Gifts From Miz Helen's Kitchen


Gifts From Miz Helen's Kitchen at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

What a wonderful season to give some personal gifts from your kitchen, to a special person. One of my favorite gifts to give each year are the gifts that my husband and I work on all through the year. We grow many products in our garden and then they are harvested and preserved. Many of those products are produced especially for our Christmas giving. Each year we give our gifts from the kitchen, we reflect back on the labor of love that has gone into each personal gift. This year we are even giving some of our fresh vegetable's from our winter garden. I wish that it was possible to share a gift from this collection with each of you, but please know that it is in my heart and I am passing along all that love to you!

Gifts From Miz Helen's Kitchen

Canned Gifts
This Jelly is the perfect color for the season and 
the sweet and savory flavor is fabulous.
I just love having a special gift from my kitchen to 
give my friends and family 
for Christmas every year.
Every year we like to make a very special canned good to share at Christmas with friends and family. This year we have made this beautiful Cranberry Jelly. What could be better at Christmas than a nice jar of Cranberry Jelly. 
When my family would set the table for a meal, someone would always say don't forget the Chow Chow. We had Chow Chow on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner, although we called it supper. We still make our own Chow Chow every summer using my Grandmothers recipe. We usually make enough to last us through the winter and to give as gifts through the year.
We have Salsa on our table most of the time, it is really a staple in most Texas homes.  Of course Salsa is one of those personal taste foods of spicy flavors.  We have family members who want to feel the burn for a week and those who want to keep it mild, I try to get the recipe somewhere in the middle of all of that. Salsa is one of our most requested Christmas gifts, 
we have a repeat waiting list every year!
This is a great soup recipe that can be used as a stand alone soup or as a soup base. The soup base is perfect to add other garden vegetables and or a meat protein there are so many delicious possibilities. We will be giving this Christmas gift this year as many of our family members have requested it. It is a great soup to have in your pantry during the cold winter months.
This Apple Butter is very spicy with a little kick that we just love and yet it still has the familiar flavors of 
the old fashioned Apple Butter. It is best with butter and hot biscuits, but we have it with everything.
Fresh From The Garden
This year we are  giving some fresh turnips and green from our garden. We have had several request for some 
fresh greens from the garden for a Christmas Gift. 
From The Bread Board
The combination of orange and cranberry is one of my favorites and I love being able to use that combination in this awesome Orange Cranberry Bread recipe. We love a nice fruit bread for our coffee break and it is perfect for afternoon tea.
A wonderful blend of home grown butternut squash and spices, make this a delicious bread. A great gift to friends and family!

From The Brunch Menu
This is a delicious recipe and it takes a very short time to put together and have in the oven. It is filled with warm spices and fresh pears nestled in a light and fluffy cake with a nutty crumble topping. Our family loves this coffee cake and it is often times a request from returning house guest. This will make a great Christmas Gift!
This coffee cake is so moist with great seasons, then topped with a crunchy mix of pecans and bacon, oh my goodness this is delicious! I sure would love to have this on Christmas morning, and some of my friends will!
This coffee cake has a spicy cranberry flavor and is just delicious. It freezes well so that means we can have another one on hand when the last slice is gone. I love a nice slice of this coffee cake, a cup of coffee and time with a friend.

From The Sweet Counter
The Cookie Jar
Pfeffernusse (Pepper Nuts), say Christmas Cookies at our cottage.  When I visited Germany it was wonderful to have the real Pfeffernusse from the little bakeries that we would visit. This is a great gift to give!
This cookie is just filled with so much flavor with the cranberry, chocolate and the crunchy nuts. 
They are real crunchy on the outside with wonderful 
bites of cranberry and chocolate on the inside. 
One of my friends ask for 
these cookies every year for Christmas!
A favorite southern treat is a praline,
 so for this recipe I am combining a nice spice cookie with
 a praline topping making this a very special cookie! 
This cookie is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside topped with fresh pecans from East Texas, just delicious!
 These Caramel Chocolate Pecan Bars are crunchy on the outside with a smooth and creamy inside with big bites of chocolate and caramel in every bar. These bars will be a great treat anytime of the year and
 a really big hit around the holidays. 
Who wouldn't love to get a nice box of these bars as a gift.
I recreated a delicious retro brownie from my childhood,
it is a real treat! A perfect gift for anytime of the year!

My Mothers Divinity
A special recipe in my Mothers own hand writing, brings back so many Christmas memories. This is an old fashioned delicious recipe that will help you 
make your own Christmas memories!
This is a very different Fudge with a spicy kick.  I love to serve this fudge it is so creamy and really has fabulous flavor. A perfect gift for folks who like food with a kick!
This fudge is a very special treat here at the cottage and I always get so excited to make it and even more excited to eat it! If there are plans to serve the fudge for a special occasion it must be guarded or guess what, there won't be enough for your
 special occasion, yes this has happened to me. 
This Fudge make's a perfect gift for any occasion!

You bring joy to me all the year long 
and it is brings me  still more joy to share these 
Gifts From Miz Helen's Kitchen 
with all of you!
I am wishing you and your family a very 
Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year!

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  1. Lucky family members!! When you reach my age (late 70s), what I don't need is more "stuff"; but food is a wonderful gift--good taste and you don't have to dust it.

    1. Hi Janice,
      I sure do agree with you about the stuff to dust. Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you have a very special holiday season!
      Miz Helen

  2. Those jars of jelly looks like big rubies!! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing at the Lazy Gastronome's What's for Dinner party! Have a fantastic week.

  3. So many delicious ideas for gift giving, Miz Helen! Those Pralines in particular look irresistible. And how lovely to have your wonderful jams and preserves to enjoy into the New Year. Thank you so much for sharing such delicious inspiration with the Hearth and Soul Link Party! Happy New Year!


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