Saturday, October 21, 2017

Whats For Dinner Next Week 10-22-17

I have been so busy enjoying this weather and our little house guest that I almost forgot to take my pantry inventory to prepare my meal plan for the week. I always take my pantry and refrigerator inventory before making my meal plan, then I am using what I have on hand and won't be buying unnecessary products. We have been  having so much fun at the cottage this week, we are dog sitting for our Granddogs Claire and Chole, little weenie  dogs. Max loves having company and we love to watch the interaction of the 3 musketeers. Lets get started on this meal plan before these little darlings lead me away again.

Whats For Dinner Next Week at Miz Helen's Country Cottage

Meal Plan For This Week

Whats For Dinner Next Week at Miz Helen's Country Cottage


Left Over
Caramel Apple Blondie Pie


Refried Bean Hash From Left Over Beans


Left Over
Cinnamon Skillet Apples



I hope that you are able to make your meal plans for your family saving you time and money. Let me know what you are planning for next week, I would love to see what you have on your meal plan. Hope you have a fantastic week and thanks so much for stopping by to spend some time with us!
Peace and Joy
Miz Helen

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  1. Why do your desserts always catch my eye first :) the pie looks amazing!!

  2. Your recipes look so yummy! I am so ready for that chicken and rice! My husband would go for the pinto bean stew, cornbread and dumplings! Maybe I'll make that for him one day!
    I am your neighbor today at Busy Monday link up!

  3. I was going to make baked apples tonight to go with our smoked gouda potato soup but now I'm thinking your cinnamon skillet apples might be the way to go. And those red pepper jelly pork chops! I've pinned that one to try. Have a beautiful week.

  4. What fun it must have been babysitting your Granddogs, Miz Helen! I hope you enjoyed it. Your menu is making my mouth water with so many delicious recipes! Sharing on the Hearth and Soul Facebook page later today. Thank you so much for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party!


Your visit has been very special. I look forward to your comments, they are like opening little gifts. Thank you for stopping by and hurry back!
Miz Helen