Saturday, November 15, 2014

Whats For Dinner Next Week 11-16-14

It has been unusually cold here with temperatures dipping in the low 20's. We are not used to these low temperatures this early in the season so we have been very busy getting our plants in the barn and under the heat lamps and covering our other vegetation to try and protect the tender greens from the early freeze.  When we have weather like this I think hot chocolate, soup and comfort food so that is what I am putting on the menu for next week.


Green Tossed Salad
Cottage Rolls


Left Over
Apple Hand Pie


Green Tossed Salad

Left Over
Roast Beef Hash
Left Over
Rice Pudding



Left Over
Key Lime Cake

Thank you so much for stopping by today to have a cup of hot chocolate with me. This time of the year it is always nice to just stop and take a little time for a friend. Hope you have a great week and come back to see us real soon!
Peace and Joy
Miz Helen
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  1. Your menus always sound so good! =) Love your Apple Hand Pie recipe!
    Keep warm and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. YUM! I agree with Melissa. It's getting cold here, too, and I am wanting a big pot of beans with cornbread. Or maybe those cheesy dill biscuits...

  3. Miz Helen, since my mom's family comes from down south of you (I think), in between El Campo and Columbus, I crave the comfort food they cooked us when ever we visited. They were rice farmers, so it pretty much was all made from rice (main, sides, desserts) so thank you for sharing the rice custard.


Your visit has been very special. I look forward to your comments, they are like opening little gifts. Thank you for stopping by and hurry back!
Miz Helen