Nana's Green Beans

Just about every family I know has their own favorite Green Bean Casserole recipe. Sometimes it's the Grandma's or an Aunt's recipe that is a family favorite at holiday meals and pot lucks throughout the years. Nana's Green Beans, one of our family favorites, has changed through the years but the recipe that I am making today is our favorite this year and is a great dish for family gatherings and pot lucks.

Nana's Green Beans at Miz Helen's Country Cottage
A Great Blend Of A Rich Sauce and Vegetables
A Crunchy Topping

Nana's Green Beans at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Preparing The Topping

Nana's Green Beans at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Mushrooms, Onions, and Garlic In A Rich Sauce

Nana's Green Beans at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Add Blanched Fresh Green Beans

Nana's Green Beans at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Place In A Baking Dish

Nana's Green Beans at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Cover and Bake

Nana's Green Beans at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Nana's Green Beans
1 pound fresh green beans
For The Sauce
3 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons olive oil
12 ounces cremini mushrooms, sliced
1 medium yellow onion
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon dried parsley
pinch of nutmeg
1 cup half and half
1 cup chicken broth
For The Topping
4 tablespoons butter
1 cup panko bread crumbs
1/2 teaspoon onion salt
1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
The Green Beans
Wash and snip the green beans.
Place the green beans in a large stock pot of boiling salted water and cook for 6 minutes.
Remove the green beans and pour them into an ice bath to stop the cooking, then drain in a colander, and set aside.
The Topping
Mix the panko bread crumbs with the onion salt, and garlic salt.
In a saute skillet melt the butter.
Pour in the panko mix and stir until the mixture starts to brown.
Remove immediately and pour on a paper towel to drain and dry, set aside.
For The Sauce
In a large skillet melt the butter, adding the olive oil.
Add the sliced mushrooms, garlic, and onions, saute the mix until the onions are clear.
Stir together the flour, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, nutmeg and parsley.
Add the flour mix to the mushroom mix and stir well.
Immediately add the half and half to the mix and stir well.
Add the chicken broth and stir well.
Pour the green bean mixture into a 9X13 baking dish. Cover the dish.
Bake at 475 degrees for 15 minutes.
Remove from the oven and remove the cover on the dish.
Sprinkle the panko topping all over the top of the dish.
Serve hot.
Cover With Topping and Enjoy!

Nana's Green Beans at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Some recipe's are just meant for sharing with family and friends and certainly this is one of them.  I am so happy that we got to share it with you today and sure hope you will come back to our kitchen real soon!
Peace and Joy

Miz Helen
Miz Helen

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  1. Replies
    1. You add the chicken broth right after the half and half. Thanks so much for catching that, I have added it to the recipe and thanks for stopping by!
      Miz Helen

  2. This dish looks and sounds FANTASTIC !!!
    I must(!) give your recipe to my housekeeper so she will make it for us SOON.
    We will replace the chicken broth for a veg. one though.
    THANKS for this recipe!!

    1. Thanks so much Winnie, hope you enjoy the dish. It will be good with the vegetable broth, I will have to try that as well. Thanks for stopping by!
      Miz Helen

  3. Oh yummy! It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without green bean casserole and this version looks amazing!

  4. I know I'd love this, it sounds great:@)

  5. Your recipe looks exceptional and perfect for Thanksgiving. I can see why it's a family favorite.

  6. This version of green bean casserole looks exceptionally good, Miz Helen. Also, the special cranberry pumpkin custard thatnyou created for Leonard sounds so yummy and perfect for a Fall/Winter dessert.

  7. This looks so delicous! I have to have green bean casserole in order to feel like it is actually Thanksgiving! I am so happy to find one made without cans!

  8. I'm not a fan of the usual green bean casserole, but yours sounds amazing, Miz Helen! :)

  9. This recipe sounds scrumptious! My Nana was a great cook, and this recipe reminded me of her. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is perfect! Pinned and tweeted. We appreciate you taking the time to party with us! I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm, so we get to see your fabulous new creations. The party goes until Friday at 7 pm. Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  11. This looks delicious! My husband loves mushrooms so this is the perfect recipe to put on our menu rotation...thanks for sharing :)

  12. Can this be prepared the night before and add the topping the next day and cook? I wasn't sure if it would get soggy. Making for Thanksgiving!! Thank you!

  13. You can prepare this dish the night before and refrigerate, until you warm it in the micro wave or the oven. Put the topping on after warming, making sure that the topping has not been refrigerated, put stays at room temperature. Thanks so much for stopping by and sure hope you enjoy the green beans. Wishing you and your family a bountiful Thanksgiving!
    Miz Helen

  14. Thank you for your quick and helpful reply. I enjoy your recipes and excited to make Nana's Green Beans. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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