Whats For Dinner Next Week 10-8-17

Our meal plan for this week looks so good, I just love the fall recipes. I hope that you are planning your meals and enjoying the rewards of more time and money from planning ahead.  It is a beautiful fall day here in the country. There are many signs of nature that tell us the season is changing. We have had a very active colony of humming birds this season and now they have all left but two. I posted a video of them at the feeder on my Face Book, some commented they had never seen that many at one feeder.We watch every morning to see if those last two will be here just one more day. We do love our hummers. 

Whats For Dinner Next Week at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

This Weeks Meal Plan



Left Over
Butternut Custard



Left Over
Spicy Butternut Bread



Weekend Brunch

I always look forward to you stopping by to help plan our meal plan every week. Hope you are making progress with your meal plans and I would love to hear about them. Hope you have a great week at your cottage and come back to see me real soon!
Peace and Joy
Miz Helen

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  1. We are starting to see some fall changes here in southeastern Oklahoma but it's still pretty warm most of the time. That's okay with me, though. I'm not fond of winter. :)

    Have a beautiful week!

  2. Hummingbirds fascinate me, Miz Helen. I only ever saw them once when I was growing up in Canada, and I've seen them a couple times in California and Antigua, but never in the UK. Your menu looks fantastic - I definitely need to give a few of these recipes a try, especially those corn muffins. Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you so much for sharing these lovely recipes with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party.


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