Whats For Dinner Next Week 8-23-15

The last full week of August and where has the summer gone? We are having a wonderful dip in the temperature plus a great rainy day which is making me start thinking about the fall. It has been Green Chili season here and everywhere you go the smells of Green Chilies are in the air. Most of the markets have huge roaster's on their parking lots and the chilies are fantastic! Watch for the great new Green Chili recipe on the meal plan this week.

Check the Friends Night Fellowship , tell us what you would  bring?


Pico de Gallo



Left Over
Rosemary Crusted Peach Cobbler



Left Over
Raspberry Swirl


Left Over
Applesauce Spice Bundt Cake

Friends Fellowship Night

Friends Salad ?

Friends Dessert ?
What Salad and Dessert Would You Bring For Friends Night?
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Miz Helen

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  1. Rosemary Crusted Peach Cobbler sounds intriguing! I would bring a mixed green salad full of different yummies like, berries, nuts, cheese and a homemade orange vinaigrette, with Chocolate Cashew Cookie Bars for dessert.
    Have a great week Miz Helen!

  2. Do you really follow this meal plan? I am so jealous. My husband has been doing all the cooking/shopping for 35 years and we are in a rut!

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      Yes, I really follow this meal plan every week. I started making meal plans when my children were small,it saved me lots of time and money, it just became a way of life. When I started blogging, my family and friends encouraged me to publish the meal plan every week, so I did. Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you again real soon!
      Miz Helen


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