Day Trips: First Monday Trade Days

One of the really fun places that we love to go in the fall of the year is First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. Known as "First Monday" it is the largest continually operating outdoor Flea Market in the USA. Established in 1850 it is also considered one of the oldest Flea Markets in the USA. On any given First Monday of the month about 6000 vendors gather on hundreds of acres that make up the First Monday Flea Market. Upon arrival, which needs to be very early in the morning in order to find a parking space, the day begins. On this day we arrived around 8:30 a.m. and this was what the parking field looked like already. Wear your very best walking shoes and be prepared to walk, and walk, and walk.

We were parked at the bottom of the hill and it was a long way to the top, but as you can see it was a beautiful fall day in Texas.

There is a certain excitement that builds as we approach the gate. Our goal for today is to find an antique fireplace mantel and of course food. One of the fun things we do at First Monday is "EAT"!

Notice the little buggies that everyone has. We are searching and searching and the "Canton Buggy" is filling up, but no antique fireplace mantel yet.

Now we are needing some morning snacks and we know just the Lemonade Stand to go to. We have a cup from the last time we were there so they will give us a discount, and isn't that what a flea market is all about.

Now we have decided to come inside to check out the vendors in the Arbors, looks like others are beginning to fill their Canton Buggy and some are running over.

And The Search Goes On

We Surrender At The Alamo Lets Find Some Food!

 Starting With Some Fresh Roasted Corn Hot From The Roaster

Buttered and Seasoned, Lets Eat!

Of Course We Have To Have That Corn Dog

That's Right We Finished Up With A Funnel Cake, It Was Divine!

We're Tired Can We Please Go Home?

We had a great time in Canton at First Monday, we came home with a Buggy full of goodies, no antique fireplace mantel, but maybe next time. If you would like to go to First Monday Trade Days, it is located just a short drive from Dallas. This is their web site that will help you find the Flea Market, parking and even lodging Check It Out (HERE)  I sure am happy that you stopped by today and hope you enjoyed our Day Trip to Canton, Texas for First Monday Trade Days.
Peace and Joy
Miz Helen
Miz Helen
Miz Helen

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  1. How fun! The funnel cake...yum. A whole mantel? Now that's a great thing to hunt for!

  2. I've always heard everything's bigger in Texas! This looks like fun!

  3. Dad looks like he's in heaven with that food! LOL! I know you had a great time. I miss going to Canton. One of these month's I wanna go! Love you!


  4. Been once and would love to go again!

  5. I also love places like that.Love the picture of your dog:))

  6. I've lived in Texas my entire life, and can you believe, I've never been to Canton! Don't know why. Maybe know that the kids are grown, I'll get a chance to go.

  7. My daughter & I went to this last Canton Trade Days, Miz Helen!! We ate at (I think the place was called) The Red Neck Cafe'. It SO good!! We had grilled shrimp marinated in "cactus butter" & a wonderfully spicy risotto! I'm telling you, it was gourmet-worthy!!!

  8. Canton is my very FAVORITE thing to do! I probably go about 4 times a year. I hope I run into you there sometime!


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