Gifts From Miz Helen's Kitchen

Gifts From Miz Helen's Kitchen at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

 We love giving homemade gifts to our family and friends all year round, but we especially enjoy it at Christmas time. This year our giving pattern will be different, because we won't be able to see so many folks in person. Some of our gifts will be mailed and some will be left on front porches, but we will still have the joy of giving to those we love and share our life with in our family and friends in our community. We grow a large garden in the warmer months and we preserve a big part of that harvest every year, then that becomes one of the special gifts that we like to share with family and friends. I love to bake something for a special party or place a jar of jelly into a gift basket. The gifts that I give every year are made with and filled with love. When I give or receive a homemade gift I know just how much love has gone into that gift. I wish that it was possible to share a gift from this collection with each of you, but know that it is in my heart and I am passing along all that love to each of you!

Gifts From Miz Helen's Kitchen

Different Breads Will Be A Big Gift Item In The Baskets This Year.
I Have Been Baking Ahead and Freezing Some Of My Breads
I Will Just Pop Them Into A Basket Along With A Note
To Heat In The Micro Wave or Oven.
Who Wouldn't Love Some Hot Bread From The Oven?
If The Bread Is Going In The Mail 
I Mail It Fresh and Wrapped Well.
The combination of orange and cranberry is one of my favorites and I love being able to use that combination in this awesome Orange Cranberry Bread recipe. We love a nice fruit bread for 
our coffee break and it is perfect for afternoon tea.
This is a delicious bread with wonderful dried fruit and nuts, very moist and perfect for dessert or afternoon tea.
This bread has a combination of great spices that compliment the sweet potatoes, then we topped the bread with nutty crumble topping. This is a great bread for brunch, dessert or a special treat, and we make a great gift!
This is a delicious garden to table recipe that will be a hit in any season, but is a great transition into fall and winter. 
Make an extra recipe for the freezer,
 it will keep for about 3 months.
Cookies Can Be Made In Advance and Frozen Just Like The Bread.
I Do Thaw The Cookies Before Bagging or Boxing For Gifting.
A Little or Large Bag or Box Of Cookies Make A Great Gift!
"I am very excited to be sharing my first recipe here at Miz Helen's Cottage! My name is Lauren, and I am Miz Helen's granddaughter."
A favorite southern treat is a praline,
 so for this recipe I am combining a nice spice cookie with
 a praline topping making this a very special cookie! 
This cookie is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside topped with
 fresh pecans from East Texas, just delicious!
When friends and family come into my kitchen one of the first places they head is to the Cookie Jar and the question is always What's In The Cookie Jar? The cookie that we have in the Cookie Jar today is a great crisp cookie with the bite of Pomegranate exploding in your mouth. 
Pfeffernusse (Pepper Nuts), say Christmas Cookies at our cottage. When my children were very small my friend Pat and I made these little cookies together every year, 
it was a fun event that we always looked forward to.
These cookies will melt in your mouth and I have never been able to eat just one. This recipe was given to me by my girlfriend whose family owned the bakery in my hometown, where these cookies were very popular.
Christmas Treats Would Not Be Complete 
Without Homemade Candy. 
My Mother Was A Big Candy Lover and Candy Maker 
I always Think Of Her When It Comes To 
Good Homemade Candy and Great Gifts.
  One of my Mothers favorites that we all looked forward to was her Divinity. In honor of my Mother at this Christmas Time 
I am pleased to present her Divinity.
This fudge is a very special treat here at the cottage and I always get so excited to make it and even more excited to eat it! This Fudge makes a very special gifts that folks always get excited about!
These little caramels will make a great gift for any occasion and disappear before you can wrap them all . 
Hope you enjoy these little caramels as much as we did!
From Garden To Canned Goods
Pickled Beets
From our Garden to The Jar, these Beets are seasoned in a wonderful
pickling mix and are absolutely delicious. My Grandmother always had a jar of Pickled Beets on the table. Folks love getting one of these jar's of beets for a gift.
From Our Garden To The Jar
This recipe is so easy to make and before to much time you will have a beautiful jar of pickled peppers that you can enjoy. These beautiful jars of peppers will be a great gift to give to friends and family.
This Apple Butter is very spicy with a little kick that we just love and yet it still has the familiar flavors of 
the old fashioned Apple Butter. It is best with butter and hot biscuits, but we have it with everything.
This Jelly is the perfect color for the season and 
the sweet and savory flavor is fabulous.
I just love having a special gift from my kitchen to 
give my friends and family 
for Christmas every year.
Cranberry Jelly
Every year we like to make a very special canned good to share at Christmas with friends and family. This year we have made this beautiful Cranberry Jelly. What could be better at Christmas than a nice jar of Cranberry Jelly. 

You bring joy to me all the year long 
and it is brings me  still more joy to share these 
Gifts From Miz Helen's Kitchen 
with all of you!
I am wishing you and your family a very 
Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year!

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