.
  • Then you will be asked to select a thumbnail from your post that will be uploaded to your entry.
  • Please include a link back to Full Plate Thursday, somewhere on your post. We will give you a gentle reminder if you forget...
  • Please leave me a comment before you leave the page and let me know that you are here, I want to be a good hostess.
  • Don't forget to visit with all the others, after all that is part of the fellowship that makes it so much fun, in addition to all the good food of course...
  • Grab The Full Plate Button if you like and take it home with you.
  • Now God Bless you and your food and everyone fill your plate!


  1. Thank you so much for hosting!

  2. Thanks for all the ice cream recipes!! I want to make some this weekend!!

  3. I love your meme...finding so many great recipes..
    Thanks, Helen, for hosting.
    xo bj

  4. Thank you for always making my visit, a good one!

  5. Hi Miz Helen! Loved your lemony dessert on your last post! Looks like it's going to be a great party! Thanks so much for hosting!

  6. I love this meme. There are always so many good things. :)

  7. Hi Miz Helen, I've just linked up a Chocolate Chip Pancake, perfect for breakfast, tea-time or anytime in between!
    Thank you for featuring my Peach Ice-Cream! You are a dear! Have a nice day!

  8. Thanks for hosting this hop and for featuring my Stir Fried Asparagus With Water Chestnuts. We here in Georgia are also doing rain dances, the intense heat and dry weather isn't doing any favors for my garden. Have a wonderful week.

  9. Hi there Miz Helen! Thank you for hosting again this week. Hope you get some rain soon!

  10. Hi Miz Helen! I am sharing my recipe for Chocolate Mousse that you make in a blender. This was the first recipe that I posted on my blog a year ago. It is a great recipe because it only takes 10 minutes to make and it has no added sugar and the only dairy is 1 tablespoon of butter. It has a deep chocolate flavor and is very creamy. Yum!
    Thanks for hosting!

  11. Lots of great entries already! I'm linking up my tasty lo carb veggie burgers :)

  12. I'm sharing my strawberry macadamia nut salad this week. The other links are looking very yummy! Thank you for hosting, Miz Helen.

  13. Awesome plate! Thanks for hosting each week!

  14. Thanks for hosting. I brought chocolate crock pot cake. We are praying for rain here also.

  15. Thanks for hosting, I am getting hungry looking at all these wonderful recipes! Yum!

  16. As always, thanks for hosting another Full Plate Thursday! Looks like it's going to be a tasty week!

  17. Miz Helen, thanks for hosting. I would gladly give you some of our rain! Brought a chocolate Cardamom (and prunes) cake. It is delicious!

  18. Good Morning Miz Helen,
    I hope you get some much needed rain soon!

    I linked up my Chive and Onion Potato Casserole. Thanks for hosting!

  19. Hi, Miz Helen! I did something a little different this week and filled your puppy's plate! Thanks for hosting Full Plate Thursday. I've found some wonderful menu ideas here.

  20. Hi Miz Helen,
    Thanks for hosting again!

  21. Thanks Helen for hosting. I posted mini key lime pies!

  22. Thank you for hosting. I’m a follower, and this hop is found on a page on my site that lists more than 250 hops, memes, and photo challenges… some for each day of the week. Check under the header for the link to that page. I’ve also just started a BlogFrog community that focuses on hops, carnivals, memes, and photo challenges. Go to to visit & participate.
    I hope you’ll visit me soon. I follow back!

  23. Oh Miz Helen! You made my day, featuring my Pear & Coconut Muffins! Thank you so very much. (Wish I could help with some summer favourites but we had the coldest day in a decade today so only wintery treats to come. Maybe your readers can bookmark them for later on the year! LOL)

    All the best!

    Anne @ Domesblissity x

  24. Miz Helen, thank you for another great link party!

  25. I'm so honored that you added my peanut noodle salad to your menu!

    Thanks again for hosting this week. I'm sharing three recipes, chicken & portobello fajitas, iced coffee and mini peach cobblers.

    Happy Thursday!

  26. As always, thanks for hosting. I would love to have you link up to my new 2-in-1 hop today!

    Around My Family Table

  27. Hi Miz Helen! Looks like more great recipes today! Thanks for hosting. Today I shared a delicious Coconut Custard Pie recipe! Have a great day!

  28. We're desperate for rain here too so if you get some save some of it for us! As always thanks for hosting!

  29. Just posted my chocolate chocolate chip cookies! I would love it if you came over and posted something on my hop. Have a great day!

  30. Everything looks delicious!!! Thank you for hosting another wonderful party food hop!

  31. Wonderful spread! Thanks for hosting this party.

  32. Wonderful spread! Thanks for hosting, we're happy to be here

  33. Hello there Miz Helen! Thanks for hosting Full Plate Thursday once again. :-) This week must have flown by, because it seems like I was just looking through all of the FPT entries from last week!

    This week I would like to share one of the most delicious, easy treats that I have ever made - Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge! It is sooo yummy and honestly is full of nourishing ingredients. It is definitely a new favorite of ours!

    Thanks again Miz Helen!


  34. Hello Miz Helen, So happy to have gotten a few recipes in today. I always love visiting your blog.

  35. My first post for Full Plate Thursday! Lots of great recipes to try! Thanks Miz Helen!

  36. Thanks for hosting,Pumpkin Cranberry Yeast Bread this week

  37. I am sharing Praline French Toast Casserole today! Thank you for hosting, Miz Helen.

  38. I love full plate Thursday!! Thanks for hosting!!

  39. I'm a little late this time (it's Friday), but better late than never. Looks yummy, again!.
    Thanks for hosting.
    x Marnie

  40. Thanks for featuring my dulce de leche ice cream, Miz Helen! When you try it, I hope you tell me what you think. We loved it, and it is long gone. :)

  41. Thanks for hosting! I look forward to trying some of these yummy recipes!

  42. Hi Miz Helen, your blog hop for Thursday was still open so I added a delicious grilled veggie side dish and posted your button on my post as well. Thanks for being such a kind hostess and a loyal contributor back at my place too! Have a beautiful weekend!

  43. Hi Miz Helen, I'm back again! I've linked up a citrus cake! Thank you for hosting!


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